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Easy and Delicious Recipes By: Kenzie Hoy

#RedInstead: The Truth About Autism Acceptance Month By: Paige Platter

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Satire Piece

Satire Piece

What Not to Buy for Christmas By: Marin Smyth

What to do During Winter By: Kenzie Hoy

Underrated and Overrated Holidays By: Andrew Macke

Favoritism in School By: Annabelle Jalovec

Can You Write 50,000 Words in 30 Days? By: Paige Platter

Christmas Season is NOW! By: Gabby Dreyer

Paper Towels vs Air Drying: Which is Better For You By: Paige Platter

Dating in High School By: Marin Smyth

Maintaining Mental Health By: Katelyn Rieder

America, What Are We Doing? By: Elizabeth Dreyer

Should Oak Hills be Released Early “Hot Days?” By: Gabrielle Dreyer

Dolls for All: Mattel’s New Gender-Neutral Barbie By: Paige Platter

The "Driving Highlanders" By: Jaden Thompson

Is Disney a Monopoly? By: Paige Platter

iPhone 11 is it Worth it? By: Mack Head

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