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Prom King And Queen

by Emma Supe

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 

Congratulations to the 2019 Prom King and Queen, Jacob Berkemeier and Athena Caneris! Both students exemplify what it means to be hardworking student-athletes and all-round good people. Jacob Berkemeier is in multiple AP and honors classes including APES, AP Calculus and AP Chemistry. He also plays football, basketball and track and has had many accomplishments with sports including GMC athlete of the week multiple times, and has set many records. Jacob is heavily involved with Oak Hills, and is always friendly to everyone. Athena Caneris is another amazing senior. She is involved in so much along with a vigorous class schedule. Some of her classes include, Honors Humanities, Hon Entrepreneurship, Hon Physics, and many others. She is also in NHS, scot squad, Spanish National Society, student council, class officers, and she is the varsity goalie for the girls lacrosse team. Both of these students will be greatly missed next year, and they will leave their legacy here at Oak Hills for years to come. Congratulations on king and queen; you earned it!

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Dear Future Juniors

by Jackie Finke

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 

Dear Future Juniors,


I am currently a Junior and this is by far the most challenging year and a lot of people seem to think so as well. Sure High School is amazing and unforgettable but junior year is the year everyone seems to want to forget. The ACT and exams right before you only have one more year to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life for most people and it’s okay if you have no clue but I would consider every opportunity and go to any and all job fairs and the field trips or the people they bring in about their jobs, sign up for them! College may not be for everyone and that is totally okay, there are other routes you can take. It’s never too early to think about college or another route. Having a general ideal will 100% help you in the long run and it doesn't help to look! There are so many things I wish I did this year, make sure you know about everything you want/need to know about, it’ll help you tremendously. Core classes are very, very important. Stay on top of grades and everything this year especially your GPA, you can get letters from colleges this upcoming year and I got a few a couple of weeks after my ACT.

Asking is the most important thing to do, there is no such thing as a bad question, all questions help shape your view on what you are having trouble with. Junior year for me flew by, I am almost a senior and I’m often thinking about the future but I’m making sure I’m always living in the present. You got this.

Senior Sickness

by Jessica Johnson & CJ Wilke

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 

The end of senior year is made impossible by the plague that hit every single Senior. This plague makes the work ethic of the seniors disappear.  Every senior will experience this, no ifs, ands, or buts; it will get them. It spreads like the black plague taking the seniors one by one until none of them are standing. But let’s start with how this goes on. First, it starts in the first quarter where the weakest Seniors got taken down. But by the time the fourth quarter comes around, every Senior has it, no matter how much they try to ignore the fact that their work ethic is completely non-existent.

With just weeks left until graduation, Senioritis is unavoidable. The Top 10%, Highest Honors, stars of the sports teams; everyone has it. Freshmen, Sophomores, and even Juniors will never understand the agony of waiting for graduation, which is so close yet so far. Each day until graduation feels as if bricks are on our feet keeping us from going to school, and everyone smells way worse than before.

Juniors, this sickness is right around the corner. Once August 13th, 2019, rolls around, it will feel like nothing. The usual “I will be more motivated and organized this year!” is a big lie that cannot be covered up by cute, color-coordinated folders and binders. Consider this a warning, and start prepping now. May the odds be ever in your favor.

CJ and I would write more on this deadly disease, but like… senioritis… is killing us.

Recap of 2019; Oak Hills High School

by Gabby Dreyer  

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 

This 2019 school year consisted of many memorable moments that will leave an everlasting impact on Oak Hills High School forever. Many moments that were good and bad, leaving people with changes within their lives.   


The good-

Many good things happened around Oak Hills High School. One being the fact that the football team did better this year than last year. We even beat East Central, which was considered a really good team. Our basketball team’s record this year was 15:6, not counting other sectional basketball games. Congrats to our Oak Hills Highlander players. Our girls and boys swimming and diving team went to districts this year. Our swimming and diving teams deserve a “way to go” for their successful swimming year. As you see, our sports have been pretty successful here at Oak Hills High School. Though we are not done with the school year yet, we still have Track and Field, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Softball. Even though the seasons are not over yet, I can see that they are successful from what they have already accomplished.


The drama department here at Oak Hills is spectacular in all that they do. So far this year, the department has showcased “Taming of the Shrew,” “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown,” “Anything Goes,” and “Moon over Buffalo.” Students are staying very late after school to make sure the shows go smoothly, and to make sure they know all of their lines. These shows have been performed by our amazing actors, singers, and dancers. Everyone deserves a ‘bravo’ for their amazing skills.


The Tartan has also made many changes this year. We are engaging more on social media, and are posting more and more online articles each year. We even adapted a Youtube channel, where we vlogged during the month of December. The Tartan is getting more advanced each year, and our staff cannot wait to see what is in store for us next year.


The bad-

Though this year was plentiful with great outcomes, there were some bad. We did great in basketball as I said before, but we did not beat our biggest competitor. Elder. Not once, but twice my friends. We’ll get em’ next year!


Also, every year we have a powderpuff game. This game involves ladies playing flag football; so it’s serious. I am a junior as of right now, and it hurts my heart to say that the juniors lost the powderpuff game against the seniors. Next year it’s our game, juniors!


The last, and saddest thing that has happened this year....Nerf Wars. It sounds fun doesn't it? Yes indeed it was really fun, but the war got cancelled a few days early. So many soldiers were ready to plan some sneak attacks and take the win, but it sadly got cancelled a little too early for my liking.

What Does it Mean to Be a Highlander?  

by Elizabeth Dreyer  

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 

We are Oak Hills. We are Highlanders. But, what does that mean? It might mean something different to you than it does to me. To be a Highlander it might mean showing off in your athletics and leading your team to victory. It might mean playing your heart out with an instrument, or it might even mean singing so soulfully, that you epitomize what it means to be a Highlander. It might mean winning the chess match or winning a debate for Mock Trial. Everyone is different, but what do we all have? A will to strive and work harder to truly show who we are as Highlanders.

I get it, some people have more school spirit than others. People attend more football games or may attend more musicals. Others might find more pride in the lacrosse games than the basketball games. School spirit is what brings us together and allows us to be who we are: Highlanders. We are a school brought together, not just by our awesome athletics or our outstanding music program, but by our unity and our ownership of our school.

IMG_4658 (1).JPG


Breanna Luca, Sophomore:

“Being a highlander means to have school spirit and not afraid to constantly lose to Elder at anything pretty much. But it is also about supporting everyone in the community and making the best memories with great friends through the years.”


Emma Supe, Senior:

“To hear the sweet sound of the bagpipes playing scotland the brave, and instantly remembering those Friday night lights in the red sea.”


Scott Kinkley, Teacher and Track Coach:

“Great question. It is someone who puts the school, team, and the community first. You want to see the school and other Highlander’s be successful. Just being a positive person in general.”


Christopher Wilke, Senior:

“It means to show Oak Hills pride and school spirit”

Congratulations New NHS Members 

by Kyra Lough

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 

Congratulations to the new members of the Oak Hills chapter of National Honor Society! You have worked hard to earn this spot through Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. You will represent Oak Hills well in the coming years.

Applegate, Asher 10

Applegate, Anna 10

Au, Andy 10

Aug, Nathaniel 10

Bachman, Miranda 10

Barnell, Allison 10

Bauer, Holly 10

Bennett, Hannah 10

Bode, Jaden 10

Brown, Kylee 10

Bush, Abby 10

Caneris, Adonis 10

Cates, Olivia 10

Cliffe, Claudia 10

Damico, Jamie 10

Dance, Savannah 10

Doerger, Jacob 10

Drummond, Brookelynn 10

Elchynski, Sophia 10

Estrada, Esperanza 10

Feezle, Amanda 10

Fink, Cameron 10

Fink, Logan 10

Fisher, Wyatt 10

Flanigan, Daniel 10

Fox, Taidan 10

Gilardi, Grace 10

Glazer, Daphne 10

Gregg, Aiden 10

Grimmett, Cade 10

Gross, Tanner 10

Hague, Rylie 10

Hancock, Gabrielle 10

Harley, Trent 10

Hart, Jack 10

Harvey, Jennavieve 10

Horn, Connor 10

Jarvis, Gracey 10

Jennings, Aubrey 10

Jeremiah, Kylee 10

John, Megan 10

Johns, Tessa 10

Jones, Tyler N. 10

Jones, Logan 10

Kaiser, Rebecca 10

Karpe, Ella 10

Keith, Aiden 10

King, Jailyn 10

Kroger, Zachary 10

Kuerze, Paige 10

Lawson, Stephanie 10

Luca, Bre 10

Margraff, Jenna 10

Meyer, Taylor 10

Miceli, Luke 10

Miley, Zachary 10

Miller, Abigail 10

Mitchell, Abby 10

Morgan, Taylor 10

Neiheisel, Kaitlynn 10

Nemann, Kate 10

Nicholas, Hannah 10

Niehoff, Jessica 10

Olson, Katie 10

Osborn, Allyssa 10

Owens, Kamryn 10

Pangburn, Matthew 10

Patrick, Gabriel 10

Pfalz, Elizabeth 10

Plunkett, Gabrielle 10

Powell, Gabriel 10

Powell, Zachary 10

Robb, Annie 10

Scheckel, Jonathan 10

Schmidt, Alex 10

Schoster, Austin 10

Scott, Katy 10

Smith, Lillian 10

Smith, Paige 10

Smith, Chad 10

Stein, Meredith 10

Stoeckle, Marie 10

Strutz, Arielle 10

Thomas, Anna 10

Thompson, Jaden 10

Uran, Alana 10

Walz, Shiloh 10

White, Maria 10

Wiesman, Hallie 10

Williams, Madison 10

Willmann, Jessica 10

Willmann,. Jillian 10

Zagorianos, Alexander 10

Zucker, Rachel 10

Zwerin, Maxx 10

Cantrell, Sydney 11

Fieler, Jacob 11

Malsbary, Nathan 11

Moore, David 11

Smith, Shelby 11

Weber, Abigail 11

A Night To Remember

by Guest Writer Skylar Willis

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 

Prom is a very memorable night that signifies the end for seniors and the beginning of the end for juniors. How much are people willing to spend on one night of fun? While prom can be a great time it also can cause stress and cost a lot. The average family in the United States spends around $919 for prom.

Typically one might think the higher class families spend more but it’s actually the families with lower income who spend the most. Families with income over 50,000 spend around $799 while families with income below 25,000 spend around $1,393. The average price for a dress can cost around $375-$475 and the higher end dresses can be up to around $800. As for the guys tux rentals can be around $200. Some tips for knocking down the cost are:

  • Try out different resale sites for a used prom dress.

  • Buy a tux instead of renting it can actually end up being cheaper.

  • Drive yourself or have a friend/date drive.

  • Stick with family as your personal photographers.

  • Try to buy used shoes or borrow from friends or family, most people end up taking their shoes off anyways no need to spend a fortune.


As well as potentially costing a lot there is so many things needed to prepare from prom finding who to go with, finding a dress or a tux, picture plans, dinner plans, and etc. These factors build up and can cause unnecessary stress for what is supposed to be a fun night. Some helpful tips for creating a stress free prom include:

  • Know who you are going with at least a month in advance so you can plan dinner reservations and pictures.

  • Find your dress or tux at least two months in advance, it can be a long process and can cause unnecessary stress if you wait.

  • If you are doing your hair or makeup yourself make sure you know what you’re doing and don’t go in the day of blindly.

  • Figure out transportation in advance.

Tips For Scoring High on Upcoming AP Tests

by Guest Writer Maggie Stewart

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 

As the fourth quarter is fully into swing, the stress of upcoming AP and other standardized exams, like the EOC tests for example, can put a lot of pressure onto young students. Teens are constantly being scolded regarding their tests scores and where that’s going to take them in life. The pressure can be a lot for young people to handle, and unfortunately, this can make testing day even worse while filled with anxiety. Luckily, many tips and strategies have been cultivated exactly for this reason. Christina Berninger, an academically talented sophomore, was able to score over the passing three as a freshman last year in AP Spanish Language and Culture. Though this is one of the easiest AP tests to pass, according to PrepScholar, it is extremely difficult to score anything over a three with the variety of conjugation forms that are needed to be known. Berninger’s tips as well as those cultivated from multiple test prep sites, including Princeton Review and PrepScholar, will absolutely have you in testing mode this spring season. If you’re worried about anything concerning exam day, whether that be in terms of studying, practice tests, focus techniques, or even how to prepare your health for the long hours of selecting multiple choice answers, at least one of these many strategies has you covered.


Study Tips


  1. For language and portfolio based APs, she says that practice and memorization is the strongest strategy, “Practice questions are really important because they help give you a sense of what the test will be like and it makes it easier to answer questions once you take the test. We learned that often there are multiple correct answers, but they want you to choose the MOST correct answer, meaning it is very important to read all the options for multiple choice.” Along with the constant practicing, Berninger suggested that memorizing the directions for each task during practice can save a lot of time during the exam and allow an extra few minutes to complete each part.

  2. For regular, non-portfolio or language based exams, Princeton Review suggests that starting with old material and slowly shifting to the new is the best way to mastering the content. With that, studying one to three months ahead of time in order to remember the information while avoiding late night cramming sessions a week before the test is an efficient strategy for time management.

  3. Almost all test prep sites, including PrepScholar, Princeton Review, and College Board all strongly suggest that investing in a test prep book for your APs is a great idea, because of summarized content and multiple practice tests within the book. Barron's and Princeton Review AP prep books are those considered the most useful and full of information.


Testing Tips


  1. Berninger mentions that time management was extremely important during her AP Spanish exam. This is so you don’t end up devoting too much time and focus to one particular question and not being able to answer the rest. Berninger suggests for multiple choice questions: “If you don't know something, guess and move on. You don't have that much time and you can still get a good score even if you miss half of the multiple choice questions.” Similarly, she also suggests for writing sections: “It is better to write something short and done well than try to overextend yourself and end up with something that isn't finished or done well.” Overall, time management is a vital skill to have during AP testing because of limited time for each section and rigorous rubric for writing pieces.

  2. With multiple choice questions, PrepScholar most strongly suggests answering the easiest questions first, to save more time for questions that involve the most in depth thought. Also, the education blog listed a useful technique as answering every single question with the main goal in mind. Therefore, every question should be answered and used to your advantage, but there is no time to dwell on a single topic. Simply, use process of elimination or answer every unknown question with the same letter. The most commonly correct answer letters are always B and D during social studies and science based subjects.


Health Tips


  1. Sleep prior to exam day is one of the most important factors in a basic test day. Even if you end up studying for hours upon hours the night before the test, without enough sleep to maintain your thought process, a lot of that information could be lost during testing time. Not to mention, that the thought process is much slower as well with this lack of rest. Berninger confirms this tip by explaining how much rest affected her mental state during the exam. She strongly suggests using rest to your advantage in order to stay sharp for hours of answering questions. “Practice is important, but don't stay up late several nights in a row studying or trying to learn something new. At this point, you just have to trust yourself and give your brain some time to rest.”

  2. PrepScholar found, by gathering many experiences from AP students, that bringing a snack and drink for the break of the exam is vital. Students most often experience some sort of fatigue during the exam, and this helps to sharpen their mental state. “Bringing water and a snack—preferably one with a bit of protein and complex carbs, like a peanut butter granola bar—will help you stay energized through the exam and keep you from fading during the free-response section.”


There is always something that frightens people from the thought of taking AP tests, whether that be the long hours, testing anxiety, shortage of time, etc. Though, there are many existent strategies cultivated from testing sites and just those who have experienced the situation. With that, don’t stress about your scheduled AP testing day. As long as you keep the correct techniques in mind and a strong hold on your health, scoring high on those APs will be your next big accomplishment.

Keep Calm And Think Prom

by Guest Writer Audrey Busker

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 

Prom is right around the corner and most high school students are either super excited and can't wait or they dread the idea of going. For many teenage girls, prom was something they fantasies of going to since they were twelve and they finally get to go. Many girls love the thought of dressing up in a beautiful dress and getting their hair done and having a great night. On the other hand, there are several high school students who despise prom and don't want to go. That's perfectly fine too but remember you can only go two times in your life and it's such a fun experience. If you don't want to go because dresses are expensive or because you don't have a date don't worry. You can always borrow a dress from someone and you don't need a date to have a good time.

Senior Lauren Reinhardt went to prom last year and had a great time. “My favorite part about prom was not having a date and getting the chance to just be with my friends and make memories”. Lauren also says “you only get two years to do it, so you should go, you'll enjoy it!” Many other students just like Lauren had a memorable night and danced and made wonderful memories with their friends. Senior Lucas Abel says “ I didn’t know how fun it would be but I ended up having a great time hanging out with my friends.” Even if you don't think it’ll be that fun, you should go because it might end up being a good time.


For many juniors, they can't wait for prom and have been looking forward to it all year. Since early January, girls have gone out and tried on several dresses hoping to find the perfect one to make the night even more special. Alyssa McRoberts who is a junior says “I've always wanted to go to prom and the idea of dressing up and doing my hair and makeup seems so fun to me. I absolutely love my dress and can't wait to wear it!”


Maybe prom itself isn't your thing but After Prom might be. After Prom is just as fun and is a chance to hang out with people you might not usually hang out with. There are games and face painting and so much more. You get free food and get to hang out with your friends for hours. If you don't go to prom you should at least go to After Prom.


Prom is your chance to dress up, feel beautiful and have a great time with your friends. Prom is one of those things that make the highschool experience more memorable. If you are on the edge of deciding if you should go to prom or not, you should go. You’ll have a good time and make lots of memories. Nothing beats being with your friends and dancing your heart out while belting out the lyrics to Mr. Brightside.

4th Quarter Drag

by Bre Luca

Thursday, March 28th, 2019 

Right after Spring Break, the classroom gets a little crazy for educators. 4th quarter usually feels like a whirlwind. Or maybe it feels like pushing a boulder uphill. Or maybe it feels like a race. 4th quarter feels like the last leg of a horse race where you are dragging the horse across the finish line.

Let’s face it, after Spring Break the students are done, and honestly, so are many of the teachers. We are all tired at this point and really want summer. Summer isn’t so much of a break as it is a fresh start. I usually think, “If I can just get to summer, I’ll plan better and fix all of the mistakes that I made this past year. The next year will be amazing.” The problem is even next year will have its highs and lows. The solution to the 4th quarter blues isn’t to hold out until summer. The answer is to change your mindset. Here are 7 ways to change your mindset for 4th quarter.

  1. Decide to head into 4th quarter with a ton of energy. Everyday that you walk into your classroom, enter with high energy. Even if you don’t feel that energy, fake it until you make it. Feelings follow decisions. Not only that, but your energy in the classroom is contagious. You will infect the students with your cheesy high energy. By helping them have their energy up, you will completely change the way that they approach 4th quarter.

  2. Don’t wait until next year to start making changes. Is there something you regret about your teaching this year? Change it! 4th quarter is not too late to make changes. Go out with a bang! One of my changes this year is treating all students the same. I feel like I have let a lot of students slide through the rules simply because I know them. I was recently challenged by a friend to not let students slide like that. The rules exist, and that has nothing to do with whether I like the student or not. Maybe the students will whine about me suddenly enforcing certain rules. That is ok. They are teenagers. They are supposed to question authority.

  3. Approach 4th quarter as a beginning and not as an end. Instead of thinking of 4th quarter as the end of the year, think of it as the intro class for next year. A lot of times in teaching we lose steam at the end of a topic. Think about the next step for the students. Will they move to Spanish II, Calculus, or graduate and go to college next year? Treat 4th quarter as preparing them for that next step.

  4. No regrets. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t beat yourself up over the things you have done this year. You are just a human. You are going to make mistakes. Instead, take some inventory and figure out your victories this year. It is ok to try those victories again. Repeating those victories is a chance for you to make them even better.

  5. Take a lickin’ and keep on tickin. Starting with high energy is easy. Keeping that energy up is hard. Even if you have a bad day during fourth quarter, don’t let that get you down. You already have a lot on your plate, and not everything will go according to plan. Just keep moving forward and treat every week, every day, every class as a chance to create a new experience.

  6. Try something new. Speaking of new experiences, always be in the habit of trying new things in the classroom. Just because it is 4th quarter doesn’t mean that you have to have everything 100% figured out. Try something new this quarter.

  7. Say “no” to negative talk. Are your colleagues going through some 4th quarter stresses? Try spreading a positive mindset to them. If that doesn’t work, spend less time with that particular person. Negative thinking seems to be more easily contagious than positive thinking.


High expectations!


4th quarter can be a busy time, but it can also be the best quarter of the year. Make up your mind today to give it all your resources, energy, and enthusiasm. Expect amazing things. Trust me, it will make summer break that much better!

Chloe Sizemore

by Emily Cole

Thursday, March 14th, 2019 

Chloe Sizemore is a junior at Oak Hills High School and is severely underrated in this school. Students

and even some staff members never really get to see the side of her that her close friends do. They

never see that quirky laugh she’ll give at her own bad jokes or the way she gets embarrassed after

saying something that may be a little too awkward if someone heard it wrong. She is a genuinely

good person, and she’s incredibly smart, funny, kind, and overall - a good friend.


Chloe Sizemore grew up with both of her parents and two older sisters, one of them being Corrine,

who goes to school at Oak Hills as a senior. Chloe’s shared a few stories with people about growing

up with her family, but one really just stood out the most for its all-around pure innocent nature, “We

would always make up little things to play. But when my oldest sister got older, it was just me and

Corrine playing little make-believe games and all that.” She also has mentioned pets that she grew

up with, “I had three pets. I had a Jack Russell (named Jackie), a Jack Russell mixed (named Rico),

and we had a Chihuahua (named Boots).” Even though she’s dealt with a few rough patches in life,

they’ve never stopped her from striving to be whom she wants herself to be. With her good grades and attendance, she’s doing amazing this school year.


Currently, Chloe is involved in only a few things at school. Hopefully, this can change from encouraging friends pushing her to do more and get out of her comfort zone, since some of them won’t be here to do that. She claimed, “I’m in writing club and choir!” This definitely shows her personality. She’s shy and doesn’t want to do anything in embarrassment, but she also wants to do what she loves and she’s not afraid to put herself out there if it’s what she has to do to get what she wants. She is a genuinely amazing singer and her writing is awesome! But no matter what anyone tells her, she pushes herself each time to try harder and make it all better, which is very admirable. She sets a great example for others who may be too scared or anxious to come out and say, “This is who I am and if you don’t like it… well, that’s unfortunate.”


Chloe is above all, a good person. Even if someone is not necessarily her friend, she still does everything in her to make everybody feel welcomed and happy. She puts everyone before herself, which is incredibly caring and kind and courageous. She is one of the strongest people in this school and she really does deserve to be recognized for who she is - a helper, a guide, and a friend. She is witty and she definitely makes extremely bad dad jokes.


Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 1.21.12 PM.png

Rachel Neiheisel: Knows Too Many Facts About Musicals & Harry Potter

by Mackenzie Hoy 

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 

Throughout this busy exam week, I managed to find time to talk to one of my friends, junior, Rachel Neiheisel and ask her a few questions. Rachel is apart of the yearbook staff and spends most of her time hanging out with friends at Kings Island or seeing musicals. Rachel has seen way too many musicals to count and she loves most of them that she goes to, and of course, there are always exceptions. Sometimes you will find her on the Harry Potter wiki finding/spilling the tea about some of her favorite characters and conspiracy theories or casually jamming out to some of her favorite songs from musicals.


If you could have one wish what would it be and why?

“I really don’t know agh, there are so many, maybe world peace or making the Harry Potter

universe real?”


How do you get ready for school in the morning?

“Sleeping until I absolutely have to get up and get ready, then just throw my hair into two braids

and walk out the door.”


What animal would you want to be and why?

“Definitely a cat. They can sleep a lot and get constant attention so I mean that sounds pretty cool.”


What is your favorite class and why?

“I generally like most of my classes as long as they don’t stress me out or aren’t incredibly boring.”


Who is your favorite teacher and why?

“I’ve had a lot of great teachers and I’m really bad at making decisions so oops”


What are three words to describe you?

“Funny, trustworthy and smart”


What is one of your fears?

“I’m gonna pull a Ron Weasley (Harry Potter reference) here and say spiders”


What do you want to be when you grow up?

“ I want to work for MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America, Harry Potter reference) Jk, but really I want to be a cop”


Who is your favorite TV/ Movie character?

“ I really don’t have a clue, I love so many characters from a wide range of movies and TV shows.”


I must say in getting to talk with Rachel who is a good friend of mine, I really got to know her a lot better. She is truly an amazing person and friend. If you get the chance to talk to her I would be ready to hear a lot about musicals you must see and why you must see them, some of her favorite musical characters and her favorite musical couples, learning new card games (some I didn’t even know existed), and yes hearing about Harry Potter and Harry Potter conspiracy theories. Oh, and how could I forget songs from some of her favorite musicals that you must download.


Thank you, Rachel, for being such an amazing friend, who is a blast to talk to, go to Kings Island with, talk about Harry Potter with, or hear about my rants of the day (there are many of those). The conversations that we have after school or via text are very truly some of my favorite conversations.

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 12.54.52 PM.png

Junior Does It All?

by Molly Florimonte 

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 

Here at Oak Hills, we pride in our students going above and beyond what is expected of them and junior Emma Sedlack is no exception. Many of her peers take advanced classes and are involved in sports but Sedlack really does it all. As a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Academic Team, National Art Honor Society, Student Council, Hope Squad, and Spanish Honor Society, Sedlack has an extensive track record. Not only is she involved in all of these clubs but, she has kept a straight A average throughout most of her high school career. When asked how she manages to juggle it all Sedlack admitted, “I don’t sleep very much. The things I do take up a lot of my time together but, individually they aren’t big-time commitments, which allows me to do more stuff. I also try to stay on top of everything and make sure that I know what I have to do and when it is due by.”


With this drive and motivation to do well in school, Sedlack also strives to do good things for her community. When asked about Hope Squad, Sedlack shared that she was the student who took initiative in bringing the program to our school. The long extensive process of implementing something this major at the school was a challenge she was willing to accept. Sedlack, along with two fellow juniors, Mayson Reperowitz and Sarah Bussard, attended many meeting with principals, board members, and other Hope Squad teams. It took months but, the girls were finally able to meet with Dr. Hudnall, a leader in the Hope Squad world, and the details of what the program is were brought to their attention.


Sedlack thinks that all this hard work will pay off regardless of the backlash that has risen about the club. “Many of my friends took it as a joke at first, but once they found out the work that goes into it they took back their opinions. People don’t seem to be taking it seriously which is annoying considering all the work we have put into it,” Sedlack said when she was asked about the controversy.


Although there has been some confusion about the program Sedlack still believes that it will have the impact she has always envisioned. “I want to leave a lasting impression at school. It will feel so good to be able to say ‘I made this a better place.’” She also expressed that she thinks the club holds a lot of value in our society today and is an important topic of discussion in general. Sedlack is happy to have implemented a new way for suffering students to talk to each other, get help, and become happier.


Along with Hope Squad, Sedlack has received some criticism over her involvement in Academic Team. She spoke of the stigma behind “being smart” and the toll it takes on one’s popularity. “Today, you don’t want people to know you’re smart. I don’t want others to be intimidated by me,” Sedlack explains. She has noticed that many people are afraid of those who are smart but, she wants to express that just because she has learned how school works doesn’t mean that she is a genius. “Everyone is good at something and the school system doesn’t always accommodate for that. I have just learned how to be good at school.” Sedlack’s family pushes her to be the best that she can be but, as she put it, “Would pay me to get a B every once in a while.”


Sedlack wants everyone to know that she is just not her good grades or involvement at school. Outside of school, she loves to be with her friends and make new memories. She also enjoys baking things such as cookies and brownies. Sedlack is a very talented artist and enjoys creating outside of the classroom. She is also an avid Notre Dame fan and loves football. She watches every game and travels to see the games often. Overall, Emma Sedlack is an excellent example of the type of student Oak Hills wants to produce. Her hard work and dedication are quite apparent and she should be recognized for that. As Sedlack says: “Set goals for yourself and be proud of them. Improving and growing is better than immediately being good at something, and that is what people don’t recognize often enough.”

Quarter Drag

by Jackie Finke

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 

High School is High School meaning it is very stressful, tiring, hectic and did I mention stressful? It is like you want to run into a wall almost every day, I know I’m here too but you can make your best memories that you will share for the rest of your lifetime, exciting right? High School is can be explained in many ways but not a lot of people talk about the “quarter drag” is what I like to call it, it happens to everyone either once, twice or every single quarter, of every single year, but don’t feel alone, everyone has experienced it at least once.


The Quarter Drag was originally going to be the fourth quarter drag but it hits the hardest in the middle of the third quarter. We are thinking about spring break and the end of the year and all the seniors just want to graduate already and all of the juniors can’t wait to be done with junior year because 95% of the time, it is the hardest year depending on what classes you already took and are about to take and you have to stress out about the ACT, worrying about the score and college and growing up. But in the middle of the third quarter, I’m pretty sure everyone is done already and want a break so everyone is just dragging along trying to find some magic spark to keep on going and to keep on filling our brains with more knowledge.


It may feel like you lost all and any motivation you might have had and you just feel stuck and stressed out about grades and if you have no motivation your grades will drop and it is like a constant cycle that needs to be broken. How to avoid the drag: Keep an open mind, actually try, don’t run into walls on purpose and just breathe, it’ll eventually get better.


Vacation Locations

by Bre Luca

Friday, March 8th, 2019 

With spring break right around the corner and summer break only two months away, vacation is on a lot of people’s minds. It is better to plan further ahead than just a few weeks or months, but if you are trying to plan a last minute vacation, these are some cheap, underrated locations to help you in your search process.


1. Puerto Vallarta- The all-inclusive packages galore, a variety of hotels and plenty of vacation rental options,

Puerto Vallarta offers quite the roster of affordable lodging choices. While you'll need to fly to this spring

break spot, you can find round-trip flights for around $350 or less on many carriers. Book far in advance

for even more savings. Once here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches, warm weather and adventure






2. Cabo San Lucas- Cabo is a great option for West Coast-based travelers looking for a spring break

getaway. Opt for a vacation rental over a pricey all-inclusive and once you get to town, let the coast's

natural beauty be your guide. Cabo's beautiful beaches are free to access and so are its lively city streets.

You can also enjoy cheap eats at some of the hole-in-the-wall taco spots downtown.





3. New Orleans- The Big Easy is a prime destination for those seeking epic nightlife mixed with Southern

comfort food. And while airfare can be a bit expensive, hotel and vacation rental deals are available,

especially if you stay a bit removed from the action of the French Quarter.





4. South Padre Island- With hotels offering deals for less than $100 per night, South Padre Island is a

hot spring break destination. What's more, it's only about 30 miles from the Mexican border, meaning

you'll get plenty of sunshine without having to leave the country.





5. Key West- An easy drive from Miami (you'll likely score cheaper flights into this airport), Key West is a

small beach town that packs a big punch. It may not be your typical spring break vacation – you can soak

up culture at the museums and shop the boutique stores in Mallory Square – but that means you'll encounter

fewer crowds. Plus, this vacation spot offers multiple budget-friendly hotels so you can save your cash for the

restaurants and boat tours.


There are far more locations you can look into, and there are many different places to go to for sightseeing instead of just beaches. These are just some initial ideas and were ranked as top underrated spring break locations as well. Even if you can’t leave Cincinnati, you can still have a spring break full of adventure! Have a fun and safe spring break!


*All images pulled from Google*

Need to Knows Before College 

by Bre Luca

Thursday, February 21st, 2019 

If you are anything like me, you watch tons of youtube videos about college dorm tours and videos of people talking about their freshman experience. I know I am only a sophomore but what else am I supposed to do when I’m procrastinating doing my homework and watched every good show on Netflix at least twice. I have watched a lot of videos and decided to share my ever growing knowledge of people’s opinions about their first year of college.


  1. Take a Senior Trip. I know, financially, this might be difficult for some people but if possible, take a trip. Every stable thing in your life is about to change and it is a great idea to take a relaxing break with friends before you all enter the next chapter of your life.

  2. Freshman 15 is a real thing. Living on a college student budget makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. The poor eating decisions add up and if you don’t stay active or aware of the calories, you better get ready to see some weight added. Just try your best to keep it in the back of your mind because you don’t need another thing to worry about.

  3. Build relationships with some of your professors. You may feel like you are lost in a crowd with all the new people in your classes. But, these professors are your future job recommendations and your lifeline in college. I’m not saying to be a teacher's pet, but think about how your relationship with your professor could benefit you in the future.

  4. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. Some say that college is the best four years of your life. While it’s likely you will never have another experience like it, it will be filled with ups and downs. There will be times throughout your college experience that will test your will power, and it is so crucial to stay strong and fight through it.  Finding your way to adapt to college is a normal challenge, and it will get easier over time. Use your support network of family and friends to help you cope with adjustments or reach out to a school counselor.

  5. College is one big balancing act. You have your main classes to focus on but you also have parties every weekend and clubs to get involved with. Also, some people have to work a part-time job on top of that. It may take time to find your groove, but once you find a good balance, you will feel some of the weight lift off your shoulders.

  6. Be open to trying new things. College is pretty much a whole new world for some people. There are all kinds of events that happen on and off campus. Try new things, talk to new people, and most importantly, find what you’re passionate about. That’s the whole purpose of college, right?

  7. Be friendly. You will meet a ton of new people at college. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, but a friendly smile could make someone’s day. Build connections so you all can help each get through that one really boring class with the mean professor.

  8. Don’t Forget to call your loved ones. Yes, you are off on your own for once and it feels great to finally have that freedom, but don’t forget about the people who got you there. A short call or a text will help your transition to your new life smoother and you will always have someone to talk to.

  9. Living with new people can be difficult. You may or may not get along with your new roommate(s). Either way, there is still the challenge with everyone’s conflicting class schedules and their morning and night routines. It will for sure be something different, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

  10. Don’t feel bad about switching your major. Not everyone has their whole life planned out and that’s okay! College is the time to find what makes you happy so you can do that the rest of your life. You will change when you go to college and sometimes your goals change too.

  11. Wait until after your first class to buy your books. This will save you a huge headache of waiting in long lines and not to mention the big price for each book. If possible, find a used book for sale or rent a book from an upperclassman.

  12. Don’t spend too much time remembering high school. Personal growth begins when you challenge yourself. It will be a great way for you to become independent and self-sufficient.

  13. There is nothing wrong with switching schools. Choosing your dream college can oftentimes be very difficult for most students. It is 100% okay if you get to your selected college and not like it there anymore. Do what makes you happy.

  14. It is great to go to college with your high school friends, but try to meet more people. You probably have great relationships with your friends already but meeting new people could never hurt. Who knows, you could meet your lifelong best friend or your future significant other.

  15. Take good notes and stay on top of your work. You are at college to get an education. Most times your professors don’t care if you did the homework or not. It is your responsibility to stay on top of your work to not stress the night before your exam.


    There are certainly many more things that you could want to know before college but these are some of the most repeated ones out there. No matter what, everything will work out for the best! Good Luck!

AP Seminar Stimulus Material 

by Bre Luca

Friday, March 1st, 2019 

If you are in Seminar right now, you are probably feeling hundreds of pounds of stress on your back right now. You have to know this stimulus material packet inside and out to get ready for the IWA’s and IMP’s. It’s a lot of pressure to put on 15 and 16-year-olds, especially in a short amount of time. With so many tests coming up, I would like to help you find your way through annotating the articles without having to spend as much time on it.

  1. First and foremost, you have to know what you are looking for before reading. Shockingly enough, people start reading and trying to annotate without understanding what they are looking for and end up wasting time.

  2. The set up of the article can help you before you even start reading. There is a source that has many graphs and lots information so you could probably guess the lenses right out the back.

  3. If an article is super long, break it up by page. Once you finished one page, go on to do something else and then come back to it. This will help to get other work done while not completely hating this stimulus packet.

  4. Look up the articles online to get other people’s perspective. This especially helps with the poem and song offered this year. It reveals other things people noticed that you may not have been able to see from your perspective.

  5. Pick out specific times to read over the packet. You will get used to having to look over it at specific times so it will be easier for your mind to wrap around the material. (This could just be me but I feel like it helps out a little bit)

  6. Try to come up with your broad research question after looking at all of the sources. Once you have a topic in mind you will be able to narrow down which sources you can connect to it.

  7. The more negative you are about it, the harder it will be to finish it. This goes for anything you do. If you tell yourself that it is super long and time consuming, you will never want to work on it. Just put in perspective that this is your exam and these 7 sources are your key to success.


Hopefully these tips helped, good luck finishing up your exam Seminar students!

Prom 2019

by Elizabeth Dreyer

Friday, March 8th, 2019 

It’s here friends. PROM SEASON!!! If you’re like me, this is a very exciting time. The end of the school year is approaching and all the fun events you can think of are on their way. This is such a thrilling time because Seniors are finally graduating and juniors are making their way to senior year. I decided to take on the task of asking others how they get ready for prom and about the new trends that are approaching this spring season.


Gabby Dreyer, a junior here at Oak Hills cannot wait for prom, as it is her first one:

Q: What are you most excited for?

“Getting down with my best friends. I’m also really excited to get ready! I love dressing up and looking nice (for one day hahaha)”


CJ Wilke, Senior and prom expert:

Q: What do you do to prepare for prom?

“Pound on all the cologne, duh.”


Senior Emma Supe, loves prom and is very excited:

Q: What are the dress trends this year?

“I’ve seen a lot of people wearing yellow this year. I feel like most people are going simple with their dresses but, overall everyone’s dresses look amazing.”


Mr. Klotz, Social Studies Department Head and overall fashion expert:

Q: What is your favorite memory of prom?

“Where I went to high school it was only senior prom and it was literally in late May, so it was right next to graduation. It was the final social event for high school. My favorite memory was definitely when my best friend became prom king and our friend group rallying and dancing around him. Oh, and definitely the gaudy tux.”


As you can see, prom is a pretty hot topic this time of the year. With all the chaos and school testing, it can seem a little overwhelming. But, it will all be worth it prom night, where we have the time of our lives.

The Spooky Kahler 

by Ellie Sturm

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 

It all began on the night of January 12th. My family and I were laying in the over-layered hotel bed in a state of DEEP boredom. It was our last night (so we thought) staying in the tundras on Minnesota, so we didn’t want it to go to waste. We had heard recent talk about The Grand Kahler Hotel, which was built in 1921. My family and I just so happened to be staying at the hotel branched off from The Grand Kahler, instead named Kahler Inn & Suites. Given, this was my mom’s second stay here as part of her stem cell transplant (peep my last article for info), I had heard a lot of notions made about the OG Kahler hotel. My mom and eldest sister continued to inform me that, apparently, the hotel gave them nothing but the creeps. So,  naturally I decided to conduct my own research. I first began by typing in “The Grand Kahler haunted” in Google and what I found immediately put me in a state of shook.

    “4th ‘Most Haunted’ in The U.S.” uMmMm… excuse me? This then led to one of my greatest findings. If you like Brach candy, this next part should intrigue you. In 1977, Helen BRACH visited and stayed at the Kahler hotel, while there for a checkup at the Mayo Clinic. Brach proceeded to her appointment, paid the bill then checked out. She was last seen at the gift shop within the clinic, which was later revealed as the last place she was ever seen. Seven years pass, and Helen Brach was eventually pronounced legally dead. Furthermore, come to find out that the top (11th) floor used to be an OR room as apart of the Mayo Clinic and even worse,the basement was a morgue. You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? I hope so, but I am continuing regardless.


    So the moment finally comes and we are walking across the street to enter this replica of The Shining. The atmosphere was creepy right from the start as we went straight for the elevators. Keep in mind, my brother-in-law was filming our adventure from the second we walked through the front doors. We wanted to make sure we had evidence if anything suspicious happened. Our first approach was obviously the top floor, as it now is a renovated pool room. In case you didn’t know, water is a medium for spirits…. Coincidence? I think not. Well, to our unfortunate luck the elevators would not even let us press any floor past 9. We decided to just go there and see what we could find. To our (not very) surprise, the halls are CREEPY. Let me just tell you that not once did I ever feel alone in that building. We looked around and it felt as these halls were never ending rows of dark brown doors. The walls were crisp 50s style, only about two windows on each hall covered in layers of curtains, quite a distance from one another. The worst part was that there were 2 full size mirrors on the wall, both a rose gold tint… odd. We took photos in these mirrors specifically with flash to see if we could pick up any unusual activity.


    Continuing this ghost hunt on a mission to find our girl Helen and see what spirits really reside here, we come to realize all emergency exits/ doors to stairwells were NO REENTRY! Meaning they would lock behind you. The 9th floor elevator wouldn’t even take us the the 11th floor, but only the 10th? We decided to go anyway. We see pretty much an identical set up as the ninth floor but this time, we found a staircase to the top floor. We began fangirling and as we begin walking, we get to the door of the pool room and a sudden wave hits me. I began sweating profusely and became very lightheaded, as if I was going to pass out. Will felt the same. We took a moment to regain our real motives here and continued to the door. It was locked and we tried about everything to get through. No such luck.

We then decided we were not leaving this building until we saw the top floor. We go to the lobby where Will proceeds to ask the front desk woman how to get to the pool room. She gave us instructions, no questions asked.. She was the real MVP for that. We get back to the door until we accepted the fact that we needed an actual hotel room key. Just as we were losing faith, our miracle appeared right in front of us, literally. We walk out and to our surprise, we pass a couple with their two little grandkids…. All in their swimsuits. You can already imagine the smirks we had on our face. We approach this adorable family and ask if we could use them to get into the pool room. Will and I fronted as siblings that had just checked in that earlier evening and heard much about the pool  but forgot our key to get in. Of course they said yes (they were the nicest people).


Finally, the moment we’d been waiting for. We enter the pool room… let me just tell you, this was the eeriest pool room I’d ever seen. Aside from beautiful, it was barely lighted with dim bulbs, the room was giant. All. Windows. You could see the city around you. We walked towards the pool and then towards the deep end where you look up and see this unique sky dome with a direct view of the red neon lighted “Grand Kahler” sign. It was huge, yet very odd. I then began to take my phone out for the first time and naturally take a snapchat video of this view. Note, as stated Will was taking videos the WHOLE time! For my fellow snapchat users, we know that you can set up your ‘memories’ to automatically save to your camera roll… well, I have that. So I left the video on my screen with plans to post it when I had time. We quickly left after getting our evidence with a slight relief to be leaving. We get back to our hotel come to find every. Video. Was. gone. How coincidental is that? Both phones, all films were gone… even from recently deleted.


Will and I plan to book a room on the 11th floor sometime this summer, we will keep you updated if that ever happens… But for now I want you to ponder about the real ghost adventure I’ve been on. The end.

Here are some photos of the building and one of my personal photos featuring a dot (who I believe to be Helen) on my leg. Enjoy…

Ellie's pool.png
Ellie's ghost.png
Aaron Tam.png

The All-Star Student 

by CJ Wilke

Monday, February 11th, 2019 

Many know him, he’s probably one of the kindest people at Oak Hills. This student is Aaron

Joseph Tam. Aaron is probably the top tier when it comes to the Class of 2019. He is on

Executive Board of NHS, involved with many athletics, and is at the top of the class. I

interviewed Aaron to see into the life of a student that works ridiculously hard and still has

time for outside of school activities.


First I started by asking him about how he kept up with his grades so well and how he has

gotten his place at the top. The first thing he said is “I will say it’s really hard”, showing that

it might seem easy but that’s what we don’t know he went on saying about how he’s “never

had a night of sleep before 12” showing his dedication to school and getting these grades.

He did say that the first two years of high school were pretty easy for him but the last two have been the struggle for him. But he has hit a crossroad because he said that part of this year’s struggle was due to the start of running cross country.


But he did say that he did love cross country though and this brings it to the next part of this all-star student. That is how he is on top of the class and still manages to play sports. Aaron has done track and field for 6 years now and he says how it is “definitely his sport”, he went on saying how the love for track really is because it’s all the fight in the dog not the size of the dog, meaning that it all depends on what you are willing to grind for and how much you want to push yourself to be a good runner. But going back to cross country this is a sport that he picked up this year, he said about how he wasn’t very good but he does not regret joining the team for this season. He told me how the team felt like a sort of family to him and some people he sort of knew he became good friends with because of cross country.


With all of Aaron’s hard work he also is a member of NHS exec board. He said with being in this leadership role “I don’t see myself any better than anyone in NHS I just want to help” when asked about how he felt in that position. He is hopeful for this exec board because NHS has had a past of people hating on the way these leaders have run NHS in the past. But even then Aaron takes it with a grain of salt saying “It’s expected criticism and you just have to adapt to it with being in the leadership role”, revealing that Aaron fully understands the criticism that comes his way because he anticipates that it will happen.


Aaron is a really dedicated student that tries his hardest in school, never gets sleep, NHS leader, and still has time to manage to play sports and hang out with friends, even with being one of the top of the class. In the end, many know Aaron and he is a crazy smart person and is one of the best Oak Hills has to offer.

How to Avoid Senoritis 

by Bailey Garcia

Monday, February 11th, 2019 

The year everyone waits for: Senior year. The year where you’re so close to being free, but still wanting to enjoy all that high school has to offer to you. However, sometimes people get caught up in “glory” of their senior year.

Many people in their senior year acquire the terrible disease of “senioritis.” Where every little task seems to take over a week, and motivation is simply thrown out the window. It’s real. No one blames you. But, there are ways to make sure that you make the most out of your (academic) senior year.

A little disclaimer before I get into the meat of this bad boy, college or higher education isn’t for everyone. If you have a pathway that is going straight into the workforce, you are not valued any less. This article is aimed towards the majority of people who are going to college after their senior year.

Buckle up and get ready for some amazing tips to make sure you are prepared to the best of your ability for your first year of college.


  • Take some challenging classes.

    • Not all of them have to be AP. The goal is more level 1 and AP classes than level 2. The important thing is to not take too many classes that won’t allow you to grow before your first year of college. The hard truth is that many colleges look at the classes you take before coming to their school. A hard senior year means an easier freshman year of college. Check out this article if you don’t believe me.

  • Actually show up to school.

    • As cheesy as it may sound, attendance does matter. Not only will bad attendance hurt your chances at an epic Prom or Homecoming (maybe even graduation), it also can negatively impact the school, your grades, and you. The hard truth is that higher attendance leads to higher success. No one WANTS to get out of bed. It’s a struggle for everyone. Check out this article for a smarter explanation.

  • Get involved.

    • I know, I know, you’ve heard this phrase since the first day you’ve walked into this school. But seriously, getting involved is the best way to make sure that you are wanting to show up to school. Go to games, support a team you wouldn’t regularly support, join a club you’ve wanted to join. It’s your last year to make sure that you enjoy yourself in high school. Check out this article to see what you should do with your free times and co-curricular.


As for you seniors who probably wanted to rid of “senioritis” before you started your senior year: it’s never too late. Don’t wish yourself away. You will never get another senior year. Make the most of it! Here are some tips for seniors to make your last semester the best one ever:


  • Enjoy all your “lasts”

    • You’ve already had your last homecoming. You probably also just had your last Elder game as an Oak Hills student. You’ll be attending your last Prom in a few months. Enjoy it. It won’t come back and I’m almost certain these are the moments that people told us we would miss.

  • Learn how to be an adult.

    • Let’s face it, who does their own laundry? Who cooks for themselves? Who can clean their own dishes? The hard truth is that your life-saving, amazing, glorious parents won’t be attending college with you. Many are moving away. Maybe watch a YouTube video, ask a parent, or heck, try it yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, maybe we all need to learn how to take care of yourself.

  • Don’t wish your life away.

    • I’m sure many of you are dying to pack the car right now and leave. As good as that may sound, I hope you truly learn how to embrace the moment you are in now. Don’t just cross out the days on the calendar. Try to love every milestone that you go through. As tough as it might be, try to love high school for the first and last time in your life.


To the incoming senior class, I hope you take these words to heart. I hope your senior year is the best year of your life. I hope you enjoy every last minute of it.


To the current seniors, it’s never too late to start loving your Senior year. I hope you have the best last semester ever, and I hope wherever you go you will never forget what it felt like to be a Highlander.

Student Of The Year: Cassie Stevens

by Guest Writer Emma Crull

Saturday, February 9th, 2019 

Students of the year, a seven-week process where students in the local area will raise money to beat cancer, is a big thing when it comes to those applying. Some of them volunteer their time while others write essays. One student, Cassie Stevens, helps out with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), Drama Club, Dj Club, and works hard in school, and she donated her hair to kick off her campaign. Cassie loves to help out others and she is such a joy to know. Here is her story. Cassie started out the year by donating her hair for her campaign for Students of the Year. Cassie wants to win students of the year because her cousin had LLS and she wants to raise money and awareness for this so fewer kids die of LLS each year. Students of the year is a way for high schoolers around the area to learn more leadership traits to help fight off LLS. She had the kick off on Thursday, January 10, meaning that she got accepted and is ready to raise as much money as she can for these kids.


“Cassie is energetic, hardworking, and kind-hearted,” says Junior Maddie Baker. Maddie and Cassie have been friends for three years. “When a lot was happening in the booth and a mug fell off the counter and broke and we were running the show; she was laughing so hard she was crying. I just looked at her and said, ‘candy cane?’ ” Maddie Baker says that is her favorite memory with Cassie. It is safe to say that Cassie is always at school, she is always working on sets, mics, or anything else that comes to mind for that day, “I am at school for at least 12 hours a day, and when I am not at school, I am doing homework or working on Drama Club sets.” Cassie is always willing to help out as much as she can with Drama Club, Dj Club, LLS, and anything else she needs to do. On weekends, Cassie will still come to school as much as she needs to. The reason she is always building is that “When she wants to get something done, she does not stop until it is done,” says junior Ryan McGinnis. She is very good at what she does. Cassie is everyone’s friend and is very nice unless it is crunch time, then Cassie will have us work until everything is ready. With the help of her friends and family, Cassie is able to get a lot done. At school, she will get mics ready for class meetings, school plays, and anything else related to tech stuff. One of her close friends Sabrina Ryland has known her for a log tie, “I met Cassie through family before first grade and she has always been fun and friendly since I met her.” Sabrina knows that Cassie is a good person to be running for Students of the year, “I could not think of anyone better.”


What’s in store next for Cassie? Well, if she happens to win Students of the Year, then she will know that fewer kids are dying from cancer. She wants to make a change and she knows that she can do anything to help these kids. Talking to Cassie, she is undecided on her future plans, but if she happens to win Students of the Year, then she will continue to do more volunteering with LLS and win a scholarship to a college of her choice.

How To Spend Valentine's Day Single

by Jess Johnson

Friday, February 8th, 2019 

This is my fifteenth valentine’s day by myself, I have learned to become a pro at this point. But, there is still time to find a significant other because there is plenty of other fish in the sea. However, if you cannot find a date, I can help you have the most successful single Valentine’s Day EVER!


  1. Cry: “People cry, not because they are weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long,” wise man Johnny Depp once said, and he is correct. Us single people have no honey to rely on when we need to cuddle, so it is okay to let out a cry every once in a while. No pillow or stuffed animal can make up for the thought of cuddling with Andy Samberg or Harry Styles.

  2. Buy Candy: This is the second best sale on candy of the year, next to post-Halloween. PLUS, you can share with family, friends, or the most important person in your life, yourself. Forget about the gym or working on the summer bod, Valentine’s Day is also Singles Appreciation Day. Unless you want to do that, you do you!

  3. Exercise: Totally contradicting the point made in #2, exercising can help take out any built up anger. So if you’re angry at the fact that you don’t have a boo-boo, go to your nearest gym and GET THE GRIND ON! You could also potentially find a cute significant other there ;).

  4. Buy Your Parent/Legal Guardian(s) a Gift: In the end, no one will love you more than your Guardian. Thank them for being there when there was no boyfriend/girlfriend! If you have ever gone through a breakup, they were most likely the ones on your side. Buy them a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, they would appreciate almost anything.

  5. Go Out to Dinner with Friends, or Yourself: Valentine’s Day, more like Galentine’s Day (or Guyentine’s day)! Have a night with the homies and get some pizza, or go bowling. Home-cooked meals are also scrumptious, have them over for some filet mignon or medium rare steak. Or just do all of this by your lonesome, treat yourself! Click HERE for a list of home-cooked meal ideas, or places to go around the Cincinnati area!

  6. Go Shopping: Whether it’s a long voyage out to Kenwood Mall, or just a 5 minute trip to Target, shopping can always help soothe the sadness Valentine’s Day ensues. Express yourself in a new outfit from Target, or some sweet airpods. Click HERE for a link to things to buy and places to shop around the Cincinnati Area!


In the end, a significant other is really not that important at this time in your life. Do not worry if you cannot find someone, there are many more places to go and meet new people!

A Student Dedicated to Helping People

by Elizabeth Dreyer

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 

Sarah Lowry, a senior, who attends Oak Hills High School as well as Diamond Oaks has a passion for

health and helping others. Sarah has attended Diamond Oaks for two years and studies Health Technology,

but also keeps up with her studies here at Oak Hills. Sarah enjoys playing the piano, hanging with friends,

and drinking too much coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin. I wanted to interview Sarah because of her love for

health and fitness, but also desire to help others. Sarah has always had a love for health and the benefit that

it brings toward others.


Q. Why did you attend Diamond Oaks?

  1. “I’ve always had a love for helping others and I think it’s important to help others when I can. I’ve always

  2. wanted to be involved in the medical field, ever since I was a little girl. I think that helping others is very

  3. important in the fact that it can create an everlasting impact.”


Q. What is your favorite thing about Diamond Oaks?

  1. “It’s taught me how to be self-reliant. At Diamond Oaks, it’s very career-centered and it’s taught me to prepare for my future. Diamond Oaks has allowed me to get a lot of certifications that you would actually get in college and so it helps to save money and prepare for what is to come.”


Q. Is there a strong difference between Oak Hills and Diamond Oaks?

  1. “I would say there is a difference. Diamond Oaks is very hands on. It’s almost like you are already in your career and you are already there learning to help others. I travel back and forth between Diamond and Oak Hills every day so I do notice a difference in the atmospheres, but Diamond Oaks is more career centered in the fact that you are going there for your actual career.”


Q. You’re very much into health and fitness. Has Diamond Oaks influenced you in that way?

  1. “It totally has. At Diamond Oaks, you learn about your body and how important it is to take care of it. You learn about what your body can do, so I think it has influenced myself. My sister Rebecca has also been into health and fitness most of her life and she has kinda led me into this journey with her. I love going to the gym and making homemade meals because I know how it can affect your body.”


Q. Has it been hard to keep up with your studies?

  1. “I don’t think so. Attending Diamond is just like attending other classes and so it balances out pretty well. I’ve always been really hard on myself when it comes to grades, so I like to keep up or it stresses me out.”


Sarah’s passion to help others is very inspiring and is worth to show for. Attending Diamond Oaks has been a great milestone in her high school career and she wants to show others the benefit of attending both schools. She wants everyone to remember, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky”- Michael Scott (The Office). Therefore, think about your opportunities and go for it.

The Tartan.jpg

Intro to Education

by Elizabeth Dreyer

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 

Teaching. Most students don’t even think about the immense work a teacher has to go through. They don’t think of the amount of planning and grading that they have to do. However, for those that do, you may be considering becoming a teacher. Well, you’re in luck! We have a class here at Oak Hills that allows you to discover what being a teacher is like. You get to develop your own lesson plans and you even get to tutor elementary school children. It’s a CCP class designed the same way as a regular college class. You learn about the history of education and the many pros and cons. It’s a discussion centered class that challenges your views and allows you to discover what kind of teacher you want to be. However, if teaching is not for you, the class is still recommended. No matter what field you go into, learning how to talk and teach is very important for future purposes. Mr. Klotz and Mr. Taylor co-teach for the first semester, but Mr., Taylor does say goodbye in the second so be prepared. It’s heartbreaking. Anyways, the class is super beneficial and my favorite class that I’ve taken. Getting to experience working kids is so rewarding and fulfilling. As a tutor, it’s enlightening seeing students light up after they have reached their goal.  Gabby Dreyer, a Junior in the class, loves her education class.


What is the best thing about the class?

“I think the best thing about the class would be the different projects that we have done. It’s very hands-on and really fun. We also get to see a lot of the different personalities through the different projects. I also really like the tutoring we get to do on Fridays. I think getting to tutor and creating  relationships with the kids is very uplifting.”


What has been the most fun project you have done?

“My favorite project was where we introduced ourselves to our “students” because it felt like I was an actual teacher”


What is the hardest challenge in the class?

“I think the hardest part was definitely the amount of chapters we had to read”


All in all, Intro into Education is a great class for those who like to interact and discuss with others. I find spending the last 50 mins in an environment dedicated to helping others grow is very inspiring.

Letter to Freshmen

by Kenzie Hoy

Monday, January 28th, 2019 

Dear Incoming High School Freshmen,


This is it; the big leagues, something you have been either dreading since middle school began or just counting down the days to reach it. Your high school experience will be very different, but you will all struggle in some way, whether it be an incredibly difficult test or getting into an argument with one of your friends. It’s all apart of growing up and finding who you are. So on that note...Welcome to High School, you are about to embark on a journey that is going to be unexpected, fun, and fast.


I remember my first day of high school, I was incredibly nervous that morning about everything, I worried about not having friends in my classes or not having anyone to sit with at lunch. By the time we reached the school my nerves had reached an all-time high, but somehow my mom convinced me to get out of the car and walk across the street to get to my new school. I walked in the door and immediately I was greeted by my friends from middle school who were waiting for me at the entrance of the school. I also luckily found out one of my friends was in my Tartan Time classroom. For those who don’t know Tartan Time is basically homeroom in high school, we meet with those people on Thursdays and you are in that class for all four years. My friend and I made it to our Tartan Time class and I found out the Tartan Time teacher for my room was Mr. Klotz. I, immediately, was very happy because he was my brother’s teacher last year so he knew who I was and he was also going to be my teacher for Honors American History. In Tartan Time we did introductions to the other kids in the class and then got our schedules and Klotz then put on some music and basically just let us talk amongst ourselves and compare schedules. He also told us to ask him questions if we needed help finding classrooms. Therein lies my first piece of advice: Ask for help if you are confused. It doesn’t matter if you are asking about finding a classroom or a question you have for the teacher, ask away, the teachers are there to help you and to be perfectly honest they are practically jumping out of their seats to answer your questions. As for the rest of my day it went by in a flash, and I found out I had at least one friend in each of my classes and I even had lunch with some of my friends. By the end of the first day, all of the nerves, doubts and fears I had were gone. I was actually looking forward to the rest of the year and for the next four years of high school.



High school is absolutely going to fly by and be filled with great experiences, but it will also (at some points) absolutely suck. The teachers are going to be on you about assignments, you could be in an argument with one of your best friends from middle school or you could be completely overloaded with work. My advice to you; don’t sweat it, do the work obviously, but don’t swamp yourself in the stress. Take the classes you want, there are so many classes at Oak Hills - pick one! My second piece of advice is to make the teachers your best friends. If you have a good relationship with your teachers they are more likely to go easier on you if you couldn't do the homework one day because you were swamped with other work/classes. Most of the teachers I have had have been very flexible about assignments, if you need an extra day to work on something, just ask. As I said before you may have drama with your friends and it may seem like everything is crashing down around you, but then a day later you guys will make up. You may not find your “people” as quickly as others. I didn’t really find my true group of friends until this year, my junior year.


My final piece of advice is to join clubs, Oak Hills offers so many clubs for any variety of interests and talents. The clubs in Oak Hills range from 8-Bit Club to Bagpiper Club to Art Club, Book Club, and the list goes on and on. I was not apart of any clubs because I was always involved with the tennis team, but I would highly recommend it if you have the time to. Being apart of clubs is a great way to meet new people and learn about what you are interested in as well as making some amazing high school memories.


I truly hope your Oak Hills High School experience will treat you well. High School is going to be a bumpy experience, but there will be moments that are truly amazing. Hold those memories for they will be with you for the rest of your life. Your high school experience will truly go by so quickly you probably won’t even remember the bumps in the road. Best Of Luck!



Kenzie Hoy (A High School Junior)

Sophomore Slump

by Cameron Fink

Monday, January 28th, 2019 

It’s the second semester; the fourth in all for Oak Hills sophomores. At this point, the rate of Sophomore Slumps is set to skyrocket. Sophomores are suffering from this sickness at an alarming rate. Do you feel tired, drowsy, or lethargic? Do you question your sanity, why sleep eludes you like the Plague, or do you recount mistakes from months before? Do you constantly have tea to spill, a locker that has never been used, or nightmares about exam weeks? If you suffer from any of these symptoms and are a sophomore, you may be suffering from a Sophomore Slump. This is an extremely common yet incredibly exhausting sickness; you are not alone. This particular strain sticks around in the body for 4 to 5 months but all symptoms fade after that. These are victims of the Sophomore Slump, discretion is advised, although names (and ages, locations, skills) have been changed to protect the identities of these suffering sophomores (and ONLY sophomores), the stories listed below are still first-hand accounts of the victims (again, only sophomores).


Shake and Wake Jake: 17 years old, attends Yolk Bills Tie School, is fluent in Mandarin

Shake and Wake Jake was doing a chemistry lab when he fell asleep at the table. Jake had been woken by the strange sensation of fizzing. What Jake didn’t know is that he had set his head in a small dish of highly-reactive powder that would react with his drool and start to fizz uncontrollably. As a result, Jake became startled, knocked the dish off of his table in fear of a fire (not possible, mind you) and consequently ended up launching the contents in the dish into the now soaking wet sick. The fizzing was now on a much larger scale and when the teacher asked what had happened and why he had it all over his face, his best excuse was that he wanted to taste it.


Margarine Buttersworth: 144.7 months old, attends Geltire LMNTerry School

Margarine Buttersworth has quite an interesting tale to tell. Margarine was falling asleep on her bus ride home and eventually succumbed to the sleep monsters after about five minutes of being in her seat, despite the constant chatter of the other passengers. Margarine did this in the front of the bus, right behind the bus driver. As she dozed off, Margarine began to dream of the cruel prank her brother had pulled on her earlier that week. She started to dream she was having her hair cut, the problem is she didn’t want her hair cut. Margarine began to yell in her dream, “No, no, stop!” Unfortunately, while she did this she began to actually speak out loud in real life! You can put the rest together. Good news? When the bus driver brake checked the entire bus, only one person sustained an injury. Bad news? It was Margarine Buttersworth, with a broken nose.


Bon Bon Jon Merry Jerry: 53 y/o, can eat 9 baguettes in a minute and wash it down with croissant juice

Bon Bon Jon was baking in his French class when he fell asleep, probably dreaming of a fresh Bonbon. Oven on, Bon Bon Jon asleep. His pastry was a crispy black when he got up from his desk. At this moment, Bon Bon Jon knew he had hit a life-altering hitch in the road that is his life, this would change the course of his history. Bon Bon Jon changed his name to Merry Jerry and moved to the North Pole, he hasn’t been seen since.


Molly Sophomorimonte: Definitely a sophomore, attends I’m Totally A Sophomore High, special talent is doing sophomore stuff because she is, in fact, a sophomore.

Molly Sophomorimonte — a sophomore — was listening to a very boring psych lesson in the library when she began to count sheep. After a short while, she was completely asleep at her table with no one waking her. She began dreaming she lost her teeth one by one, and in a fit of fear she jolted awake and terrified her sophomore tablemates. Very, very embarrassing. She had her teeth when she woke up though so that’s a plus, I guess.

Although these are uncommon tales because of their circumstances and comedic factor, this is definitely no laughing matter. Millions of high schoolers and specifically sophomores suffer from this syndrome every half year. But do not fear! Help is available. The good news? It’s curable. The bad news? It’ll take a while. To bust the slump you must get back to a reasonable sleep schedule with at least eight hours a night. Do this by turning off your phone an hour before you head to bed and reading a book or another tranquil/calming activity to convince your body it’s time to sleep. This is beatable, and we can do it together. Call our helpline now: (555)-SLU-MPED or (555)-758-6733.

Funny Laws

by Ana Holleman

Sunday, January 27th, 2019 

Did you know that in Florida, if you are a bar owner or sell any type of liquor, you can be expected to pay up to $1000 if you allow or participate in a contest of dwarf -tossing? That, in Kentucky, every legislator who is being sworn into office must take an oath saying they haven’t fought in a duel with a deadly weapon? These are just some of the laws in the United States that make us scratch our head. Some are just downright stupid and others make us question what we were thinking. Read on for some of the most ridiculous laws I could find.


Alabama- It is illegal to purchase, possess, or train a bear to wrestle. If you commit this crime you can be charged with unlawful bear exploitation and a class B felony, on top of the charge you will be expected to pay a fine and your bear will be repossessed


Alaska- You can’t get drunk in a bar and stay in the bar…...which doesn’t make sense, right? I mean you’d think that was what bars were made for.


California- A frog that dies during a frog jumping contest can’t be eaten. Apparently, the Health code prevents travelers and jockeys from eating their dead frogs at the Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jumping Jubilee. Which I can’t see a reason for; the frog is dead, and if you eat frog legs or other meals made from a frog, the frog obviously is going to be dead. Seems like a missed opportunity for a free meal.


Colorado- Not only is weather modification real, but it’s also a real business. If you ever want to do that, you need to get a permit first.


Connecticut- We’ve all (maybe not) either copied someone's homework or let someone copy ours, but don’t expect to get away with it in Connecticut. It’s illegal, not only in schools but it’s actually a law, meaning if you’re caught, you’re probably getting more than just a bad grade.


Idaho- Cannibalism is strictly illegal (unless of course it was life or death and you had permission from the other person). Idaho is the only state to declare this a law, which makes you think, why they would have to make this a law in the first place? What are you up to Idaho?


Iowa- If you attempt to pass off margarine as real butter, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. I appreciate Iowa's transparency, but really?


Michigan- Don’t expect to get away with cheating, not only with your spouse but with the law. Adultery is labeled a felony and you can expect to spend fours years in prison. So I’m guessing shows like Jerry Springer aren't very popular in Michigan?


Mississippi- You can’t curse in front of two or more people; if you’re overheard you can be charged with a misdemeanor and pay $100 to the state swear jar. I’m willing to take a bet that half of Oak Hills student’s won’t be moving to Mississippi anytime soon.


Rhode Island- If you bite off a person's limb on purpose you can expect to spend 20 years in prison. Only if it was on purpose though, so falling and accidentally biting off a person's limb is okay.


Utah- You can’t hurl a missile at a bus terminal unless of course, you’re an elected peace officer. Kinda defeats the purpose of a peace officer.


Reading these I’ve never been so thankful to live in Ohio, where operators of an underground coal mine must provide an “adequate”  supply of toilet paper. Which raises questions about Ohio, but at least we don’t have laws against dwarf tossing right?

Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 12.46.14 PM.png

Dancing Through Senior Year

by Ciera Franke

Wednesday, January 23nd, 2019 

Madelyn Allen, who prefers to go by Maddie, is a seventeen-year-old senior at Oak Hills High

School. She has been in the district since elementary school saying “I love all of these schools

so much from the school itself to the amazing teachers. You can tell that everyone in this district

loves what they do and it really impacts the children in a positive way.” Not just a student, but

an athlete, she performs as a member of the Oakettes as well. As a very well rounded student,

she is, as stated, involved in the Oakettes, being a student, being in the National Honor Society,

and working at McAlister's Deli, all while maintaining consistent good grades. Aside from dance

taking up a lot of her free time,  she likes to spend her time doing art, watching Netflix, hanging

out with her friends, and getting nuggets from Chick-fil-a.


High School has been full of ups and downs for Madelyn but some of her best memories reside

alongside her dance team. She tells us that going to her first competition at Mount Notre Dame

was her favorite dance memory. This may be because of the girls she was with, but it is definitely

because she tells us that “We [the Oakettes] had a late start to the season and the other schools

were ahead of us with multiple competitions and wins under their belts. After we performed and

were listening to awards, we hear that we got first place in both routines! Not only that but as

they continued, we got a high point award, a choreography award, a bid to nationals and grand champions.” This not only goes to show how great our school’s dance team is, but how much of a positive impact it can have on the dancers themselves, leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime.

After high school, Madelyn says that, though no definite decisions have been made, she wants to go to the University of Cincinnati for college, to pursue a major she has not yet decided. In college, she plans to stay at home for at least her first year to save money up and to get used to college, then maybe move out to become more independent. If she attends UC as she hopes, she will also be trying out for their dance team because “It has been a dream of mine ever since I was little to dance for UC. I used to watch their preview shows and wish I could be anything like them.” and if you’ve seen her dance, you know that making the team should not be a problem.

Madelyn has, and always will be, a great example of a thriving student here at Oak Hills. Yes, there have been struggles here and there, but everyone has those, she has always managed to make it through strong. Without a doubt, she is one of the best people I know and I will stand by that until I have a reason to not, which I don’t see happening. Through it all, there has not been a day where Madelyn has not been able to make someone smile, and forget about all the troubles and pointless arguments, she says...


“It will all be worth it”

Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 1.15.50 PM.png

Martina Mckeever: Hidden Talent

by Nathan Brown

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 

Martina Mckeever is a new student at Oak Hills this year but is much more than meets the eye. She

previously attended West Carrollton High School and moved to Oak Hills for better education

opportunities. When describing the transition she commented: “Growing up in West Carrollton my

whole life, I got very used to the way things worked there. I was so scared to move here and go to an

all new school, but the opportunities here are limitless, which is much better than West Carrollton.” At

West Carrollton, she was very active, staring in their production of The Little Mermaid as Ariel was and

still is her greatest achievement. Clearly, Music has played a key role in shaping Mckeever’s life.


Mckeever’s favorite activity is learning how to play, and write new music. “My old band teacher, Laura Buckosky, taught me how to play 3 of the 5 instruments I currently play and has really shaped the way I go about my day-to-day.”. Her favorite class here at Oak Hills is band, given her musical background, this isn’t surprising. Her singing career was started by her Great Grandma, who constantly encouraged and pushed her forward to new places. When Mckeever lost her Great-grandma, she said “it affected me in ways I’ll never be able to fully explain, but everything I do now is for her”


At home, Mckeever has 2 biological siblings. Her younger sister Kendra, and her little brother Jordan. On her mom's side, she has 3 step-siblings, her older brother Noah, and 2 older step-sisters Emma and Haley. Growing up, Mckeever’s parents would constantly fight, and played a key role in shaping her self worth, and what is right and wrong behavior in a relationship. Subjected to constant abuse and unhealthy living conditions, Mckeever and her siblings made the decision to not have contact with her biological father, which played an important part in shaping her character. “It was a tough decision, to cut out the person who helped create us, but he was in a bad place, and taking it out on us. We had no other choice.” However, Mckeever now lives with her mom and step-dad and loves them both very much. This is proven by the fact that if she won the lottery, the first thing she’d do is pay off their debt.


After High School, Mckeever plans to attend Beckfield College for their medical program to become a care flight nurse. She plans to look for hospitals where she can begin her internship as a trauma nurse. When facing adversity, she often turns to the quote:


“Just because your path is different doesn’t mean you’re lost”

- Unknown                                                                 


This quote hits home for her because her life hasn’t been easy, but it reminds her she still has a future, she just has to work a little harder for it. Mckeever believes her greatest strength is being able to make others laugh at almost any situation, even if she feels terrible inside, and knowing her, I can absolutely agree.


Martina Mckeever has had a difficult life but hasn’t let anything stop her. She motivates herself to do the very best in everything she does and is a true inspiration to me, as well as many others. If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing this amazing girl, you certainly should. She is my best friend, a true inspiration, and above all, an amazing person.

Back On Top

by Elizabeth Dreyer

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 

If you’re like me, the third quarter is definitely the hardest and roughest part of the year. While waiting for the fourth quarter to begin, you start preparing for AP exams and it seems like time moves as slowly as a snail. Grades start to slip and all you want to do is swim in that pool or go on that vacation. You know that spring and summer are right around the corner and the clock just doesn’t seem to tick. Third quarter seems like the time when teachers cram in all the information that they can to ensure that they are prepared for the end of year tests. As a student, it can be very overwhelming and can cause many breakdowns that result in crying. However, I have many tips that will make your third quarter less stressful and more relaxing.


The first tip would be to stock up on all of the coffee that you can, Listen, listen, I know that caffeine isn’t that great for you, BUT it will help you get through the day and in my opinion it’s a de-stresser, If you don’t like coffee, you could switch it up for some tea. My favorite thing to do is to go to a place other than my house, like Panera or Starbucks. This way, I am away from distractions like my dog or my bed. I find that the smell of coffee relaxes me and makes me feel more motivated to get my work done.


Writing notes to yourself is very important when trying to stay motivated and on top of your assignments during third quarter. Whether it is writing in your planner what homework you have or leaving yourself positive little notes, writing things down will definitely help you survive in this tragic time. Writing down ant homework or upcoming tests keep me very organized. Positive notes to yourself brings me motivations and enlightens my mood.  Some days are just not that great and I find that writing optimistic and uplifting notes can boost my mood.


A spa night to yourself is the perfect time to de-stress in this difficult time. I recommend face masks and a good bath bomb. My favorite face masks and bath bombs are from Lush. I also recommend a nice pair of pajama pants to ensure comfiness while preparing for school. Feel good, look good. Dressing nice or wearing something other than sweatpants triggers a sense of energy, giving more motivation to work harder. I find that trying to look nice makes me feel more ready to do my work and more effort is made. Dressing nice and then going to Starbucks gives me a sense of purpose when doing my school work.  


Staying healthy and working out is very important when being successful. Working out is very important to a healthy lifestyle because it increases mood, and therefore increases motivation. Exercising regularly will release endorphins that will enhance your well being and increase positivity.. Sleep is also very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the fact that it gives you more motivation the next day. Make sure to get all your work done, but also know that your mental and physical health are important as well. It’s important to stay on top of your school work because it increases mood and motivation overall. Third quarter can be very difficult but, if you work hard, it will pay off in the end.

ACT Tips and Tricks

by Jackie Finke

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 

Taking the ACT is scary, they don’t really talk much about taking it until your Sophmore year, then you forget about them and a few months before in your junior year you take a practice ACT. For me, I was totally blindsided and confused as to what this really was and then I was freaking out. That’s one thing not to do. The ACT is important to anyone wanting to go to college but your score doesn’t define how smart you are, some of the smartest people in the world just aren’t that great at taking tests and that’s okay. You just have to try your best and manage your time and prepare. You can always retake it and try different strategies and you only have to send the colleges you want to attend your best score. I know it seems like a lot of pressure trying to get the highest score you possibly can and getting into where you want, but a test doesn’t define you, your actions do. If something pushes you one step back make sure you can push yourself two steps forward.


Tips for the ACT:

  • Can’t find the right answer? Mark off all the incorrect ones

  • Write in your book if you are able to do so, the more notes and planning out, the better

  • Budget your time carefully

  • Review all of your answers if done early

  • Pay close attention and read carefully

  • Always double check the answer you got

  • Eat before you take any and all tests

  • Have a mint (it helps)

  • Make sure you sleep and don’t cram and study, you’ll be everywhere


If none of those tips worked there are 1000 others that could, come up with a new way and improve every single day. You absolutely got this!

Rise To Fame

by Emma Supe

Monday, January 14th, 2019 

Meggie York. Most of you have passed her in the hallway or had a class with her.  But you

probably know her as Meggie Schriewer. To most of you, she looks like a sweet, ordinary girl.

What you don’t know is that she’s well known in the pop/hip hop music world, and she’s on

the rise to fame.


In 2017, she began her music career. She started writing lyrics here and there while balancing

National Honor Society, swim, dance, and multiple AP and Honors classes. She then decided

to take her music a bit farther than just singing covers on Instagram. She met with a producer,

Tony Burkhart, at BlackLite Productions in Cincinnati. After a couple months of deciding what

she was going to do with her music, and working with her producer, she released “Thank You”

in January of 2018. It was released on Spotify first, the uploaded onto iTunes. She made a

music video to accompany her song shortly after releasing it, and her one thousand followers

on Instagram turned into 35.7 thousand and counting. Meggie Schriewer turned into Meggie

York after her visit to New York City over the summer. She fell in love with the class and

elegance of it. I asked her if there was any other reason why she changed her name on her

social media and she said, "My producer didn't know how to say my last name so he

advised me to change it to something shorter so it was easier for people to find me, and

for him to pronounce it.”


The first question that any singer/songwriter gets is what inspires their lyrics. So I asked Meggie who or what inspires her songs, and she said,” No one does. They’re not about a specific event in my life. I look at the people around me and put their feelings and emotions in my songs.” She sings from the heart, and her lyrics are so powerful you would never think that they don’t pertain to her particular experiences. Since becoming this singing icon, Meggie has been able to do opportunities that have opened so many doors for her. Since her first song was released, she has made the music video for “Thank You”, written and released 3 songs, collaborated in a music video called “Ready Up” with Z.Smith, filmed in Nashville, sang at a birthday party in Virginia, sang in Kissman 2018 with the band Why Don’t We and other artists, performed at the Blue Note in Harrison, and she was on Local 12 news over the summer. Not to mention her music was streamed in 64 countries in less than a year! I asked Meggie if it was harder to make times for friends and family with everything she has going on, and she said,” No, not really. There are days where I'm really busy, but I always make sure I have days where I can spend time with friends and family. I always make sure singing doesn't get in the way of my relationships.” She never lets singing get in the way of the people who got her where she is, and that says a lot about who she is as a person.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 1.13.01 PM.png

Trinity Pfalz: Student, Dancer, Teacher

by Pieper Buckley

Friday, January 11th, 2019 

Trinity “Trin” Pfalz is a 17-year-old senior here at Oak Hills High School. You have

most likely seen Trinity working in her multiple leadership positions throughout the

school - most importantly, her roles as a Senior Class Officer and yearbook editor.

You may know Trinity as funny, kind, and intelligent; however, you may not know the

true depth of her life, goals, and accomplishments.



Trinity has been dancing since she was a toddler at Expressions Dance Theater in

Kentucky, working her way up to Senior Dancer this season. Trinity admits that dancing

takes up the majority of her time and effort outside of school. “Dance is the hardest but

best thing that’s happened to me,” she states. Although a difficult industry to muster a

career in, Trinity nevertheless plans on minoring in dance in college. To her, it is worth

the energy and struggle to continue doing something she cares so deeply about.



In terms of Trinity’s family, she has close relationships with all three of her siblings,

two brothers and one sister, as well as her parents. You can find Trinity on any given

night (when she isn’t working at Wendy’s or dancing) playing video games with her

little brother, Emmit. It may not always be what she’s dying to do, but as long as Emmit

is having a good time, she’s interested. This is a good showcase of Trinity’s character,

especially in terms of how she relates to children. Attending one of her dance recitals

or spending a night in her home, you’ll quickly see how well she works with children

and understands how to get through to them in an effective way.


At her dance studio, Trinity spends a lot of her class time doing “Demonstrations”

(pictured below) for the dancers aged roughly 2 to 5. Although she still has a variety

of options to pursue in the next 4 years, Trinity hopes to obtain a degree in teaching

(specifically, early childhood education) and her minor in dance, as previously mentioned. She does this with “high hopes to become a dance teacher or an elementary school teacher” -  professions where she can shed light on a classroom and help form growing minds. This idea, to Trinity, is doing her part to change the future. Aside from being an apprentice instructor at her dance theater, Trinity maintains a job of her own at Wendy’s restaurant. She uses her own paychecks to fund a lot of her dance costs; an admirable responsibility for a 17-year-old girl. Without a doubt, responsibility is the underlying foundation of Trinity’s life, character, and future plans. Responsibility for her own endeavors, as well as those of the children she works with.


How is she working towards those future goals? Effort. “It’s hard going almost every day, not having time with friends, and my body literally dying with all the work I put in...but I’m happiest when I’m there [at dance], so it’s all worth the pain and sleep deprivation,” Trinity says. Her hard work and determination do not go unnoticed, fortunately. Trinity was invited to Oak Hills High School’s 2018 Leadership Retreat, chosen to mentor a young dancer at Expressions, and recently received her first round of college acceptance letters. Needless to say, Trinity will be successful in whatever course she pursues for her college and career, shown endlessly through her constant cycle of goal setting, strenuous work, and achievement.

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 2.44.57 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 2.46.13 PM.png

Getting to Know Paige Smith

by Bre Luca

Friday, December 21st, 2018 

You may see this lovely lady in the halls walking around like a goofball, probably laughing really loud. What you may not know is that she is a really great person and is full of surprises. She is always having a good time. In one word her friend Savannah would describe Paige as “spontaneous.” There aren’t enough ways to describe how great of a friend she is and all the amazing things she has done for the people she loves.


Currently, she is a sophomore here at Oak Hills High School and a varsity softball player as well. Her best friends are Johnathon Vanover, Katelyn Reider, and Bre Luca. Her favorite thing to do is spend quality time with her friends and many relatives. She has two brothers, Dylan and Matthew, and one sister, Madilyn. Without these people in her life she “would simply not be who she is today.”


She believes that life gives you certain hardships or good people to teach you lessons and help you find who you are. When asked what event had the biggest impact on her she responded by saying, “The day that I lost my Uncle influenced my life the most. It showed me that your life can change so quickly and unexpectedly and to live every second of your life as if it may be the last.” After this event happened, her outlook on life changed drastically.


She is still, and will always be, the bright bubbly girl laughing down the hallway. She has a love for life and all the things that come with it. “Life is not fair to everyone, but you just have to take what life throws at you and make the best of it! Everyone experiences some sort of obstacle to get past, it may just come in a different form.” After going through many milestones in her short life, she is able to recognize that life may not always be fair but it’s how you handle it is what makes it perfectly imperfect.


After going through many tough experiences so far in high school she explained that “I’ve learned how to accept myself for who I am right now and to give everyone a chance.” There was a time in her life where she was struggling to make new friends, it’s a time everyone experiences in high school. At the time she didn’t have her three best friends with her and she describes it as being “one of the hardest but most valuable” times in her life. For anyone going through a tough time with friends, she would tell them, “Friends will come and go, but you just have to take any situation that gets thrown at you and turn it into something positive, so just have fun and enjoy the moment you are living in now!”


She wants everyone to have a positive outlook on life and to be their true selves. The tough events in her past shape who she is today and no matter what, she wouldn’t change that for anything. She loves the great people that she has in her life now and the great people that she had in her life. She knows that sometimes people come and go but that doesn’t make them a mistake of her past. These people helped her to find who she is and what she truly loves about life.


Christmas Gifts On A Budget

by Bailey Garcia

Monday, December 3rd, 2018 

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on a budget. Being a teen in high school, even with a job, can be a bit tricky on keeping that money in the bank account. I mean I spend almost all my money on Dunkin’ iced coffee, so there’s that.  

But besides being on a budget, Christmas is always intimidating on what to get other people.  I truly believe that giving is the best part unless you’re getting Dunkin’ gift cards (then THAT is the best thing).  However, sometimes it’s hard to give gifts without spending $300 on each person. Never fear though, I am here to help! Here are some Christmas gifts you can get people while on a budget and in the giving spirit.


1. Fuzzy Socks (usually about $5)

For some reason, almost every girl I have met (some guys, too) go buck wild over some fuzzy socks. I personally would enjoy some cozy socks, and they definitely are cheap enough to be able to buy a pair or two.  The cozier, the better!


2. Bath Bombs ($5-10 depending where you get them)

I, personally, do not take baths. However, there are some people who love taking baths and enjoy the effects of bath bombs.  Not only are they cool, and they smell great too!


3. Candy (spend $1-10. Depending on the person)

Everyone loves candy.  And the good news, there are so many different options to get at really cheap prices.  My recommendation: fill up a cheap bucket from the Dollar Store with their favorite candy and give the gift they can’t wait to eat!


4. Pizza Calendar ($6.99 on Think Geek)

This is probably the best calendar that anyone you get it for is destined to love.  It’s simple and effective. Just a pizza calendar.


5. World Map Laundry Bag ($5.99 on World Market)

For your friend going away to college or your brother who can’t keep his laundry in one spot, this is the gift to get.  Not only will it keep their laundry all nice and in a bag, but it’ll also allow them to see the world without all that money!


6. Shark Attack Bowl ($8.99 on Think Geek)

We all love snacks AND we all love a good bowl to keep those snacks in there.  This is the best gift for that snack-loving friend of yours. Not only is it cute, but it will also hold any snack their heart may desire.


7. Phone Cable Protector ($6 at Urban Outfitters)

I have been seeing these all over the interweb and I’ll be honest, I’ve thought about getting one myself.  They’re super cute and VERY affordable. Your friend will surely love the protection to their phone charger that ALWAYS seems to break. Thanks, capitalism.


8. Dolphin Night Light ($13.99 on Amazon)

I know this one is a bit expensive, but trust me, it is so worth it.  Your friend going to college or the one who gets a little lonely will for sure appreciate this cute light.  It won’t be a disappointment.


9. Laptop Stickers (Best ones on RedBubble, $2-3 for each)

We all have Chromebooks here at Oak Hills and we for sure need to spice them up in order to get through the day.  Stickers are the perfect option. You can get ones with Dunkin’ on them or even some stickers from The Office. Or anything else, it’s your choice, but those are the best ones for sure.


10. Dinosaur Phone Stand ($9.99 on Amazon)

PopSocket, who? This cute dinosaur stand is the much the best way to go if your friend isn’t a PopSocket person.  Not only will it hold your phone, but it’ll also look cute doing it. For sure a great purchase.


Hopefully, these help your Christmas season be filled with the giving spirit. The best part about giving is the fact that the person receiving the gift will definitely be happy with anything you get them.  But, these gifts are bound to make sure that they are the happiest they can be. Go wild on these gifts, and have a great Christmas!

The Perfect Way to Spend Winter Break

by Breanna Luca

Monday, December 3rd, 2018 

If you are anything like me, you are having a hard time adjusting being back to school after break. Thanksgiving break FLEW by, I’m already counting down the days until winter break. We all know that the minute Thanksgiving is over, our Christmas Decorations are magically all over the house to prepare for the next break. There are so many things we can do to make our break perfect. If you’re struggling to come up with plans, here are some great ideas:

  1. Have a snowball fight. That’s the only real purpose for snow, honestly.

  2. After your awesome snowball fight, go sledding! If you’re going to suffer the cold, you might as well make it an all day thing.

  3. If you’re feeling nice, collect hats, scarves, mittens, and canned goods for a local charity to give to needy children.

  4. Get some of your favorite people together and make tons of cookies! Not only do you get to see your besties, but you also get some warm cookies to eat or to share with your neighbors.

  5. Have an extreme makeover. You can change the way you look or the way your room looks, whatever your heart desires.

  6. Go on a shopping spree with friends. Hopefully, you have money to buy that insanely cute outfit, you already know what I’m talking about ladies.

  7. For all you seniors out there, this is the perfect time to visit a college campus or shadow someone who works in the career you want.

  8. While you’re freezing your toes off, plan a summer vacation!

  9. Visit some family members whom you haven’t seen in a while, even if they squeeze your cheeks.

  10. Make a scrapbook with some friends and enjoy a few laughs, maybe some tears too, from recalling those old memories.

  11. Obviously, you have to make a New Year’s resolution list!

  12. Finally, how can you survive winter without a movie marathon with hot chocolate?


I hope that all of these ideas inspire you to make the best of your winter break. Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy their holidays regardless of whether or not they have plans. Happy holidays!

Does Trying Hard to be Happy Make us Sad?

by Ana Holleman

Friday, November 30th, 2018 

Does trying hard to be happy make us sad? That question is hard to answer. How do we know that we are trying too hard? We all have our own ways to make ourselves happy, but is making ourselves seem happy really making us happy or even more sad in the first place?

We try so hard to make ourselves truly happy but often we fail and only seem to be happy when truly, we are not. Yet even happiness is only one of the many emotions that we need to experience in life. There's a whole sort of other emotions that are just as necessary, like anger, joy, excitement, motivation and, surprisingly, sadness. Happiness in America has become the overachiever's ultimate trophy. We strive for it, we need it. Happiness is something as a society that we feel we need in order to fit in. The world around us says we deserve to be happy.


Overvaluing joy and happiness can create even worse of a problem. The more we downplay negative emotions the more we feel these negative emotions. Try this exercise, think of something, anything, say for instance dogs. Then tell yourself to stop thinking about it.

Stop thinking about dogs...

Stop thinking about dogs...

Stop thinking about dogs...

Are you still thinking about dogs? See it doesn’t work, it just keeps reminding you of them.


We do this by reminding ourselves to feel something we don’t, masking our real thoughts and emotions to please the people around us so we don't feel like a burden. Yet it’s causing us to burden ourselves.  A study according to Psychology Today shows, “the more pressure a person receives from his social environment not to experience negative emotions, the more likely that person is to experience an increase in depressive symptoms.” This speaks to me on a personal level for most of my three years of high school and a little of middle school I have fought depression, every time I sought out an ear from a friend they told me to “be happy” or “Just don’t be sad”, I remember every time I heard that it struck me down, how can you “just be happy’’? When you try to push negative feelings down or cover them up, it’s almost suffocating. It feels like you can’t breathe like there’s a weight in your throat that you can’t swallow. You try your hardest to push those feelings away and fake it just so you can make the people around you believe in you, so you can keep them happy. Happiness is like sleep, the more you keep telling yourself you’re not tired, the more tired you become. The best way to get rid of a negative feeling as quickly as possible is not to push it away, but to embrace it.

Christmas Lights In Cincinnati

by Ciera Franke

Thursday, November 29th, 2018 

Christmas lights are a holiday tradition, no matter who you are, seeing the lights everywhere is bound to bring you joy, if not, you’re a Scrooge. Cincinnati has a few amazing light shows to offer and you are seriously missing out if you don’t go to see at least one of these amazing setups.


Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens Festival of Lights: Running on their 35th year, this #1 light show in the country brings thousands of people each year. This show begins on November 18 and ends on January 1. They are open Sunday-Thursday 5 to 9pm and 5 to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays respectively. A big attraction here is Santa! He visits every day starting at 4pm despite his busy schedule. This year, the light show is bigger than ever with three million LED lights and larger than life animal lanterns. With a new 15x17 foot screen, there will be clips of famous holiday movies being shown throughout the night and visitors can even make their own designs on a giant light bright. Having attended the Festival of Lights every year for as long as I can remember, I can vouch that this display is one of, if not, the best light show I have ever seen and if you live anywhere nearby, you would be crazy not to go.


Coney Island Christmas Nights of Lights: Running through November 9 to January 6, this light show is not one to miss. The lights are synced to both traditional and rock holiday music and you listen to the music through your car radio driving through the light trail. The track is two and a half miles long. The park opens at dusk and closes at 10pm and it is $6 per adult and $3 for children, those three and under are free though. This is a well-known, beautiful light display and one that I would really recommend going to see.


Holiday in Lights, Sharon Woods Park: Presented by Frisch's Big Boy and the Alleen Company, this light show has been going on for more than 28 years. Driving through a mile of wooded roadway, you can tune into Warm 98 to listen to the classic holiday music that the lights sync up with in order to get the best experience. Their hours of operation are 6 to 9pm Sunday through Thursday and 5:30-10pm on Friday and Saturday. The show begins on November 16 and ends December 31, so get there quick! It is only $15 per CAR, not per person (a portion of all of their proceeds goes to Hands Against Hunger)! So pack up the minivan and head on over there!


These are just three well-known light displays that are around us, this is not all though! There are so many beautiful houses that are decorated in our community you just have to go out and look. For my family, looking at lights has always been a tradition, and maybe it is for yours too! If not, get started this year by visiting these winter wonderlands.


Top 10 Christmas Movies

by Gabby Dreyer

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 

“The Polar Express” movie is based on the great and adventurous book written by Chris Van Allsburg. This Christmas story begins with a boy who starts to not believe in the great old Santa Claus. Therefore, the Polar Express Train speeds to his house where he climbs aboard to discover many other children who are starting to not believe in the magic of Christmas. Along the way, the boy makes new friendships and discovers what the actual meaning of Christmas really is.


“How The Grinch Stole Christmas” movie is based on the joyful and playful story written by Dr. Seuss. The story begins with one of the nastiest and greenest creatures ever to exist in Whoville: The Grinch. The Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the festive citizens of Whoville by swiping all of their presents. The Grinch then discovers the true meaning of Christmas with the help of the one and only, Cindy Lou.


“Elf” movie is a sappy and very family based movie about an elf from the North Pole named “Buddy the Elf.” Ironically, Buddy is not really an elf and was adopted by the one and only Santa Clause. He then realizes that his real dad lives in New York and goes on an adventure to find his real family.


“The Santa Clause” is about a divorced dad: Tim Allen, casted as Scott, accidentally kills Santa Claus by waking up and discovering that Santa is on his roof. His son then follows Scott out to see what the clatter is and both end up in Santa’s sleigh arriving at the North Pole. Scott then discovers he is going to have a very important job to fulfill over the Christmas season—delivering Christmas gifts.


“Christmas with the Kranks” casts Tim Allen as Luther Krank and Jamie Lee Curtis as Nora Krank, both who do not want to celebrate Christmas this year. Their daughter got accepted into the Peace- Corps and they feel as if Christmas will not be the same without her. But come to find out, their daughter is going to make it home and is expecting their usual Christmas tradition. Luther and Nora both have to hurry and give their daughter the magical Christmas she really wants.


An eight-year-old boy who is left “Home Alone” on accident by his family who is going on vacation for Christmas that year, has to protect his house from a pair of burglars who go around to different houses stealing valuable items when families are on vacation. He enjoys his freedom from his family in the beginning but then realizes that what he really wants for Christmas is for his family to come back home.


“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a stop-motion animated film perfect for children and the family. Rudolph has trouble making friends and fitting in due to his one flaw; he has a red nose. He does not get to join any Christmas games nor reindeer games. Until on a foggy Christmas Eve night, Santa asks Rudolph to guide his sleigh so he and the other Reindeer can see. Because of this, Rudolph is praised and loved by his fellow reindeers.


“A Christmas Carol” shows a mean and old spirited man by the name of Ebenezer Scrooge who does not enjoy Christmas one bit. Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, his former business partner, because of Scrooge being the mean man he is. The ghosts of Christmas present, past, and future visit him to try to change his ways by giving him a new outlook.


“The Nightmare Before Christmas” follows the adventures of Jack the Skeleton, Halloween Town Pumpkin King. Jack no longer wants to follow the same routine of scaring people on Halloween, so he decides he wants to steal Santa’s job on Christmas. Jack then discovers his idea was not quite what he expected.


“Mistle-Tones” is about a jolly and very festive girl named Holly (played by Tia Mowry). She wants to audition for the new spot in her town’s local Christmas singing group. She is turned down and creates her own group of singers who enjoy singing as much as her- The Mistle- Tones.

Giving Recognition To Staff

by Jackie Finke

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 

Do you know the lunch lady's name that wraps your burrito? Or the one when you’re getting lunch that tells you to have a good day or have a nice weekend? Or do you know the all of the house principles’ names or a teacher that might have helped you that you didn’t have? Or one of the custodians that cleaned up the messes made at lunch?  Or the librarian who helped you get a loaner when you forgot your Chromebook again? If not, you should.

They all have names and they don’t get the recognition they should and not everyone is so nice to them. They try their best to make the school days run smoothly behind the scenes and they do the best job they can. Everyone contributes to make the school the best it can be. They make everything we do possible but that goes unnoticed and it shouldn’t.

Recognition isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about feeling valued, appreciated, and respected from peers and employers. As students, we can’t pay somebody’s wages, but we can value them in so many other ways. Anyone in any of those professions can impact your life, even if it’s just them remembering your name. Sometimes it is the simplest things or the littlest things that can make the greatest impacts in life. By smiling at someone or even saying “hello” could be the best thing they have heard all day. You can affect their life just by a simple act of kindness and that can lead to many other simple acts of kindness in the school, start that movement. You can make a change one step at the time. Be the change that you want to see in the world and value each and every day and every single person in your life. You affect at least one person each day, make it a good one. Ask for their name or say “hello.” They truly deserve little things.

Juul: A Tragic Love Story

by Cameron Fink

Thursday, November 1st, 2018 

Juul, “The Smoking Alternative, unlike any E-Cigarette or Vape”, has exploded into the market. The US has fallen in love, Juuls are everywhere.  The record for the fastest startup company to reach decacorn (company valued at $10 billion or more) status, was Facebook at 28 months. And like the company seems to do often, it shattered expectations by achieving the same status, in one-fourth of the time. That’s not even a year. So how was this corporation able to surpass the megalith, Facebook, in such a big way? The answer is marketing. Juul has had unprecedented growth with young adults. Starting out, Juul marketed its products to young adults and teens alike, with young influencers. Since then, Juul has been hit by a call for action by the FDA, saying that the monstrous company has a limited window of time to reduce the use of Juul in schools, and generally just those that are not supposed to legally have the product in their hands in the first place. But what effect has already taken place? Is the damage reversible, or at least can it be prevented furthermore?


Despite such a negative impact, Juul has not been found to have committed any criminal acts and furthermore cannot be persecuted with any criminal charges. Since being looked into, advised, and criticized by the FDA and consumers alike, Juul has taken the initiative to only use previously addicted cigarette smokers- a group that Juul has said their product is intended to get out of their addictive habit- in their ads to not be selling as directly to young adults as they were before. Juul has released multiple statements against the use of Juul by anyone that is not a struggling cigarette smoker making the transition to e-cigarettes, and they have even gone as far as to invest $30 million towards the education of the negative impacts of cigarettes for parents and teenagers. Even if Juul has taken steps to take its products out of the hands of those who are underage, the use of this product is alarmingly skyrocketing, evident by how quickly the company has beat out Facebook and their previous record. So much so that teachers are labeling the use of Juul as an epidemic. Many schools have begun searching students’ bags, purses, lockers, and the students themselves to reduce the commonality of this product.


So where do we go from here? Legal action itself cannot be taken against the corporation, so how can the spread of Juul be limited further? The answer is, begin with yourself. Much like Juul, intolerance can spread amongst friends and family. If you see someone Juuling, don’t allow it, refuse it, say something. If you already do this, this intolerance will be infectious, and you may be the catalyst for a huge, positive change in our community. It’s official, we’re breaking up with Juul.

Being A Twin

by Elizabeth Dreyer & Gabby Dreyer

Thursday, November 1st, 2018 

As twins, we know the many struggles that come with being a twin. Don’t get us wrong, being a twin is a lot of fun. For example, we get to mess with people all of the time; they don’t know who is who. You get to have a permanent best friend who is always going to be there and always stand by your side. As a child, you always had someone to play with because your twin was always there. If you’re a twin, you know how important your twin is to you. They are forever going to be the first person you go to in times of trouble and the person that you can trust with your life. There is a sense of connection that you will never get with someone else. Someone that you can always count on and someone that you can always talk to.

However, being a twin does bring about some struggles. As a twin, you are often seen as the same person and people label you as “the twins.” Sometimes, it is nice in the way that it makes you proud to be a twin, but sometimes you just want to be seen as an individual. Each person has their own individual qualities and traits that define who they are. Mr. Taylor from the History Department (who is also cool enough to be a twin), expresses “My mother went to great lengths to make sure we didn't wear the same clothes, have the ‘cutsie’ names like ‘Mike & Michelle’ but, the comparison was awful.  She was the athlete, I was the tall band geek. My sister loved to deflect the parent's attention from herself by telling on me, and was a lot better at math.” People tend to think that because we are twins, we ultimately have the same likes and dislikes, the same wants, and the same attitude toward certain topics. Don’t get us wrong, we do like some of the same things, including running track and doing our makeup, but, there are a lot more differences that overrule the similarities. For example, our style in clothing. Gabby prefers a more athletic and comfy style, while Elizabeth dresses like a cool Old Navy “hip” mom. Also, Gabby is a lot more extroverted while Elizabeth (being the kind soul she is), tends to be more introverted. Life as a twin can be very interesting, but also really fun, As the cheetah girls have once said, “we are sisters, we stick together.” however, we DO look the same.

How Seniors Can Get This Bread

by Jack Souders

Thursday, November 1st, 2018 

College is coming fast and nobody knows this more than you, senior hustlers. Whether you’re still applying, writing for your Common App, or scrambling for scholarships, the college process is a busy one. For many of us seniors, scholarships are our saving grace in affording an education post-high school. What many upperclassmen are not aware of, though, is just how many scholarships are available to them. Many students are up early trying to get theirs but have no clue where to look. Additionally, many are oblivious to just how many different types of scholarships exist. Scholarships range from many different categories including:



Hopefully, these links provide you hustlers with some insight on where to get that bread. So go out there and get yours! And remember, if you ain’t first, you’re last!

The Haunting Half of Halloween

by Cameron Fink

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 

There is the half of Halloween that is all laughs, smiles, stomachaches, costumes, pranks, and more. This side of Halloween is what comes to most people’s minds, the pumpkin carving traditions, the haunted houses, the corn mazes, the neighborhoods frequented by all sorts of monsters, characters, and parents. But Halloween has a dark side. The more individuals you pull out of their house at the same time, the higher the chances of something catastrophic happening. Halloween is one of these occurrences that pull many people out of their homes in search of candy, parties, and memories. This search can be the catalyst for life-altering events, unfortunately. This includes but is not limited to kidnapping, poisoning, and even death.


Halloween is an intentionally fear-invoking holiday. Fear is a primitive part of human nature, and because of this Halloween has stayed in such prominence after all these years. There are many terrifying attractions in the tri-state area, from Land of Illusion to Kings Island. Scary costumes, frightening movies, and spine-chilling attractions are much too often the focus on this holiday. Disaster is afoot in many different ways and more precautionary measures need to be taken by children and their parents. For example, studies have shown that a child is four times more likely to be struck by a car on Halloween than any other day in the year. Food poisoning is much higher as well due to children accepting food and treats from adults that may not have been appropriately stored or distributed. Even places like Orange County have required sex offenders to place signs on their door telling children that there are no sweets available at the residence. A spike in crime has been debated by many as to whether it actually happens on Halloween, however, many would rather be safer than sorry and the numbers don’t lie. Police departments deploy extra units on Halloween to ensure a safer environment as well.


Just how much does crime increase on Halloween? Well, thefts inside the home go up by a whopping 60%, not to mention that theft away from the home goes up by 21%. Property damage, caused by toilet papering, rock throwing, egging, and other occurrences of that nature increase by 19%. Evidently, children are not the only age group affected by this holiday. Adults are targeted as well. So, what can be done? For starters, children should be monitored by an adult at all times, and their amassed spoils should be combed through to ensure no choking hazards or tampering. Looking both ways and wearing reflective tape on costumes could also be extremely beneficial in reducing the likelihood of an incident with a vehicle. Do not eat treats that are not factor-wrapped, and ensure all props can easily be identified as fake. As for those that are in charge, whether that be the adults or the late-stage teens, keep the lights in your home on if you have to leave it for one reason or another. Consider motion-detecting lights as these are both great deterrents for prospective burglars and thieves. Although children may become confused, this is an excellent tactic for protecting valuables or just merely your home’s integrity. Also when leaving, do not announce this on social media because that can be a green light to criminals to come to your home with no resistance. And finally, make your car look empty. If your car is kept in the driveway, consider using the garage. Pull out all valuables, cords, CDs, anything that is in the car that someone else would like to own, or else they may.


Ultimately, Halloween can be an incredibly fun and memorable holiday for all ages. However, to protect against the real “monsters” lurking in the dark, the real reason to be afraid, draw your attention to the policies you hold for the night. You are more than likely able to identify things your family and friends are doing that shouldn’t be done, or vice versa. And remember, have a happy Halloween!

Why Incoming 8th Graders Should Come Here

by Ciera Franke

Friday, October 26th, 2018 

Oak Hills is a well known, well-liked school in the Tri-State area. From sports, teachers, events, and so much more, the Oak Hills school district is a well-rounded, involved, friendly community of like-minded people. As a senior, being in the district since kindergarten, I have spent a considerable amount of time at and around Oak Hills. I have a lot of experience with the district and I have formed a strong opinion on my school and the Oak Hills district. The staff and administration here are always trying to encourage the younger generation to come to Oak Hills, and I for one, think that the high school deserving of all the new faces.

As a whole, our school is an amazing place, holding so many different opportunities for the students attending. Ranging from the most basic classes to some of the hardest college classes, the choices are very broad. There are classes for everyone and all interests. Arguably, no other school in our area has as many choices as Oak Hills has to offer.  The teachers work hard to make it an enjoyable place for all of the students so that our school is able to maintain a good reputation. The classes and teachers ensure that you do well and are able to succeed, and if you choose to, will prepare you greatly for college.

Oak Hills athletics is well known for its sports programs. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad. Overall, the teams are coached by amazing leaders and mentors for our student-athletes. We offer 28 teams, some included are softball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, football, soccer, and more. Our teams do not only practice and play games during the season, but there are also chances for conditioning and getting better out of season so that we can be the best on the field or court. The athletic teams at Oak Hills not only perform well but teach the teamwork, perseverance, as well as determination. We are athletes, yes, but more importantly, we are well-rounded people from our athletics.

Athletics are not for everyone, but that is not a problem at Oak Hills; no matter what you might be interested in, there is a club for you. If there isn’t, all you have to do is go and create it, which may seem hard but it really isn’t. Almost every year I have been a student at Oak Hills, a new club has been created for students with different interests. There are over fifty clubs and activities available for the student body, and anyone is able to join any of the clubs.

If Oak Hills was not a good place for students, I would not be hyping it up. I truly believe that Oak Hills is an amazing high school and is a perfect place for incoming freshman to enroll because they will be able to thrive here and make the best out of their four high school years.

Seniors, Are You Ready For College?

by Guest Writer Karlee Shay

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 

You’re laying in bed at night thinking, “What am I going to do with my life?”, then you realize you have a few weeks before college applications are due. You get up sweating, feeling like you need to do something but have no idea where to start. No need to stress; this article is for you.

When it comes to college, a ton comes into play. This ranges from money, college visits, grades, applying, teacher recommendations, sports, enrolling, and even more. Most of it is a blur. Seniors have so many things on their plate including sports, clubs, and enjoying your last bit of time with your friends before heading off college. Here are some tips help make your application and senior year go more smoothly.

When applying there are several steps, you need all your information about grades, family, and experience, you need a strong essay and teacher recommendations. Several students from Oak Hills say applying for one college/the common app takes 1-3 hours. Senior Ciera Franke says “A long time, at least an hour, then an essay. The common app, in general, a couple of hours.” This does not sound like a long time, but it adds up, start now. Apply for as many colleges you can so you keep options open. Tell your teacher about the recommendation now so they have time to fill it out. You want to give as much detail to your teachers, so they can add it. A resume works wonders and just makes their job that much easier.

When writing your essay don’t write about sports or a vacation. They want to hear something different. Write about a struggle or experience, something that has depth is highly recommended. You don’t just want to showcase your writing, but also explain what kind of person you are without talking about what everyone else does.

College ranges from 23,000-32,000 dollars, which means you want as many as scholarships as you can. For academics, you can go to the college's website and find merit scholarship info there. Most seniors only think there are scholarships for sports and grades. However, this is not the case. Many organizations have no essay scholarships which can give you money for just putting in information. They all go on top of each other, so putting your name for all of them doesn’t hurt.   

Don’t be worried about college, just take it to step by step and start now. Do not be afraid to ask questions, as many people go through this process and would feel free to share their story. Try to apply by December and you will be on track for a great future.

What Is Your Favorite Fall Memory

by Emily Cole

Friday, October 5th, 2018 

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are falling from the trees, hoodie weather is in, and everything just seems so much calmer and relaxed. Everyone has some kind of good fall memories. Whether it’s making pumpkin pie with your grandma or going to the park with your best friend. Even just staying inside and watching a movie, or if it was ten years ago or yesterday.

Mr. Shaffer, Dean of Students & Testing Coordinator (aka, Mr. Hunt’s Right-Hand Man)

“When I was younger, back in my day, running cross-country in the fall is my favorite memory.”

Mr. Bruns, Building Manager

“Driving up 31 North to Indiana for a Notre Dame football game and the leaves were changing and falling all around us.”

Mama P, Piano and Choir Instructor

“I used to go camping with my kids around Halloween, and it would always be a bit chilly outside.”


Sophomore, Aaron Biel

“I dressed up as a girl last year for Halloween. That was pretty memorable.”


Sophomore, Catherine Elliot

“My favorite fall memory of all time has been the 5SOS concert I went to just the other day. It was the most amazing concert I have ever been to!”


Junior, Chloe Sizemore

“When I was younger, I used to go to my grandparents' house all the time with my older sisters because it was close to mine. I’d spend time inside with my grandma, while my grandpa was raking leaves up into a pile for us to jump into. That’s my favorite fall memory.”


Sophomore, Brittani West

“My sister and I were passing out candy on Halloween, but nobody was coming onto our street. A little girl walked down the street so we hid and jumped out to scare her. She started crying. Sad face.”


Mr. Wandsnider, Sociology and Government

“My family and I have a tradition of going to pumpkin patches and corn mazes on chilly nights. I used to carve all of the pumpkins, but we started letting the older kids carve their own. It’s a dad thing.”


Mr. Hunt, OHHS Principle

“I grew up in North Carolina, so my favorite memory is riding in the car with my parents at Blue Ridge Parkway. I remember the bright, beautiful colors of the changing leaves as the car picked them up and blew them away.”

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