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The Spooky Kahler

by Ellie Sturm 

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 

It all began on the night of January 12th. My family and I were laying in the over-layered hotel bed in a state of DEEP boredom. It was our last night (so we thought) staying in the tundras on Minnesota, so we didn’t want it to go to waste. We had heard recent talk about The Grand Kahler Hotel, which was built in 1921. My family and I just so happened to be staying at the hotel branched off from The Grand Kahler, instead named Kahler Inn & Suites. Given, this was my mom’s second stay here as part of her stem cell transplant (peep my last article for info), I had heard a lot of notions made about the OG Kahler hotel. My mom and eldest sister continued to inform me that, apparently, the hotel gave them nothing but the creeps. So, naturally, I decided to conduct my own research. I first began by typing in “The Grand Kahler haunted” in Google and what I found immediately put me in a state of shook.


“4th ‘Most Haunted’ in The U.S.” umm… excuse me? This then led to one of my greatest findings. If you like Brach candy, this next part should intrigue you. In 1977, Helen BRACH visited and stayed at the Kahler hotel, while there for a checkup at the Mayo Clinic. Brach proceeded to her appointment, paid the bill then checked out. She was last seen at the gift shop within the clinic, which was later revealed as the last place she was ever seen. Seven years pass, and Helen Brach was eventually pronounced legally dead. Furthermore, come to find out that the top (11th) floor used to be an OR room as apart of the Mayo Clinic and even worse, the basement was a morgue. You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? I hope so, but I am continuing regardless.


So the moment finally comes and we are walking across the street to enter this replica of The Shining. The atmosphere was creepy right from the start as we went straight for the elevators. Keep in mind, my brother-in-law was filming our adventure from the second we walked through the front doors. We wanted to make sure we had evidence if anything suspicious happened. Our first approach was obviously the top floor, as it now is a renovated pool room. In case you didn’t know, water is a medium for spirits…. Coincidence? I think not. Well, to our unfortunate luck the elevators would not even let us press any floor past 9. We decided to just go there and see what we could find. To our (not very) surprise, the halls are CREEPY. Let me just tell you that not once did I ever feel alone in that building. We looked around and it felt as these halls were never-ending rows of dark brown doors. The walls were crisp 50s style, only about two windows on each hall covered in layers of curtains, quite a distance from one another. The worst part was that there were 2 full-size mirrors on the wall, both a rose gold tint… odd. We took photos in these mirrors specifically with flash to see if we could pick up any unusual activity.


Continuing this ghost hunt on a mission to find our girl Helen and see what spirits really reside here, we come to realize all emergency exits/ doors to stairwells were NO REENTRY! Meaning they would lock behind you. The 9th-floor elevator wouldn’t even take us the 11th-floor, but only the 10th? We decided to go anyway. We see pretty much an identical set up as the ninth floor but this time, we found a staircase to the top floor. We began fangirling and as we begin walking, we get to the door of the pool room and a sudden wave hits me. I began sweating profusely and became very lightheaded as if I was going to pass out. Will felt the same. We took a moment to regain our real motives here and continued to the door. It was locked and we tried about everything to get through. No such luck.

We then decided we were not leaving this building until we saw the top floor. We go to the lobby where Will proceeds to ask the front desk woman how to get to the pool room. She gave us instructions, no questions asked. She was the real MVP for that. We get back to the door until we accepted the fact that we needed an actual hotel room key. Just as we were losing faith, our miracle appeared right in front of us, literally. We walk out and to our surprise, we pass a couple with their two little grandkids…. All in their swimsuits. You can already imagine the smirks we had on our face. We approach this adorable family and ask if we could use them to get into the pool room. Will and I fronted as siblings that had just checked in that earlier evening and heard much about the pool but forgot our key to get in. Of course, they said yes (they were the nicest people).


Finally, the moment we’d been waiting for. We enter the pool room… let me just tell you, this was the eeriest pool room I’d ever seen. Aside from beautiful, it was barely lighted with dim bulbs, the room was giant. All. Windows. You could see the city around you. We walked towards the pool and then towards the deep end where you look up and see this unique skydome with a direct view of the red neon lighted “Grand Kahler” sign. It was huge, yet very odd. I then began to take my phone out for the first time and naturally take a Snapchat video of this view. Note, as stated Will was taking videos the WHOLE time! For my fellow Snapchat users, we know that you can set up your ‘memories’ to automatically save to your camera roll… well, I have that. So I left the video on my screen with plans to post it when I had time. We quickly left after getting our evidence with a slight relief to be leaving. We get back to our hotel to come to find every. Video. Was. gone. How coincidental is that? Both phones, all films were gone… even from recently deleted.


Will and I plan to book a room on the 11th floor sometime this summer, we will keep you updated if that ever happens… But for now, I want you to ponder about the real ghost adventure I’ve been on. The end.

What Is Going On In The Mind Of A Student Director

by Guest Writer Emma Crull 

Friday, February 8th, 2019 

When auditions started to come up for the school musical, Anything Goes, one student --Connor Taylor-- decided he would not want to speak in this play. He decided he wanted to student direct. “I have been meaning to get into drama club since freshman year, but I was just too busy,” Taylor said. He was involved in small plays and tech crew in middle school for their plays, which lead him to want to direct. Watching Taylor direct is like watching an artist plan their work. He makes everything fun and brings ideas to the stage. “The show is about two people on a boat sailing and after funny circumstances, they fall in love. I am most excited to see the whole show come together and for all of the hard work to be shown.”


Taylor gets work done in the minimal time they have while keeping the cast having a good time and on their feet. “Connor is fun to work with he knows what he is doing and is good at keeping the cast entertained,” claims cast member Andrew Rhoton. They are working really hard and have about two weeks before opening night. “We open Thursday, February 14 at 7pm and we close the 17 at 2pm. Tickets are on sale now. Students in drama club got a ticket order form. Tickets are $10 at the door.” This is the shortest amount of time they have to put on a play because one of the adult directors in charge is pregnant and they want her to see the whole show come to life. The students all come close together as the show gets closer. Having a student direct the play is good because it is someone their age, so there is someone closer to them to joke around. The students show their love for Taylor for getting work done and asking good questions.


It is important to get up on stage with the students and show them what they are doing and what is the best way. Taylor loves to get on stage not only to direct but to dance and fill in for the parts of other cast members who had to leave. He can answer any questions that anyone has. He has open arms for people more often than not.


Taylor has a lot on his plate right now. With college applications, the school musical, finishing up senior year, and keeping close with his friends, he still has a good time. One thing you will always notice about Taylor is he always has a great smile on his face. When the cast finished Act I blocking of the play, Taylor celebrated and made sure to show that he was proud of the cast. He knows you will love the show. The show is coming to life in a really quick manner. If you want to come to see the hard work this cast has put in you should come to see the show.


“This is a good show that is funny with good stereotypes.”

Is That a Tomato?

by Cameron Fink 

Friday, December 21st, 2018

“Where you see a dollop of ketchup, I see a tomato splat,” she had said. “They are very nearly identical in numerous ways, they are impossible to tell apart in this picture!” I exclaimed. We had been looking at a piece of artwork, primarily red, with a slight glimmer of the substance in the corner. “It makes no difference, I see ketchup.” Art is one of the most powerful, influential, and expressive tools available to this day. So why is more and more negative stigma or treatment surrounding art? And how good is it really? Who better to ask than Oak Hills Student of a mere sixteen years of age; Jamie Damico.


Jamie Damico attends Oak Hills High School as nearly every other student who attends Oak Hills High School would, and although she has lived in the same city for her life as many people do, she loves to travel and dreams of faraway excursions frequently. Art has become a form of expression she frequently utilizes and she has become exceptional at her craft in many ways. She does workings with wood, one of which is hung in her living room because of its professional quality. Jamie also does intricate, masterful paintings requiring great detail, attention, and patience; her room’s door is painted in an incredibly unique style. I’d decided to interview her to get a better understanding of art in today’s society secondly and to primarily learn more about her and her views on art as a whole.


It’s clear after a short conversation that Jamie is an intellectual that does exceptionally well in scholastic, intellectual environments. She frequently debates with peers to hone her artform so when speaking of negative criticisms around art, such as the childish nature of some art, Jamie said, “I think there’s an unprompted stigmatism that art is childish and adults who do it are somehow immature as well. For the example, the term ‘arts and crafts’ is associated with childish behaviors when it’s just another form of expression.” Jamie has lot or a little free time depending upon her schedule due to her participation in gymnastics, regardless of which is true, she finds herself doing art anyways. She views the gymnastics itself as an art form, and people would be hard pressed to argue otherwise. She began highlighting how as we grow stress will mount with maturity, so cutting art (a form of expression) out of our lives would only be counterproductive and near impossible too.


When pushed to evaluate how it would be impossible, she referred to how gymnastics is an art to her and that very nearly everything people do can be an art form. She said, “ . . . anything can potentially be an art form, you know? The way you are conducting this interview and conversate can be considered an art form, and your art can influence me to want to create even more.” Jamie very often uses current events or feelings in her life because of the passion it invokes when creating the art itself. This is also demonstrative of how art helps channel negative emotions into an artwork/form; positive emotions aren’t exempt from being channeled into a beautiful product either. She referenced that art can also be frustrating “if you don’t know how to put those emotions into an artwork that makes sense to you, the creator, it can be extremely stressful, but the want to create the art forces you to work through the emotions and is incredibly helpful in that regard.” Jamie is an empathetic person so she utilizes her art not only to walk through her own emotions, but she employs her works to do the same for other people.


Seeing as much of her life is centered around art, I decided to step out of the scope of just local or personal matters. I asked, “Now, for others that are not in the local area or attending Oak Hills, how can art impact the nation or possibly the world?” She took a moment to break my question’s meaning down before responding, understandably so because of the scope of the question. “Art is consists of many things, but a crucial pillar of art is perspective. An art, whether formal like my own or an informal art like yours that you were not aware you were practicing is all about perspective. The more understanding you are of one’s perspective, the better relations can be.” This was arguably one of the most personal subjects because while we had now stepped outside of Jamie’s personal life, it was a subject that everyone could relate to. Trying to get someone to understand your perspective.


Art is many things, one of them is interpretive, not among those things is uselessness. Art can be used in many different ways, including on a global scale to improve relations between possibly even countries. When asking whether it is a squashed tomato or ketchup spread across a plate, there doesn’t have to be an answer, it can be both. Art can be at the forefront of significant change at least locally and deserves much more respect and attention. Just consult Jamie Damico, a sixteen-year-old kid from Cincinnati who has a monumentally greater understanding of how to make an impact on the world than anyone that is ignorant of art’s meaning and its impact.

Every year, the Oak Hills High School choirs get together for an annual holiday concert.

December 10th, 2018 was no exception. The choirs sang as a whole group and in their

separate choirs - Treble, Mens Ensemble, Belle Voci (“beautiful voices” in Italian), Varsity

Singers, and Uncommon Time - to entertain and perform for their families and friends. Every

year, it’s always something new and something different; they always add such an interesting

twist to the performance that makes it incredibly memorable and unique. While in choir, the

concerts definitely make new memories that will last forever in our hearts.


For Belle Voci, the group sings three songs that are for their choir alone, and they share two songs with the other choirs. Their stand-alone songs are The Winter’s Night, Jingle Bells, and Go Where I Send Thee! The Winter's Night is written and composed by Nicholas Myers. It’s an a cappella - meaning no supporting instruments. It’s an SSAA song (soprano one, soprano two, alto one, alto two). James L. Pierpont wrote the words and music for Jingle Bells. It has accompanying instrumentals to back it up and it is written in SSA form (soprano one, soprano two, alto). Go Where I Send Thee! is a gospel spiritual song arranged by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory, for SSA (soprano one, soprano two, alto) and is accompanied by the piano. Treble Choir graced us with two beautiful songs; Tidings of Comfort and Joy and Snow Is Falling. Mens Ensemble sang Stars I Shall Find, by Victor C. Johnson, and Ding-A-Ding-A-Ding, written by Greg Gilpin. Varsity Singers performed two individual songs for everyone. They sang O Magnum Mysterium by Ivo Antognini and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing arranged by Brant Adams.


Uncommon Time did something very unique. They led audience caroling between almost every song. They sang songs such as; Deck The Hall, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, O Come All Ye Faithful, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. These were all performed in the traditional song style. Uncommon Time also sang a separate song to perform for the audience The Twelve Days of Christmas, sang in the same style as Straight No Chaser did.


The choirs are so excited for the next few concerts. They keep growing and getting stronger and stronger with their voices throughout the school year and they can’t wait to use them to impact others around them.


by Emily Cole 

Monday, December 17th, 2018

2018 Holiday Choir Concert

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

A Halloween or Christmas Movie?

by Jaden Thompson 

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

It is long debated on which holiday movie Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas truly is. Some say it is a Christmas movie while others argue it is a Halloween movie.


The movie starts out in song introducing Jack Skelington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween. Everyone in the whole town worships him as a master of fright. Even as the Pumpkin King, year after year it is the same thing and he grows weary of the Holiday and wishes for something more. As Jack and his ghost-dog Zero travel through the graveyard, they came across a mysterious group of trees with different doors representing each holiday. The Christmas tree captures Jack Skelington’s attention and he opens the door and is sucked into an unknown world to him. A world full of color, warmth, and innocence. Most notably in my opinion: his shock of seeing children throwing snowballs instead of heads. He is absolutely mesmerized by the town and everything in it. In his wanderings, he runs into a pole where he finds that the magical place is Christmas town! Upon his return, he is set on making Christmas. Of course, this isn’t a  Halloween that they do every year and so what all the monsters come up with is definitely special from kidnapping Santa Claus to killer ducks as toys. On Christmas Eve, Jack takes Santa’s place in his newly sewn “Sandy Claws” costume, gathers all the toys and heads to Christmas town to deliver the gifts. The trip is a complete catastrophe. Jack is thought to have been “blown to smithereens, being pronounced “double dead” by the boogeyman, and Christmas has been canceled. He learns then that he was not meant for Christmas and things go back to normal Well, after the whole boogeyman scene, anyway. Here is the debate between whether the movie is Christmas or Halloween:


The movie has several Christmas elements in it. One actually being the name as it is the nightmare before Christmas. The town is preparing for Halloween and is essentially attempting to celebrate this holiday rather than Halloween. The monsters act as Santa’s elves and they create all the toys. During this, the movie shows the parallels between the two towns preparing on the late couple of days before Christmas and with Santa Claus kidnapped, Jack would take his place. And I mean he did actually go out on that Christmas Eve to deliver presents as you would see in a Christmas movie. If you look at the end you see the joy of Christmas finally reaching Halloween town in a way it hadn’t when Jack has explained it. In fact, the entire movie seems to revolve around a Christmas basis.


Though there are several Christmas elements, we can’t forget that the movie is still in a Halloween setting! And of course Jack the Pumpkin King. At the end of the movie when he has been shot down, he wonders what could’ve gone wrong. His intent was much different than the outcome Jack’s love for Halloween is revived and he can’t wait for the fright he will cause next year. Director Henry Selick stepped in to try and end the debate. As stated on iHeart Radio News, “He[Selick] explained that the story of The Nightmare Before Christmas does involve a lot of Christmas elements, but the core of the film is dedicated to the love of Halloween in Halloween Town.”

So there you go! The Nightmare before Christmas is indeed a Halloween movie. Even with this, the debate still continues. We can’t deny that the movie does have elements of both holidays and this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the movie this Christmas. I know I’ll be watching it!

pasted image 0 (1).png

Pixar’s Incredibles came out in 2004 and dazzled fans with its amazing

family of superheroes dynamic. For those who somehow haven’t seen it,

the film centers around a family of retired supers, after the government

outlaws superheroes. The Main Character Bob Parr, otherwise known as

Mr. Incredible marries Helen, Elastigirl, and starts a family, vowing to give

up doing hero work. However, mundane life wasn’t for Bob as he jumped

back into superhero work with his best friend Frozone. Bob eventually got kidnapped by his former biggest fan, Syndrome, and Helen and the kids go to help. With new suits made by the one and only Edna Mode. The Incredibles save the day until the Underminer arrives.


Starting from the exact second the first film left off, the Parr family is seen working together to stop the Underminer from robbing a bank and crashing his super drill into City Hall. The Parrs manage to stop the drill, but the Underminer gets away, and somehow, the Parrs get blamed for the whole ordeal. However, Frozone is contacted by a mystery benefactor, who turns out to be a business mogul who’s interested in making superheroes legal again. There’s just one catch, he only wants Elastigirl, leaving Bob at home to learn how to parent his three children while Elastigirl goes up against the Villainous “Screen-slaver”.


Fans of the original waited 14 years for the continuation of their favorite super-powered family,

and it’s safe to say that they weren’t disappointed. Incredibles 2 broke the record for biggest

weekend gross for an animated feature, raking in a nice $180 million. The film continued to

rake in an astounding $1,241,438,078 in its worldwide theatrical run. The film was also a

critical success, scoring a 7.9/10 on IMDB and a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Overall, Incredibles 2 was absolutely worth the wait. I personally grew up on the first

Incredibles, and sitting in the theaters I was blown away. I absolutely give Incredibles 2 a

5/5. If somehow you haven’t seen this film, I strongly urge you to go see this film as soon as possible, because you surely won’t be disappointed.

by Nathan Brown 

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Incredibles 2 Review

Holiday DIY Gifts

by Kyra Lough 

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

With the Holidays Season in high gear, we are all looking for that great gift. Here are 3 of Holiday DIY Gifts you can make for yourself or someone else!


Pocket Warmers


  • 1/8 – 1/4 yard pieces of plaid flannel

  • Rice

  • Funnel

  • Needle & black thread


  1. Cut the flannel into 4”x4” squares (2 for each pocket warmer)

  2. Lay each square on top of one another

    1. Put the sides you want facing out together

  3. Sew up the sides, ¼” in from the edge, and leave a small 1” hole on one side

  4. Flip the warmer inside out

  5. Using the funnel, fill each with 4 tablespoons of rice

  6. After they are filled, sew up the hole to close up the warmer

  7. All you need to do is microwave for 30 seconds, and they’re ready to go!


Recipe Cards


  • Index Cards

  • Pen

  • Envelope


  1. Figure out some of your favorite meals during the cold winter season

  2. Take the index cards, and write out the ingredients and procedure

  3. Place as many as you want into an envelope

  4. For an extra step, make the food you wrote about, and gift that too!


Hot Cocoa Kit


  • Small bottles/tubes

  • Ribbon

  • Hot Cocoa Mix

  • Peppermints

  • Mini Marshmallows

  • Candy


  1. Wash all of the bottles and let them dry

  2. Fill each tube with…

    1. Cocoa Mix

    2. Mini Marshmallows

    3. Peppermints

    4. Any Additional Candy

  3. Secure each tube with lid

  4. Place all of the tubes together, and tie a ribbon around the cluster

  5. For even more fun, place the tubes in a mug for an easy treat!


pasted image 0.png

Throughout history, film series tend to drag out their storylines purely for profit. This

happened with three of the most prolific horror franchises in history: Halloween, Friday

the13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Many feared that Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible

franchise would follow this same trend, however, this was not the case. The franchise

started back in 1996 with exceedingly good reviews. Then it was followed up with the

second film, which is known to be the worst one. The public thought that Hollywood was running another promising franchise into the ground. In 2006, Mission: Impossible 3 was released, and while better than the second, it still couldn’t live up to the expectations set by the first film. But this all changed in 2011 with the release of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. This was followed up with an excellent sequel (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) in 2015, and now we come to 2018, with the release of the 6th film in the long-running franchise: Mission: Impossible - Fallout.


Fallout begins with IMF Agent Ethan Hunt on a mission to steal plutonium cores from a dangerous terrorist organization called the Apostles. When a member of his team is put in a compromising situation, Hunt makes the choice to save him but lets the Apostles get away with the plutonium, causing a chain of events to unfold which threatens the safety of the world. Saying any more than this would be giving away some of the most jaw-dropping plot-twists, betrayals, and action-packed stunts ever put to film. Going into this film, I had heard nothing but critical praise for it. Normally, when I hear this, I become very skeptical, as no movie is perfect. However, I can safely say that the consensus was right. Right from the very beginning, I was blown away with the level of craftsmanship shown by director Christopher McQuarrie. The cinematography is beautiful and combined with an amazing musical score, crafts some of the most jaw-dropping shots I’ve seen in the last 10-15 years of film.


Overall, Mission: Impossible Fallout is one of the best action movies of the past 15 years, and I strongly urge any movie lover to give this one a chance, because they won’t be disappointed. I give Mission: Impossible Fallout a 5 out of 5. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this phenomenal movie. This message will self-destruct in 5,4,3,2,1…..

by Nathan Brown 

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Review

by Jessica Johnson

Monday, December 3rd, 2018 

Christmas Playlist

Ranging from the classics from the 1950s to the bops Justin Bieber blessed our ears with seven years ago, this Christmas playlist is a HIT! I got insight from a few peers as well who suggested their songs, so shout-out to them! I hope you enjoy this playlist, and if you have suggestions, email me Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays (quoted from *NSYNC, you should know if you’ve listened to my playlist) ;)


  1. Mistletoe: Justin Bieber

  2. All I Want For Christmas Is You: Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber

  3. Underneath the Tree: Kelly Clarkson

  4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Pentatonix

  5. Santa Tell Me: Ariana Grande

  6. The Christmas Song: Justin Bieber and Usher

  7. Holly Jolly Christmas: Michael Bublé

  8. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: Brenda Lee

  9. Christmas Canon Rock: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  10. I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Rascal Flatts

  11. Jingle Bell Rock: Glee Cast

  12. Last Christmas: Glee Cast

  13. All I Want For Christmas Is You: Mariah Carey

  14. Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy: Pentatonix and Tori Kelly

  15. Fa La La: Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men

  16. Feliz Navidad: José Feliciano

  17. Where Are You Christmas: Faith Hill

  18. I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas: Gayla Peevey

  19. The Very First Christmas: Spongebob Squarepants

  20. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays: *NSYNC

  21. Christmas Time Is Here: Charlie Brown Holiday Hits

  22. All I Want For Christmas: Big Time Rush

  23. Jingle Bells: Drake Bell

  24. Drummer Boy: Justin Bieber

  25. Jingle Bell Rock: Bobby Helms

  26. Let It Snow!: Frank Sinatra

  27. Do You Hear What I Hear: Carrie Underwood

  28. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: Burl Ives

  29. Frosty The Snowman: Bing Cosby

  30. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas: Michael Bublé

  31. Last Christmas: Wham!

Natural-Born Artist

by Jaden Thompson

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 

IMG_7307 - Edited.jpg

I’m looking at the art department here at Oak Hills in search for a student. But not just any student, an artist. I begin my journey in room 324, Mrs. Ambs classroom, though it’s not Mrs. Ambs I find. It’s her long-term sub, Mr. Suter. He tells me of a junior named Amy Smith whom he recognizes for her talent and dedication in the class. “Typically, when I have upperclassmen enrolled in my Art Foundations class, it is to finally knock out that art credit they required and move on.  Amy's effort has been refreshingly full though, as she pursues her class projects 110%,” Mr. Suter says. I decided to talk to Amy Smith myself.

Amy had taken art foundations once before this year which was last year when she was homeschooled; she went to Baker’s Hunt Art Center. She decided to take art foundations this year because it is a prerequisite class for many of the other art classes available at Oak Hills. One class that Amy is interested in specifically is photography. Amy has always been interested in art. One of her main inspirations is her friend, Alexis. “She is a phenomenal artist,” she says. The two were always doing something art related when they hung out such as DIYs, painting shoes, and taking artsy photos. Amy’s family has always said she had “an eye for photography”. “Anytime we would go somewhere I would always be like ‘That would be a beautiful picture’ or ‘Hey, can you come over here, I want to take your picture!’” she says. Taking those artsy photos has always been a hobby of hers. She loves everything about it from actually taking the photos herself to looking at photographs that other photographers have taken.

As I mentioned before, Mr. Suter is long-term subbing for Mrs. Ambs so he’s got to know what he’s doing, right? Well, Amy agrees with that saying that he is an extraordinary teacher. “Mr. Suter is really funny, very helpful when it comes to guiding us to be better artists and how to make our art better,” she states. Art foundations, being a prerequisite class, generally is filled with freshman, or as Mr. Suter says, students just trying to get in their final credit. One thing Amy like about the class is that nobody in that class thinks they are top notch so she can focus more on the creativity part and just having fun with it. What she loves most though is that she doesn’t feel judged about her art. Next year, Amy plans to take both the photography classes at Oak Hills. She has also considered photography as a career.

The Sober Ancient Gentleman vs The Oyster

by Kyra Lough

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 

The first performance of the 2018-2019 school year was a huge success. After nearly 2½ months of preparation and practice, Oak Hills High School’s Drama Club proudly performed their rendition of the Shakespearean play of Taming of the Shrew. Similarly to their past play, Romeo and Juliet, Drama Club has taken the plot and applied it to a more modern setting. The script sets to stage a 50s high school and dinner. With competition between siblings and suitors, this seamless story addresses many social issues we continue to struggle with today in a humorous fashion. While one of the most historical plays they have put on, it also is one of the most serious.

Merchant Baptista has two daughters, Bianca and Katherina. When young Lucentio arrives at Padua High, he falls in love with the youngest and fairest, Bianca. However, the only way she can be married is if her older sister, Katherina is married off. In order to meet with her, he changes identities with his servant, Tranio, and becomes her Latin tutor. Hortensio, another suitor, dresses up as her music tutor to get close as well. Meanwhile, Petruchio comes to Padua High to meet up with his friend Hortensio and finds Kate. He courts her and weds her with the support of Baptista and the help of Hortensio and Gremio. They eventually marry, but in order to get Katherina to become a compliant wife, he denies her food, sleep, and clothing wants. She eventually submits to him. On their way back to Padua, they meet with Lucentio’s father, Vincentio, who had been impersonated earlier in the movie. Hortensio is rejected by Bianca and marries a widow. Baptista meets Lucentio’s real father and believes she has been fooled. Vincentio attempts to reveal the truth, leading to the eventual marriage between Lucentio and Bianca. At the wedding feast, Petruchio forms a bet with the other men on whose wife is the most obedient. It turns out to be Kate as she enters on his request and she lectures the wives on their duty to their husbands.

While this play is originally written in 1590, there are many issues addressed. First, the idea of a complete and dependent wife is looked down upon today.  Even in the 50s that would be common of a woman. Kate at the beginning represents what a woman today would be: independent and opinionated. This is “wrong” for the period and she should be quiet and compliant. This really hit the audience, many of which are younger teens and adults who are strong in modern Feminists movements. It goes to show the evolution of society within the last couple of decades and the roles of women changing.

Additionally, the issue of domestic abuse was prominent. In the 1590s, this would have been more common and looked over than it is today. Only within the last decade have movements to end domestic violence been active. Before it was either normal and expected or it was ignored. It goes to show just how far society has come within the last 60 years rather than 360 years between 1590 and 1950.

In the last monologue by Kate, she rants about how it is the woman’s duty to be quiet and serve their husbands. It is quite ironic that the longest monologue in the play is about being quiet. The irony and sarcasm is not a new thing to Shakespeare. Quite often he includes these moments to ridicule and mock the standards of his time. I appreciate those moments in the play, as they give me a sense of newfound appreciation for the actors and Shakespeare himself. I recognize that this is a difficult and heavy play. Irony and sarcasm speak to the audience and make for a better, more enjoyable show.

I found this to be one of the most hysterical productions Oak Hills Drama Club has performed. It is unique, yet still able to properly portray the messages intended. I recommend this to anyone. Even if you do not fully understand Shakespeare, the action and emotion put into it make it just as enthralling.

To Remaster or Not to Remaster

by Cameron Fink

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 

The Taming of the Shrew originally wrote by William Shakespeare in 1590-1592, is inarguably a classic. The play itself is just as famous as when it was first released. It has been adapted for viewings on a screen, stage, opera, ballet, and musical theatre. Most recently, however, a remastered version has appeared in Oak Hills High School’s auditorium. Simply because the play has never died off, it’d be ignorant to say the play’s classic plotline is back, but it’s undoubtedly better than ever.


The atmosphere of the auditorium was eccentric. The slow shuffling of the spectators, the darkened, ominous yet inviting blue light, and the smooth jazz number created an incredibly inviting area. The only reasonable comparison in my mind is watching your favorite sports team or series in a massage chair. Your mind is at work understanding and cataloging what is unfolding before your eyes, but you are physically as calm as could be because of the atmosphere, this made the play much more comfortable to view. This is almost a necessity when remastering a Shakespearean play because of the complex language and intricate inner workings of relationships, ethics, and more elements of the human condition.


The play itself, however, is where the “magic” happened. There were four different sets used with the same backdrop (except for the short yet pivotal “Horseback” scene). There were even 28 actors on the stage at one time and yet the space wasn’t overwhelmed. When the scene’s focus was on the left side of the room, extras on the balcony above or at the other tables on the opposite end seemed to actually have purposeful conversations, and to be following through their actions with serious intent and purpose. The main characters’ actors were beyond impressive with their voice acting to fit the time period along with their outfits which were very comparable to the 50’s (when the play was set), but even their maturity with kissing on stage which can be a feat in of its own. The scenes were focused but the play still stayed true to being a comedy with the intentionally foul-looking older woman harassing extras constantly for example. Unfortunately, while this was effective at invoking chuckles from the audience, it would draw attention away from the critical plot points as they happened though this was not incredibly frequent. As the play moves along, it doesn’t lose interest, something many performances do. In fact, because of the adjustment to Shakespearean language and the steep rise in conflict after the introduction, this rendition of Taming of the Shrew masterfully had spectators becoming increasingly invested in the story. When the play draws closer to the end, the title shows why it is befitting of the spectacle that had just been put on in the ending sequence where Kate — the “shrew” for those who are yet to see the play — demonstrates her allegiance to Petruchio through his dehumanizing efforts to garner her fancy. This rendition did not only artistically modernize the near-ancient plot, but paid homage to the subplots between Hortensio and Bianca for example.


The Taming of the Shrew remastered by Oak Hills High School is a classic in its own regard. While nitpicking can occur with any work of art, this rendering of the classic play has lost none of its original prowess and appeal. The players, calculated. The scenes, artistic and befitting. The audience, pleased. The original, remastered. To answer the age-old question posed by the playwright himself, this was meant “to be” rather than not.


by Breanna Luca

Friday, November 9th, 2018 

Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 12.57.19 PM.png

Have you heard Khalid’s new album? Suncity is Khalid’s first major project in the wake of American Teen’s success, and has been described by the 20-year-old as “the start of a new era.” It is full of relaxation and gives off the perfect fall vibe. Within his songs are deeper meanings such as fear and love. His broken-hearted vocals fit perfectly into the teenage world. If you are in need of some relatable lyrics and soothing beats, this album is for you.

  1. 9.13: This is a song without any lyrics until the very end. It has a nice slow beat and is a great way to chill out. This could also help clear your mind from the hectic world around you.

  2. Vertigo: Following the nice, chill rhythm of 9.13, this song can really be relatable to some high school students. If you seem lost or just feel like you have no idea of what is going on, definitely check out this song!

  3. Saturday Nights:  Are you in love with someone who has a tough home life? Are you someone with parents who are distant in your life and feel like you’re closer to friends? If you said yes to either of those things, this song is the one for you It follows the pattern of a slow and chilling pace, with the touch of more deeper meaning lyrics.

  4. Salem’s Interlude: This song is just a phone call of a woman talking about struggles she goes through. She talks about her fears and how straining life has been on her. Even though it is not an average song, it still has a relatable message.

  5. Motion: Personally, this is my favorite song from the album. The vibes from this song are just so uplifting and it just makes me instantly feel happy for no reason really.

  6. Better: This song reminds me much of high school relationships. I feel like one person comes to mind when you hear this song and it either brings back good or bad memories. It is really understandable to teenagers.

  7. Suncity: Even though a majority of this song is in a different language, it still is very good. Empress Of is featured in this song and I think their voices together are very soothing and brings the song to a whole new level.  

Spooky Jokes

by Jack Souders

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 

Q: What is the most important subject a witch learns in school?

A: Spelling



Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

A: He didn’t have any guts!



Q: What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?

A: A neck-tarine!



Q: Where does a ghost go on vacation?

A: Mali-boo.



Q. Why was the girl afraid of the vampire?

A. He was all bite and no bark.



Q. What do you call two spiders that just got married?

A. Newlywebbed

Q. What instrument does a skeleton play?​


A. Trom-BONE



Q. Which building does Dracula visit in New York?

A. The Vampire State Building.



Q. What can’t you give the headless horseman?​

A. A migraine


Q: What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house?

A: Hope it’s Halloween!


Q: What do you call a single vampire?​

A: A bat-chelor.


Q: What do witches put on their bagels?​

A: Scream Cheese

The Haunted House

by Guest Writer Lily Geiger

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 

Four childhood best friends were walking with each other down the street on Halloween night, the vivid orange and red leaves crunching beneath their sneakers. No one was really outside anymore, except for a couple stragglers here and there like themselves. After all, it was 10 o’clock and the buzz of energy still lingered in the air from all of the monsters and ghouls that ruled the streets just hours ago. The breeze nipped at their skin, and their faces glowed in both the moonlight and the dim, flickering street lamps. The group of boys was talking back and forth with each other as the colorful fall trees swayed back and forth from the wind. “Come on, man! Just do it!” Adam repeated for the third time to Luke, pointing at the vacant house at the end of the street. No one ever set foot in  that house because it was allegedly “haunted.” Luke didn’t believe in silly little neighborhood myths like that, though. But nonetheless, it was still Halloween, the sun had set long ago, and the house had been deserted for years. It did not fail to make him uneasy, whether he believed it or not. “Okay, dude. If you go in there, I’ll give you...ten dollars, and any candy that you want from my bag.”


That sounded like a tempting offer to Luke. Possibly tempting enough to make him take the risk, against his better judgment. Maybe he’d even gain a little respect from his friends as well. Luke sighed, annoyed at all the badgering from his buddies before he allowed himself to cave in. “Fine! Fine, I’ll go in if it’ll get you guys to lay off. We better not get caught though. I’d rather not have to explain to my parents why I got arrested for trespassing.” Everyone cheered for him and clapped him on the back, yet he couldn’t help the dark feeling in the pit of his stomach that he’s made a mistake. Adam began to explain to Luke that he had to go into the top room, and flash his cigarette lighter out the window, so they knew for sure he was there. They all walked Luke up the porch, and lightly shoved him to the door. Luke wearily pushed it open, the hinges squeaking, and he stepped through the threshold. The guys outside yanked the door shut, which frightened Luke, but he carried on as soon as he caught his breath. He pulled Adam’s lighter out, and carefully made his way up the creaking steps. Luke gazed down the hallway, then made his way to the room in the very back. He had just barely made it over to the window when…. *SCREAM*

“What is taking him so long up there?” Adam sighed, concerned. They thought they saw a shadow flicker by the window, so maybe Luke was only trying to scare them for persuading him into going inside the house in the first place. After about half an hour, Adam spoke up again. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but if I don’t get home soon, my parents are gonna be sending out a search party for me.” There was a silent nod of agreement, and each boy stood up, brushed off their jeans, and started home. Leaving their friend behind. The three boys returned the next day since they shockingly haven’t heard anything from Luke since last night. The boys toured around the house, seemingly less threatening in the light of day. They eventually wandered up the stairs, and down the hallway. The same very route that Luke took not too long ago. They checked under the bed, he wasn’t there. They pulled away from the curtain, he wasn’t there. Then, they gently pulled out the closet doors, and Luke’s head rolled out.

Autumn Playlist

by Kate Baker

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 

Sweater weather is finally upon us! If you’re looking for some cool tunes to kick it back and get used to the chill temps of autumn, this is the playlist for you.


  1. Superstition-Stevie Wonder: The funky bass line is something everyone remembers from this song. Not only is Stevie Wonder a legend and deserves to be on every playlist, but this song also gives off the vibe that something mysterious is going to happen, which is a perfect way to start off autumn!

  2. This is Halloween-The Nightmare Before Christmas Cast: If you’ve ever stepped foot in Hot Topic, this is probably one of your favorite movies. It can always be argued if this movie is a Christmas or a Halloween flick but in my opinion, it’s a year-round kind of thing.

  3. Autumn Leaves-Ed Sheeran: Even though this song isn’t really about autumn, it gives off a nice autumn vibe. The relaxing vocals and the tame guitar is sure to make you feel like you’re floating on a leaf yourself.

  4. Thriller-Michael Jackson: Five Words: Every Party City Halloween commercial. Let’s not forget to mention that the King of Pop became pretty ghoulish in the music video.

  5. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult: Here’s something if you like a bit more of classic rock. This 1976 hit is the story about a woman that falls in love with death...What a dark Valentine to have…

  6. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)-David Bowie: It’s the goblin king! We couldn’t have a playlist close to Halloween time without him!

  7. Pastels-The Deli: Straying away from spooky songs, this instrumental piece is a song to kick back and listen to while reading a book around the fire. The chilled out hip-hop beat mixed with the low-frequency noises is something to definitely something to help you chill out.

  8. night walk-Nymano, Saib: This track is another relaxing song. You could be sitting in your room and it would take you into a world of warm colors and cool temperatures.

  9. Bubbly-Colbie Caillat: The soft guitar plucks and Colbie’s gentle voice is something that can get you cozy. Most people might consider “cozy” a word to put with winter but sweater weather totally starts as soon as autumn hits.

  10. Autumn Leaves-BTS: Although this song is about a relationship with someone, the somber vibe and stunning vocals make you feel like you’re under a willow tree with a good book in hand and the wind gently blowing.

  11. Riptide-Vance Joy: I’m not 100% sure what it is but any song that has a ukulele in just reminds me of autumn. Hopefully, that’s something you think of too!

  12. Like Gold-Vance Joy:

  13. Autumn in New York-Billie Holiday: If you’re more into the jazz music genre, this is perfect for you. This song is self-explanatory on why it’s here.

  14. Tonada del Otano-Mercedes Sosa: This beautiful Spanish song just spurts out the feeling of autumn. As soon as Mercedes starts singing, I can already feel the wind blowing in my hair.

  15. The Moon Represents My Heart-Park Ju-Hee: Unless you know a bit about Chinese culture, you probably have NO idea why this song is on here. The Mid-Autumn festival celebrates the end of the autumn harvest! If you want to know more, maybe we’ll post an article soon.

  16. Autumn Moon In The Palace of Han-Liu Fang: This song also relates to the Mid-Autumn Festival! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy these songs!

Halloween (1978) Review

by Nathan Brown

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 

On October 27, 1978, true terror came to the cinema for the first time in decades. On a budget of only $300,000, John Carpenter’s Halloween terrified audiences worldwide for the first time. The titular character, Michael Myers, has struck fear into the hearts of youth, teens, and adults alike for years. With the franchise having ten installments, and an eleventh coming out this October, audiences should delve back into the world of Halloween to prepare themselves for Michael’s terrifying return.

This classic begins on Halloween night in 1963. The audience assumes the first-person perspective, following two teenagers who presume to hook-up after a Halloween party. The male leaves the female, promising he’ll call her the next morning. We follow the figure as he goes up the stairs to the female’s room. We learn that the female is our mysterious protagonist’s sister. Shocked to see him, she tells him to get out. Still, in the first person view, we see them take out a butcher knife and stab her repeatedly. The figure goes down the stairs and out onto the street. We learn his name is Michael, and he is just a child, who has brutally killed his old sister. Michael is carted away to a mental institution and spends the next fifteen years there in isolation. We jump 15 years, and due to negligence from his doctor, Michael escapes and returns to his hometown to continue his killing spree, on the same Halloween night.


With only a $300,000 budget, this film exceeded all expectations and has absolutely earned its cult classic status. During its theatrical run, it grossed $47,000,000 in the United States alone, and an extra $33,000,000 worldwide, leading to a $70,000,000 worldwide gross. For better or worse, because of this first film’s success, the series has spawned eight sequels, two remakes, and a new installment coming out in October 2018. This new film ignores all the other films and takes place 40 years after this first installment. Even now, Halloween has managed to stay relevant in pop culture and will be returning to theaters to strike fear into a new generation of moviegoers

Since 1978, Halloween has haunted movie-lovers ever since. Michael Myers has been burned into the hearts and minds of horror fans, and whenever one thinks of Halloween time, he comes with it. Nothing proves this fact better than Michael’s resurgence in 2018. So far, the new 2018 installment has gotten near perfect reviews, with many saying it’s a perfect love letter to fans of the original. For any movie-lover or just people who want to be scared, John Carpenter’s original Halloween is perfect for anyone.

Mac Miller: “Life Goes On, Days Get Brighter”

by: Jack Souders & CJ Wilke

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

     Mac Miller was a 26-year-old hip hop artist out of Pittsburgh who made inspiring music that influenced many. Coming out of hip-hop group, The Ill Spoken, Malcolm James McCormick or, Mac Miller, released two successful mixtapes and his career took off from there. He signed his first record label at only 17. His biggest break came in late 2010, when he embarked on his first tour, The Incredible Dope Tour. He, since then, has released eight different albums, his most recent one titled, “Swimming”. Mac Miller was a heavy inspiration for millions whose music lifted their spirits.


     Tragically, he passed away on September 7th, 2018 due to an alleged drug overdose. This incident once again shines a spotlight on drug abuse in the celebrity world. Drug use has always been highly publicized in the celebrity community. Partly due to the fact that these people are always in the limelight, and partly because it is so easy for them to obtain illegal substances.


     It is not uncommon for a celebrity’s use of drugs to reach all ends of the media. Michael Jackson, Prince, and Heath Ledger all experienced drug abuse that led to their eventual passing. Somewhat recently, the media brought attention to singer Demi Lovato as she relapsed, and suffered the subsequent overdose, this past summer. Lovato released her single, “Sober” this June and it seems as though, even after six years of being clean, it is still possible to turn back to addiction.


Mac Miller rapping

Pictured: Mac Miller performing in concert

 Like Demi Lovato, Mac Miller’s music touched the hearts of many. He was heavily influential amongst thousands of music lovers. Oak Hills senior Dave Bauer, and devoted fan of Mac Miller had this to say about his music, “I’m sure many of us grew up on Mac. He was a person to look up to because his music made our future sound so bright. Mac was a person who helped to shape who I am today. I’m sure his music helped to shape many others, so in a way, I think he still kinda lives through all of us.”  It is clear to see that Mac was loved by many grateful fans.


     Perhaps Mac Miller’s case can prevent others from making the same mistake. Hopefully, both people in the music industry, as well as Mac’s supporters, will take this to heart. There’s no end to who can be influenced by the desensitization of drug abuse, from the famous, all the way to the average high school student. Maybe Mac’s death will open the public’s eyes and spark actual change.

Top 10 Foods Of Cincinnati

by: Ema Supe

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

1.  Skyline Chili: There is nothing that can ever compare to this delicacy. It is the backbone of our city and it is loved by every true Cincinnatian. I cannot even try to explain how delicious it is to outsiders. People who come to Cincinnati know of this place, but they don’t truly understand how amazingly delicious it actually is. If you’re ever feeling hungry, just know that it’s Skyline time.


2.  Graeter's Ice Cream: This ice cream is hands down one of the most flavorful desserts I have ever tasted. They hand make all of their ice cream, and all of their ingredients are carefully selected to make the most delicious ice cream known to man. Conveniently located right here in Cincinnati.


3.  LaRosa’s: This pizza is just how Cincinnatians like it. Flat traditional crust, minimal sauce, and lots of cheese. You wouldn’t think such a basic cheese pizza would be that good, but trust me.. It definitely is.


4.  Glier's Goetta: This is such an iconic food from Cincinnati. It is a combination of sausages and grains that can be deep fried to crispy perfection. We even have our own goetta fest every year to showcase all of the ways we eat this fantastic food.

5.  Buckeyes: Peanut butter and chocolate shaped as a Buckeye, which is Ohio's state tree. There isn’t much else to say about this perfect treat.

6.  Izzy’s: We love us some corned beef and sauerkraut here in Cincinnati, and if you do to, there is a place that gives out free pickles and boatloads of food. Izzy’s has some best-corned beef Reubens I’ve ever tasted.

7.  Montgomery Inn: Their BBQ sauce is TO DIE FOR. It is so good. Like probably the best. You could practically eat it with anything and make it taste good. This is definitely a staple for Cincinnati.


8.  Busken Bakery: Have you ever had one of those yellow face smiley cookies? Yeah, they’re Busken, and yeah they’re amazing. They make some of the best cakes and cookies you will ever taste. Have one or have like 10, because no one will judge.


9.  Hofbrauhaus: This German restaurant is very special to the Cincinnati area because there is only one other place like it, and it’s in Germany. We have this because of the large populations of Germans that live here. It has the most authentic German foods you’ll ever taste. You can also stand on the table to do the chicken dance which is cool.


10.  Sebastian’s: This authentic Greek restaurant has amazing Gyros along with other real greek cuisines. If you;ve never tried tzatziki sauce, nows the time because it is actually delicious.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

by: Katie Baker

Friday, September 14th, 2018

The Peanuts characters are all beloved beings we have come to enjoy over the years. Whether you’ve seen the comic in the newspaper or watched the movies when you were younger, everyone loves the Peanut gallery.

   On Saturday, September 8, the “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” musical came to Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. The actors ranged from high schoolers to middle schoolers. The talent between all of them made it hard to tell that there was even an age gap!

   The stage was set up to look like a comic strip with the big white boxes that would light up as a scene was coming to life. The simple prop was something that really brought together the whole event. The Peanuts gang was excellently portrayed by all of the actors. I hope to see these students acting again soon.


Pictured: Cast from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

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