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Student life

Thinking About Taking a Gap Year? By: Lizzie Danner

Ways to Come Up With Article Ideas By:Lizzie Danner

Be Gay; Have Fun By: Paige Platter

I've Been Cubed By: Marin Smyth

Behind the Scenes By: Gabbi Byrd

The Good Behind Magnified Giving By: Katelyn Rieder

Summer Trips Abroad By: Marin Smyth

Scholarship Tips and Tricks By: Kenzie Hoy

Class Tinder Bios By: Kenzie Davis and Annabelle Jalovec

A Tribute to the Chinese Program By: Lizzie Danner

Isabel Dragotta By: Annabelle Jalovec

Oak Hills Students Form Jazz Band: Kinda Jazzy By: Paige Platter

What to do During Fall By: Kenzie Hoy

Mental Illness and Its Relevance By: Guest Writer Zachary Reilmann

Enlisting: What's the Process By: Gabbi Byrd

Honk Jr. By: Katelyn Rieder

Spilling the Tea on T: Coming Out By: Mack Head

Tips For Seniors By: Lizzie Danner

Class Legacies

Class Legacies

Class Legacies By: Gabbi Byrd

My Epileptic Story: By Gabrielle Byrd

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