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Thank You Veterans

Dear Veteran,

    Thank you for your dedication and service to our beautiful country. Your selflessness and bravery are the reason I get to have an education and live freely in America. I will better myself and continue to be a proud American because you fought for our country and our lives. You could never be thanked enough for what you have done, you put your life on the line for every American I will honor you every day because you fought for me. Your service to our country is the reason  many people in America have the freedoms they have. 

    You are a true American hero. A hero reflects all the qualities you have, bravery, courage, selflessness and the list could go on. When I hear the word hero I don’t think first of Superman or Batman, I think of the men and women that have served our country and have made me proud to say that I am American. You should know that you are a hero to every American and the idol to some who aspire to be like you. 

On Veterans Day many honor and thank you, however, we should be doing this every day because you are the reason we get to wake up in a free country. I am forever grateful for your sacrifice for this country and wish I could somehow pay it back to you. I promise to do better and help advance this country in ways that I can because I will aim to make you proud of what you fought for. I promise to never take for granted the freedoms that you fought for.

Although we at Oak Hills High School cannot thank you the way we usually every year with an assembly due to Covid-19. I hope this letter can still show you how much you mean to us and how grateful we are for you. Your service has opened many endless opportunities for Americans all across the country. Next year we hope we can continue to honor you with our usual assembly. Thank you for your service and dedication to this country. You are much appreciated! 

                    Thank you,
                        Jessica Niehoff

Dear Veteran, 
    Speaking on the behalf of me and the rest of the student class at Oak Hills High School, we thank and salute you for making the ultimate sacrifice. There is no amount of words to express how I feel about your decision to serve our country. Because you chose to answer the call of duty, we can do the things that we take advantage of every day. We must live with a debt we are unable to pay forth to you as you braved many challenges and feats of strength to get to the place you are today. You brought the quintessential hero, like the ones from comic books, to life. You are the people we all should look up to, to strive to be. Again, there is no way I can put it into words how much we appreciate you taking up the ultimate sacrifice, and I hope that you have a great veteran’s day. 

                                        Adam Robb 


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