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Meet The Team!


Mrs. Courtney Vaive


Mrs. Courtney Vaive is the advisor for The Tartan. This is her sixth year teaching at her alma mater, Oak Hills High School. In addition to The Tartan, Mrs. Vaive teaches AP Seminar and English 2. She is the coach of the Oak Hills Oakettes Dance Team, and this is her tenth year coaching for the Oak Hills Dance Organization. When she is not coaching, you can find her reading a book, soaking up the sun, or spending time with her family and baby girl, Lydia. She truly enjoys working with the amazing writers and editors on the staff and can’t wait to see all that they accomplish this year!

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Kilean Aguilar


Kilean Aguilar is a sophomore and a writer for the Tartan he enjoys exploring and discovering new things he never knew. He likes to try new things to take him out of his comfort zone…This is his first year doing the Tartan Newspaper. He is very involved with the school and enjoys being around his peers. He is very outgoing, nice, funny  and charismatic. He likes to listen to music and hang out with friends in his spare time. He is a part of Oak Hills YoungLife club and Member of Spanish Club. Kilean is very supportive of all the sports/clubs of Oak Hills and wishes to see them all succeed. Kilean is known for being a great public speaker and a great interviewer. Kilean plans to learn a lot about the tartan this year and make it an enjoyable read for all Oak Hills Students. He even plans to put on his college resume that he was a part of the school's newspaper. 

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Keira Bailey


Keira Bailey is a senior at Oak Hills and this is her first year on the Tartan. In addition to The Tartan, Keira is part of tech crew, spanish club and honor society, national honor society, and book club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, sleeping, or hanging out with her friends, and she is excited to be part of the Tartan this year!

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Riley Loftus


Riley Loftus is a sophomore, she enjoys reading, drawing, listening to music, and playing video games. She is a part of Girl Scouts. She hopes to study psychology after High School. Her favorite classes are History and English. She also likes to spend time with her cousins and pets. She makes ironic music with her best friends. This is her first year working on the Tartan and she is very excited.

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Carly Sena


Carly Sena is a sophomore, this is her first year doing the Tartan. She hopes to do something important when she gets older. She loves to get creative and make things. She has a cat named Gustavo. She makes ironic songs with her best friends. In her free time she loves listening to Deftones.

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Rylee Dissinger

Writer & Photographer

Rylee Dissinger is the writer and photographer for The Tartan. Rylee is a Senior at Oak Hills High School and has been in the district her whole life. In her free time, she is a sports photographer for Oak Hills, Anderson, and NKU. In addition, she is a part of the CrossFit community with a goal to gain weight and muscle.  When Rylee isn’t on a field or court taking pictures she is in her bed reading or sleeping the day away. Her top 3 goals in life are to be a media manager for a NFL team, gain 8-10 pounds, and to make a lot of money. Not to mention, Rylee loves animals and going to the zoo with her boyfriend. Many adults think she is very mature, one reason being she meal preps food for her whole family and helps her mom with work. In the end, she is a hard working, well appreciated, and kind teenage girl.

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