Meet The Team!


Mrs. Courtney Vaive


Mrs. Courtney Vaive is the advisor for The Tartan. This is her fourth year teaching at her alma mater, Oak Hills High School. In addition to The Tartan, Mrs. Vaive teaches AP Seminar, Honors English 2, and Journalism. She is the coach of the Oak Hills Oakettes Dance Team, and this is her seventh year coaching for the Oak Hills Dance Organization. When she is not coaching, you can find her reading a book, soaking up the sun, or spending time with her family. She truly enjoys working with the amazing writers and editors on the staff and can’t wait to see all that they accomplish this year!


Marin Smyth

Senior Editor

Marin Smyth is a senior. This is her third year writing for the Tartan and her second year as an editor. This year she will be the senior editor and is very much looking forward to what this year holds. When not at school, Marin is probably at work or at some park with her friends. While she’s sad that this is her last year in the Tartan, she’s excited about where the Tartan will go and how it will be improved!


Kirsten Mueller


Kirsten Mueller is a Senior at Oak Hills High School. This is her second year on the Tartan Staff and her first year as an Editor. Kirsten runs the Instagram account for the Tartan and this year she is co-hosting the Tartan News Channel with Marin Smyth. When Kirsten is not doing school work and stressing (which is rare), you will probably find her working, dancing, hanging out with friends, shopping, or playing with her fur babies. Kirsten has been dancing for 14 years and currently dances for Emerge Dance Academy and is also an ambassador for 12.9 dance photography. This year she is so excited to be an editor and to help continue to improve the Tartan!!


Adam Robb


Adam Robb is a Senior at Oak Hills. When he isn’t stressing about what college major to pick from, he usually is practicing high forehand on the tennis courts.  This is his second year being part of the Tartan staff and his first year being an editor. He is very excited to work as an editor and to provide the school with their news.


Alex Taft


Alex Taft is a junior at Oak Hills. He runs for Cross Country in the fall and Track & Field in the spring. When not at school, he’s either doing homework, watching Youtube on the TV with his siblings, or watching pirated shows on his phone in his bed. Though Alex may watch a lot of pirated shows on sketchy websites, all of Alex’s writing is absolutely, authentically his own. With this authentic writing, Alex
is looking forward to writing for the Tartan, and testing his skills as an editor!


Alexis Hamilton


Alexis Hamilton is a senior at Oak Hills and this is her first year writing for the Tartan. At school she is involved in National and German Honors society, SAGA, and Class Office. She is unsure about what awaits her after high school, but she’ll figure it out eventually. Outside of school she likes drawing, costume design, and shopping.


Flynn Koehler


Flynn Koehler is a senior at Oak Hills. This is his first year working as a writer for the Tartan. On his own time, Flynn enjoys critiquing movies and drawing grotesque creatures with vivid, clashing colors, which has inspired him to pursue becoming an art therapist. Despite his introversion, Flynn is charismatic and loves listening to others’ stories. He’s very excited to be working on the Tartan this year.


Kenni Walters


Kenni is a Senior who has spent her entire life in the Oak Hills district. After she finishes her time in the Army, she wants to pursue a career in Virology in the near future.


Emily Lipps


Emily Lipps is a junior at Oak Hills. This is her first year on The Tartan. She has taken 5 years of German and still studies it today.  In her free time, Emily enjoys taking voice lessons, writing many unfinished books, and talking to her friends. She hopes to become a German teacher or a Screenwriter after high school.


Payton Simonson


Payton Simonson is a junior at Oak Hills this year. They participate heavily in after school activities, such as Mock Trial, the Hope Squad, and SAGA, but don’t let that fool you. At home, they tend to watch bad movies, read fashion magazines, and try their best to get into podcasts. Payton is very excited to be a first-year writer for the Tartan, and intends to share their wisdom about any topic that is educationally useless.


Julian Harmon


Julian Harmon is a sophomore at Oak Hills.  When he isn’t in school, he doesn’t exist, a mere fragment of your imagination, buried so deep in the literal closet that no mortal being has been able to reach him.  As a first year member of yearbook as well as the Tartan, he’s very excited to get involved with the school through writing.