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Cameron Fink

Cameron Fink is a Junior this year. This is his second year taking the Tartan. Cameron likes to spend his time writing, playing with his dog Sophie, or playing basketball. He is very excited for his last year at Oak Hills and is looking forward to having tons of fun with such a tight-knit class. He also loves listening to Coldplay and sleeping in everyday (not just weekends). 

Kaetlyn Rieder

Katelyn is a Junior at Oak Hills High School. This is her first year in the Tartan and she is extremely excited to be a part of it. She loves her two pitbulls more than anything and enjoys their designated snuggle time after school. When she’s not doing schoolwork, she’s probably reading or writing. She hopes you continue to read and support The Tartan!

Marin Smyth

Marin is a sophomore at Oak Hills and this is her first year writing for the Tartan. She has two cats that are kind of nice sometimes and she claims she isn’t a cat lady even though she is. When she’s not doing homework she’s usually babysitting. She likes travelling, reading, and drinking hot chocolate. She’s excited to write for the Tartan this year and hopes to write at least one good article.

Paige Platter

Paige Platter is a junior at Oak Hills. When she’s not studying or working at Kroger, she can be found in the band room playing her flute with the Jazz Lab Band or hanging out with her best friend. She’s a proud member of the LGBT community and walks in the Cincy Pride Parade and attends GLSEN’s annual youth prom. She plans on going to college for creative writing. This is Paige’s first year working on the Tartan and she hopes to bring fresh ideas to the table.

Andrew Macke

Andrew Macke is a junior who is new to the Tartan. He enjoys his “free time” away from school working, doing homework, and occasionally hanging out with his friends. His favorite quote would be “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race” -Ted Kaczynski. He is looking forward to participating in a major part of the school’s culture by engaging in the Tartan.

Staff Writer- 21AndrewMacke@ohlsd.org

Katherine Soloman

Katherine (Katie) Solomon is a Sophomore at Oak Hills High School. This is her first year working on the Tartan. She spends a lot of time reading and writing. She also loves listening to music and singing annoying songs. In addition to that she spends time with her friends and family. A quote she really likes is “ difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations-”  Zig Ziglar. Katie is very excited to help come up with some ideas for the 2019-2020 Tartan!

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