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Meet The Team!


Mrs. Courtney Vaive


Mrs. Courtney Vaive is the advisor for The Tartan. This is her fifth year teaching at her alma mater, Oak Hills High School. In addition to The Tartan, Mrs. Vaive teaches AP Seminar and English 2. She is the coach of the Oak Hills Oakettes Dance Team, and this is her eighth year coaching for the Oak Hills Dance Organization. When she is not coaching, you can find her reading a book, soaking up the sun, or spending time with her family. She truly enjoys working with the amazing writers and editors on the staff and can’t wait to see all that they accomplish this year!

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Alex Taft

Senior Editor

Alex Taft is an Oak Hills senior. At school, Alex is involved in Cross Country, Track & Field, the Class Office, and of course, the Tartan. Outside of school, Alex can be found watching Youtube, drinking potentially concerning amounts of coffee, working out, working at Krogers, and occasionally going to concerts . Though sad that this will be his last year in the Tartan, Alex is excited to make the most of the time he has left and take the Tartan to new heights as the Tartan Times lead investigator!

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Emily Lipps


Emily Lipps is a senior here at Oak Hills. She is very excited to be an editor for The Tartan. Emily plans to work in the film industry when she graduates. She enjoys writing, reading, and throwing parties. This is her second year on The Tartan staff and is very excited to help spread school news around to all students.

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Grace Lewton


Grace Lewton is a senior at Oak Hills and this is her first year on the Tartan. She plans to go to college for writing after high school, and hopes to eventually work for a publishing house. She loves spending time outside, planning and going to events with her friends, and fencing. In her free time she loves to read, sew, and climb trees. 


Quentin Burgess


Quentin Burgess is an Oak hills senior, team captain of the Cross Country team, varsity athlete for both Cross Country and Track & Field, hard worker, and an absolute G of a dude. Outside of Oak Hills, Quentin works at Skyline chili and Marcos Pizza, enjoys playing guitar, is an avid climber, and is currently studying Information Technology. He also plans on attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall of 2023. Quentin enjoys Autumn, the sunset, and long walks on the beach.

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Emma Herzog


Emma Herzog is a sophomore at Oak Hills High School. This is her first year as a writer for the Tartan. This is her second year being involved in Tennis as well as Track & Field. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends. Though Emma has never been a published writer, she is excited to be a part of the Tartan to get her ideas out to the Oak Hills student body.

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Taylor Yeager


Taylor Yeager is a sophomore at Oak Hills High School and this is her first year writing for The Tartan. She has been a thrower on the Oak Hills Track & Field team for 1 season. Outside of school, she spends her time sleeping, doing homework, making bracelets, attending high school sports events, and watching movies. Taylor is looking forward to being a part of The Tartan this year.

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Tanner Crim


Tanner Crim is a sophomore at Oak Hills. When he isn’t at school, working, or doing homework, he is usually playing basketball or hanging out with friends. He does well in American sign language and study hall and that's about it. Tanner does not write often, but wants to write more. This is his first year being a part of The Tartan and looks forward to contributing to The Tartan articles. 

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Norah Piegols


Norah Piegols is a sophomore at Oak Hills high school and this will be her first year writing for the Tartan. She is a part of the Oak Hills Cross Country and Track teams. Most of her time outside of school is spent at practice, doing homework, or hanging out with friends. Over the summer she got her first job as a lifeguard. Norah is looking forward to being a part of the Tartan staff and putting her writing out there!

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Malakye Marsh-Welton


Malakye (Kye) Marsh-Welton is an Oak Hills student and co-writer for The Tartan. This is currently Kyes's sophomore year (2022-2023 School year). In addition to The Tartan, Kye plays football for OHHS. This is his first year playing for the high school. Kye is also currently planning on joining Oak Hills bowling or wrestling in the winter. When he is not in school or in football practice you may find him out with his friend, playing sports, or at home relaxing or playing video games (Not that you should be at his house). Kye looks forward to being a part of The Tartan and help tell some amazing stories.

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Addison Weldele


Addison Weldele is a sophomore at Oak Hills High School. She is a part of the Oak Hills Oakettes Dance Team for her second year, but in her free time she loves to go to the beach, hangout with friends and family, and watch movies. Addison is very excited to be a first year writer for the Tartan and can’t wait to contribute to the school newspaper with articles. 

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Cade Newman


Cade Newman is a sophomore at Oak Hills High School. While Cades is away from school, he loves to hang out with friends, go out, and play football. Cade loves to write, especially on recent and controversial topics. Within school, he works well in math and english. This is Cade’s first year working in the Tartan and he plans to contribute and work significantly.

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Elan Daum


Elan Daum is a student at Oak Hills, they love to try all the different types of activities. They try to be the best person they can. They play the trombone and have been involved in the Marching Band for 6 years. They have a passion for music as they are in various music classes and DJ Club. They are also part of, SAGA, Outdoors club, Band, as well. They are a Taurus, Pansexual, and are Non-Binary. They hope to make great articles throughout the year!

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