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Senior Edition 2020- A huge shout out to the class of 2020. We understand that this is a difficult time, especially for the spring athletes. Your names and skill will not be forgotten. Thank you, Seniors. 

To The Class of 2020

by Guest Writer Taylor Renee Davis 

To the Class of 2020

It’s hard to believe that

we’re graduating

from high school already.


It seems like yesterday

we were just starting 

our freshman year at Oak Hills. 


I am proud of us

making it through 

high school.


We all worked 

so hard to be 

in this position. 


We couldn't have 

made it through 

without all of our

Wonderful teachers helping us. 


I wish  the best for

all of you by finding

your dream jobs in the



I’m going to miss Oak Hills 

and I’m going to miss 

each and every one

of you. 


You will always

be in my heart 

now and forever. 


Give it up to

The Class of 2020


We Are The Class Of 2020

Senior Year Crossword

senior year 2.png
Graduation Hat Throw

Graduation Hat Throw

Special Messages From Family By: Kenzie Davis

Special Messages From Family: Click Here!


A Letter to Oak Hills 

by Mackenzie Hoy  

Dear Oak Hills,

 I can’t say that I will miss you or that I’ll forget you. Looking back on these past four years, I can say I have grown, I have changed. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, and I have experienced many things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have experienced failures and I have found new limits. Oak Hills, I have you to thank for that. 


I have you to thank for employing amazing teachers, who have never given up on me and have pushed me to be the best I can be. I have made friends with those teachers, people I know I can turn to if I am struggling, or just need someone to talk to. I have you to thank for giving me new friendships and strengthening the old ones, so there is a new group of people I can rely on. That new group of friends will grow into a family. 


I have you to thank for providing so many different classes that allow each student to find his or her own way and to continue down that path or decide to take a different path. I have you to thank for the wide variety of clubs and sports offered that permit each student to express themselves and their passions. Through these classes, clubs, and sports I have broken out of my shell, I have faced my fears, I have grown stronger, and I have found who I am. 


I have you to thank for showing me what school spirit is, a large group of people coming together with a common sense of identity and community. I have you to thank for providing us with amazing lunch ladies who work tirelessly to make sure the cafeteria is stocked with all kinds of food and drinks we could want. I have you to thank for providing us with a fantastic janitorial staff who help keep the school and the environment clean.


 I have you to thank for allowing the students to feel safe at school and to not worry if disaster should strike. This is, of course, due to the amazing security details and the hard-working office staff and administrators. And lastly, thank you for giving me a place to call home for one hundred and eighty two days.


High school, my now fading friend, our relationship is coming to an end. Soon, I will never recognize your brick exterior again. Soon, I will never eat a delicious wrap, burger, or cookie from the cafeteria. Soon, I will move on to the next greatest challenge: college, and then, the real world. Soon, I won’t even be here to think about where I’m going, I’ll just be there.



Mackenzie Hoy

Top 4 

by Kenzie Davis 


Caroline Eichhorn: First 

1. What college are you planning to attend? (If you are choosing an alternate route please list that here).  I am planning on attending Clemson University 


2. What is your intended major? Biological Sciences (on the pre-med track) 


3. What is your dream job? My dream job is to become a physician, but I am undecided about just what area of medicine I want to go into. 


4. What was your favorite high school course?  My favorite high school class was probably Anatomy and Physiology.


5. What is your favorite high school memory?  This is a hard question, but I will always remember the Friday Night Lights as well as Prom and Homecoming. 


6. Who has been your biggest support system through highschool?  So many people have supported me throughout high school, notably Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Dunkle, Mrs. Vandewalle, Mrs. Book, Mrs. Ludwig, and Mrs. Gilreath, but I couldn't be where I am without the amazing support of my friends and family


7. Any last words to your classmates? 

It's been real! See you all in five years for our first reunion. 

Taylor Glover: Second 

1. What college are you planning to attend? (If you are choosing an alternate route please list that here). The Ohio State University or University of Cincinnati


2. What is your intended major? Neuroscience


3. What is your dream job? Neurologist 


4. What was your favorite high school course? My favorite high school course was AP Biology. This class sparked my interest in the nervous system and it made me realize I want to go into a major that incorporates biology, chemistry, and psychology. 


5. What is your favorite high school memory? My favorite high school memory is being a part of the marching band. I'm going to miss performing at football games and competitions when I graduate. 


6. Who has been your biggest support system through highschool? My family has been my biggest support system. They are always encouraging me to chase  my goals and accomplish them successfully. They support me no matter what decisions I make in life. 


7. Any last words to your classmates? 

We finally made it! 

Elizabeth Eckstien: Third  

1. What college are you planning to attend? (If you are choosing an alternate route please list that here).  I plan on attending UC


2. What is your intended major? I intend to major in finance


3. What is your dream job?  I’d love to be a personal financial advisor or financial analyst.. I just want to see what classes I like in business to see which one I’d enjoy more. 


4. What was your favorite high school course? Calculus BC & personal finance


5. What is your favorite high school memory? High school has been filled with great memories like friday night football games, homecoming, prom, & basketball games, but one specific memory that always makes me laugh is when Mrs. Vandewalle wrote down something wrong & went to erase it & instead of saying “silly Mrs. Vandewalle” she said “silly mommy”. 


6. Who has been your biggest support system through highschool? So many people have supported me throughout high school, but the people who stick out to me the most are my parents, my sisters, friends, Mr. Schroeder, Mrs. Vandewalle, & Ms. Spires. 


7. Any last words to your classmates? 

Thank you for giving me a great, memorable 4 years.  It’s been fun, class of 2020:) 

Rebecca Gilligan: Fourth 

1. What college are you planning to attend? (If you are choosing an alternate route please list that here). University of Cincinnati


2. What is your intended major?  I will be doing the ACCEND program (dual degree). My undergrad is Mechanical Engineering and my grad will be Robotics/Intelligent Autonomous Systems.


3. What is your dream job? Building rovers with NASA or working with robots at a defense company.


4. What was your favorite high school course?  Do I have to choose just one? I loved Calculus, Engineering Foundations, and Robotics.


5. What is your favorite high school memory?  Seeing the impact I've had through the robotics Community Programs, providing opportunity and STEM engagement to younger students.


6. Who has been your biggest support system through highschool?  Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Boles have been my biggest supporters and amazing mentors.


7. Any last words to your classmates?  You're the only one responsible for your success; find what you love and give it your all.


Then vs. Now 

By: Elizabeth and Gabby Dreyer 

It’s here everyone: Graduation! We have been waiting for this moment for four years or twelve, if you’re like us. Now that senioritis is over, it is time to look back on our years in high school and see how much has changed. You never really realize how music, movies, and much more can differ in such a short amount of time. If you’re feeling nostalgic and overall in your feels, then this article will for sure make it worse :). 



From 2016 to 2020 we have seen a vast change in songs. Every year, there are those songs that everyone knows. No matter your favorite genre or taste of music, these songs were a hit. 

2016: One Dance (Drake), Black Beatles (Rae Sremmurd), Broccoli (D.R.A.M.), No Problem (Chance the Rapper), Heathens (Twenty One Pilots), Panda (Desiinger), and Hello (Adele)

2020: The Box (Roddy Ricch), Suge (DaBaby), Bad Guy (Billie Eilish), Sucker (Jonas Brothers), Money in the Grave (Drake), Truth Hurts (Lizzo), Uno (Ambjaay), Lottery (Renegade) K CAMP)), and No Guidance (Chris Brown, Drake)



Ahhh memes. Memes have dominated the Internet for many years now. Memes have been used by a wide range of age groups including your grandma or even your newborn cousin. Memes have changed drastically from 2016 till now. 

2016: Pepe the Frog- This meme had all different sorts of meanings, but somehow represented all of our moods. Dat Boi Frog- This frog paved its way through the internet by unicycling from phone to phone. You know I had to do it to em- This one was a staple when responding to your peers. Arthur Clenched Fist- That moment when we have to graduate, tragic. Harambe- First off, R.I.P., but this meme took over the Internet, even involving celebrities to show the tragic death of our beloved gorilla. 

2020: Baby Yoda- Although we don’t really know what this meme stands for, baby Yoda is everyone’s favorite. Skai Jackson- The meme showcasing Skai Jackson sitting on the couch is everyone's mood for 2020: waiting for graduation like. Adam Levine's Shirt During the Super Bowl- Not many people agreed with his choice of shirt. Many even compared it to their curtains or couch cushions. Mom Did You Take My Juul?- It was $60 and tutti frutti! 


T.V. Shows/ Movies: 

Choice of T.V. shows or movies have differed greatly over the years. The Netflix gods have blessed us with amazing shows and movies that we still watch in 2020. 

2016: 13 Reasons Why, Pretty Little Liars, Walking Dead (BTW the scene with Glenn was devastating), Greys Anatomy, Moana, Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and Zootopia

2020: You, Stranger Things (Season 3), The Mandalorian, Disney Plus, The Lion King, Aladdin, Rocketman, Avengers: Endgame, Joker, IT Chapter Two, and Scary Movies to Tell in the Dark


Shoes: Oh how shoes have changed in these four years. We look back at our old shoes and cringe tremendously. 

2016: Roshe, Sperrys (still could be popular if you’re on your dad’s boat), Birkenstocks, High Nike socks and slides, Converse, Adidas Superstars, and Air Jordan 11

2020: Nike Air Force 1 , Uggs, Yeezys, Adidas NMD R1, Nike Air Max 270, Vans, Nike Air Huarache, Steve Madden slip ons, and Nike slides

Things High School Did and Didn't Teach Us 

By: Elizabeth and Gabby Dreyer 


  • Taxes 

  • How to buy a house 

  • How to manage your credit card

  • How to adopt a dog 

  • How to set up a tent 

  • How to change a tire

  • How to get gas

  • How to go to the doctors by yourself 

  • How to survive without iced coffee 

  • Time management

  • How to take out a loan

  • BOYS 

  • How to vote 

  • Where to get a passport

  • How to not spend too much money on Chipotle

  • What to do other than go to Target when you’re bored 

  • How to wrap a present 

  • How to wear clothes other than sweatpants 

  • How to use an actual map


  • Pythagorean Theorem 

  • The strengths and weaknesses of Articles of Confederation 

  • How to write a thesis 

  • Social Darwinism 

  • The difference between a polyp and medusa 

  • The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Some friendships don’t last forever

  • Snow days are the best days 

  • Respect the things around you 

  • School is a privilege 

  • How to apply for college 

  • How to have a fun four years 

  • How to get your diploma 

  • Once a Highlander, always a Highlander 


Goodluck, Seniors 

Military Shout Outs 

By: Anastasia Holleman and Kenzie Hoy 

Jacob Caldwell- Marines

Jackson Overman- Marines

Peter Sutjaibun- Marines

Anastasia Holleman- Marines


Marines Profile-Anastasia Holleman: When asked about why she decided to join the military, she had this to say: “I wanted to not only help myself but help people too, the military seemed like a good outlet for that. It’d teach me discipline and give me another family.” She decided to choose the Marines over other branches because she wanted a challenge and felt the Marines would be the branch to give her that. Her biggest inspiration for joining the Marines is Opha May Johnson, the first female Marine.


Kendyl Smith- Marines

Ryan Lowe- Marines

Brighton Black- Marines

Ben Jester- Navy

Zach Dayton- Navy


Navy Profile- Zach Dayton: When asked why he decided to join the military, he had this to say: “The structure, and to serve my country, to better myself and make something out of my life. To give myself a head start.” He decided to join the Navy over other branches because he had family in the Navy. He thought it was the best option for him and had the job field he wanted. His biggest inspiration for joining the Navy is his uncle. His uncle had been in the Navy and even had the same job Zach is going into. 

Hayden Allphin- Air Force


Air Force Profile- Hayden Allphin

We asked Hayden for a response to our questions, sadly he wasn’t able to respond. 

Artwork by Alaina Broughton 


Surviving College Dorms 

By: Elizabeth Danner

   College life can end up being quite stressful at times, having to remember what you need in order to be enrolled in the school and all of the material for classes. But what most people often tend to forget is decorating their dorm rooms. Sometimes picking a style can be hard if you don’t know what your roommate might like/dislike, or maybe you don’t even know what you need in your room. It is easiest to keep the style simple, and minimalistic because you don’t want a tiny room cramped up with a lot of things you might not even need. 

      It is always important to look at the dorm building’s rules, or even ask your RA what you can and cannot have in your room. Many colleges won’t allow microwaves or a mini-fridge in the room because of all the power it can take up or the risk of a fire. However, many of the buildings have a microwave ready to use for the students in the common room. Candles are also not allowed in the rooms, so it is best to bring a string of lights that are battery powered instead. Instead of bringing an air conditioner, you should bring a small fan, and if you ever get cold, then just bring some warm clothes and a thick blanket. 

      Now, people often forget about items that they will need to bring with them for their own dorm rooms. Please do not forget about bringing your own toiletries such as towels, shampoo/conditioner, razors, etc. Things that you may need for the room could be surge protectors, extension cords, curtains (if the room has a window), a rug, a trash can with bags, eating utensils, adhesive hooks, and mirrors. 

      Some of these are quite random and you may not know how to fit them in your room with the aesthetic or theme, so make sure to get objects that can match in the first place. But if that isn’t possible, it is best to decorate the place with a minimalist theme, so keep things simple and a single color theme. Always have objects that are within that color scheme, or just get plain black or white colored objects. Also, try to not clutter your wall with so many decorations like paintings and photo frames because this can add up to a lot of money. 

      Cluttered rooms will end up costing a lot, so don’t keep getting multiples of things, such as backups, that you may not need. Too many blankets and pillows will cover your bed and you will have to end up taking all of them off every night before you go to sleep. If you do like to have a lot of pillows on your bed, then organization is the key to keep it from getting too crowded. In fact, you should always have your room organized, that way the room can feel more open since the dorms tend to be so small. 

      Decorating your dorm room does not always have to be a chore, in fact, it can be one of the most enjoyable parts of starting college. Since college may be a lot of work, at least you can come back and relax in your room.

Embarrassing Stories From Seniors  

By: Anastasia Holleman and Kenzie Hoy  

From freshman to senior year, there have been many memories, many moments, and many stories told. Some are funny, some are boring, some are sad, some are happy, and some are just embarrassing. Here are a few embarrassing stories from seniors.


Audrey Meyer: “I was asking one of my teachers for help on an assignment and I realized I not only called my teacher the wrong name but used the wrong title for that teacher’s name as well. I know this isn’t very embarrassing, but it's the best one I’ve got.”


Nathan Malsbary: “My friends and I were running up and down some stairs freshman year, and I joked to one of them that I was going to fall, immediately after saying that I fell down the steps and bruised my side. My friends told me it was karma.”


Geoffrey McGinnis: “While doing a dissection with my group mates in Zoology, I cut the wrong part and ended up getting juices squirted in my face. I smelled like animal insides for the rest of the day.”


Jillian Traylor: “I was talking with my table about how dumb a movie one of my teachers put on was, and apparently, I was talking louder than I thought;  the teacher paused the movie and asked me to go outside in the hallway if I wasn’t enjoying the movie. Whoops!” 


Rachel Neihiesel: “I was typing an essay for one of my classes and the essay was due at the end of the bell. I had just finished when I realized the entire time I was typing the essay, some of the words were changing to French words. I had to tell the teacher what was going on, the teacher laughed and said at least you double-checked your work before you turned it in.”

Committed Athletes 

By: Annabelle Jalovec  

Sports are a big event at Oak Hills especially with our supportive cheering sections that come out to each game and support the athletes. These seniors have worked hard all throughout high school and they deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. We are incredibly proud of all of these student-athletes and excited to see what they accomplish in college. 


Grace Armentrout: Women's Soccer (Thomas More University) 

Sebastion Bachler: Football (Hocking College)

Emma Bode: Softball (University of Findlay) 

Cam Brandt: Baseball (Northern Kentucky University) 

Sydni Crass: Women's Volleyball (Tiffin University) 

Kelen Dietrich: Men’s Basketball (Delta State University) 

Isabel Dragotta: Women's Soccer (Thomas More University) 

Brianna Schneider: Women's Volleyball (University of Cincinnati - Clermont

DJ Shaw: Football (Lake Erie College)

Emily Tirey: Women's soccer (Northern Kentucky University) 

Josie Wefer: Softball (Morehead State University)

Racheal Winkler: Women's lacrosse (Mount St Joseph University) 

SOFTBALL: Kayla Roddy has been playing softball since she was little. She is currently overcoming a shoulder surgery where she tore her labrum. Kayla is a pitcher and plays in-field. Kayla is going to school for Psychology and she is very excited to be attending Thiel College in Pennsylvania next year. Congrats, Kayla! 

LACROSSE: Michael Hehman has been playing lacrosse since he was 10 years old, where he has been the attackman. Michael is proud that he was able to get a scholarship and excited he is getting the chance to play lacrosse at the next level. He plans on studying Information System Security at the University of the Cumberlands. Congrats on your achievements!

TRACK AND FIELD: Cailee Plunkett has been running track since she was 13 years old and cross country when she was 12 years old. She said her favorite thing about doing track and cross country is how she has to mentally and physically push herself to do better. “It is a competition against others, as well as my own mind,” Cailee said. She is most proud of how much she has improved and can’t wait to continue that at Hanover College. Cailee is going to study Psychology and plans on minoring in something undecided as well. Congrats! We can’t wait to see everything you do. 

GOLF: Joey Siegel started playing golf when he was 6, stopped and picked it back up when he was 12. Joey is going to Mount St. Joseph University to study business marketing. Joey’s biggest accomplishments with playing is when he finished 2nd team GMC twice, as well as coming in 7th place at a Southwest Ohio tournament with over 200 golfers. Congrats! We hope you enjoy playing at the next level!


Our life through pictures..presenting the class of 2020

Thank you, seniors 

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