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Spring Signing

by Emma Supe 

Monday, May 6th, 2019 

Oak Hills is fortunate enough to have a large student body, that is filled with athletic and academic talent. Many of our senior student athletes have signed to play in college. On May 3rd, 2019, we had 17 students at the Oak Hills spring signing. Congratulations to each and every one of these fine young students. Oak Hills wishes you all the best of luck!


Maddie Allen: University of Cincinnati (dance)

Grace Aug: Centre College (Lacrosse)

Margaret Grote: Ohio Wesleyan University (swimming)

Michaela Cassidy: Thomas Moore University (softball)

Sydney Bledsoe: Thomas Moore University (softball)

Mattison Fisher: Thomas Moore University (softball)

Camryn Gramke: Ohio Dominican University (basketball)

Mya McCreary: Thomas Moore University (bowling)

Alex Hughes: Mount St. Joseph University (lacrosse)

Christian Vanover: University of the Cumberlands (lacrosse)

Brooke Boehm: Mount St. Joseph University (soccer)

Lexi Evangelou: Wittenberg University (soccer)

Alaina Smith: University of Cincinnati-Clermont (volleyball)

Ethan Meyers: Muskingum University (football)  

Brandon Tirey: Thomas Moore University (football)

Joey Weikel: Thomas Moore University (football)

Andy Lawson: Thomas Moore University (football)

Oak Hills Youth Meet

by Gabby Dreyer 

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 

The Oak Hills High School track team hosts a youth meet every year that serves the religious schools around the west side.

This track meet gives the younger kids the opportunity to show their skills at a school that is very near to the schools. Also,

the track team tries to encourage the students to go to Oak Hills when it is time to go to high school. This track meet consists

of running, jumping, and throwing events. As track runners, the high school track team has the obligation to volunteer for the

younger kids so that we can influence them to do the same when they become older.

The younger kids arrive at about 4:00 pm on March 29th. Both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams volunteer at the meet. As the high school athletes run the meet, the coaches make sure everything goes smoothly, as well as making sure people are doing their jobs correctly. I am a track runner for Oak Hills so I volunteered at the meet. Volunteering was such a great opportunity because we all got to interact with the kids and give them advice when they were about to do their event; it almost felt like the kids looked up to us.

In the beginning of the week, it was only supposed to rain just a little bit. Just a little bit. Well, as the night went on it just got a little colder, and a little darker. By 6:00 that night (it lasted until about 9:30 pm), the sky was pouring its heart out.

As you can see from the picture, my sister and I are standing in the pouring rain. Even though it was raining, it did not make the opportunity bad at all, but it brought us together more. We bonded with each other due to all of us suffering from the wetness of our clothes. Volunteering with the children was a fantastic opportunity, and all of us track runners wouldn’t change anything about that night (except the rain).   


Come out and Support the Boys Tennis Team

by Kenzie Hoy

Friday, April 5th, 2019 

Are you tired of just sitting at home after school, not doing anything? Do you want to support your fellow Highlanders? If so then come out and support the Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Tennis Teams. Both teams are on fire beating, Elder 5-0 (Varsity), 4-1 (Junior Varsity), and Varsity beating Hamilton 4-1. The Varsity team is currently 5-1 and Junior Varsity is 1-2


The Varsity team is coached by Jeremy Miller. The players are Andrew Cole (Sr.), Santi Franco (Fr.), Joseph Graff (Sr.), Jack Hoeting (Fr.), Carlos Rodriguez- Macua (Jr.), Michael McClurg (Fr.) and Daniel Rauch (Sr.)


The Junior Varsity is coached by Emily Gramke. The players are Ethan Campbell (Fr.), Max Doerger (Fr.) Mikey Douglas (So.), Sam Graff (Fr.), Nick Murray (Fr.), Oladayo Olakanmi (So.), AJ Robb (Fr.), Joshua Shockey (Fr.), Cole Toberg (Fr.), and Bailey Wallace (Fr.)


The Junior Varsity’s next home game is Tuesday, April 9 against Colerain @Colerain High School. The Varsity’s next match is Monday, April 8 against Middletown @ Middletown High School and their next home match is Monday, April 15 against Anderson. Please come out and support both boys tennis teams. They could always use the support!


Schedules for both teams:


Junior Varsity:

By:Emma Supe 

Friday, April 5th, 2019 

Football and basketball get a lot of attention here at Oak Hills. They’re the most attended and

watched sports in our school and everyone knows the boys who play. What most people

don’t know is Oak Hills has a great boys lacrosse program. Although the typical stereotype for

lacrosse is preppy “lax bros,” I can assure you that isn’t the truth. Our team has some of the most hardworking student athletes in the school, and they have been getting better and better each year. The varsity lacrosse team is led by coach Brian Donnellan, the former JV head coach. The season started on February 18th and the boys are currently 2-4. They played Lasalle on Thursday, March 28th, and had their first win over the Lancers with an outstanding score of 17-3. They also beat Fairfield this past week. The team captains this year are Christian Vanover, Charlie Marschall, John O’Shea and Tommy Troseth.

I interviewed junior Charlie Marschall and asked him a few things about the team and the season this year. He is a team captain for varsity this year, and plays attack. Marschall played JV his freshman year, and has played varsity for the past 2 years. I asked him how the seniors are doing this year and if they’re motivating the team. Marschall said ,”The seniors have been great this year, Christian Vanover has been one of my biggest supporters since my freshman year and he continues to keep myself motivated as well as the team. Alex Hughes has been a major part of keeping the team together and ready to compete at all times, he is a great goalie and an even better leader. Jake Rupe has made major improvements over the offseason and has become a major component to the defense and the team in general, he pushes the team and I everyday at practice, making us work harder. Peyton White has been a huge part of the offense and plays a big role on defense.” Being a captain as a junior is a big deal. I asked Marschall how it felt to be a leader of the team. He said, “Being a captain as a junior means a lot to me, this team is a big part of my life and is like my second family. Having the ability to help lead them with the other captains is something I've always wanted to have the privilege of doing since I was young. It's awesome!” Marschall has been a key player for his team and for the game.

The Elder v. Oak Hills game is on Friday, April 5th at Oak Hills. I asked Marschall about his thoughts on the game and the rivalry. He said,”The Oak Hills, Elder rivalry is something that is exciting for everyone, doesn't really matter which sport you play. Heading into the game, I am very confident in my team. We started off the season slow but have improved game by game. This group of guys knows what they are doing on the field and I have full confidence that this game will be a good one!”

One of the seniors their year, Alex Hughes, is also a key player on the team. He may be the most important player, being the goalie. This is Hughes 3rd year playing lacrosse, and his second year being on varsity playing goalie. I asked his thoughts on the season and the team so far and he said,”I feel like this year we are really turning around how people view Oak Hills and we are competing with every team we face this year.” The boys have started off with a slow start but are quickly proving themselves. He said the reason for the rough start was due to the team still being new, and they are still trying to find the chemistry together on the field. I asked Hughes how well the team is working together this year and he said,”After the first few games the team has really shown we can work together better than any other team and we can play good team lacrosse.” Being a team player and having a good work ethic is a crucial element in having a good season.

Come out and support the boys this year and help cheer them on against the purple team this Friday!


Lax Bros

Running My Way Into Spring

by Guest Writer Emma Crull

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 

Do you love to run? Do you want something to do during the spring season? I believe that I have a sport you would love to do! Track and Field, a sport that requires a lot of endurance, is one of the many spring sports you can try out for. If you are looking for a sport that is a lot of fun with team bonding, daily workouts, and meet fun this could be the sport for you.


“We practice every day of the week from 3-5, we don’t practice on the weekends, and we usually have 2 or 3 meets a week,” said Coach Kinkley as we started off talking. Typically, track travels throughout the city for their meets. There is only one meet hosted here at Oak Hills called Best of the West. B of the W is a track meet for all of the schools on the Westside to run and compete. While watching the team warm up, they are always working together and creating the bond of a close team. Both JV and Varsity practice together, but do not always travel to meets at the same time. If both teams are running, then they all stay at the meet the whole time to watch and support the teammates running.


Along with supporting the team during meets, once a week there is a team bonding activity done by the whole team. This helps build friendships and relationships between the runners. “We [the people on the track team] are all really close,” explains Junior and relay runner Reagan Asman as we talk about the relationships built during her time in track. Just by watching the team, there is that bonded effect they have on each other from meeting. There are many different reasons that people run track. Some run for military training, to stay fit, love to run, or some do not like to run but are good at throwing.

If you enjoy the physical activity during spring, then thinking about joining track is something to strongly consider. It is not all about running, there are many different ways to be involved if you are not fast. There are throwing and jumping events along with sprints, relays, long jump and many more. Joining track is a great way to get fit and make good friends at the same time. While talking to different people about why they joined track, there were a variety of answers that were given. “I am going to join the military right after high school and I need to be physically fit and I thought if I joined track it would help me in that process and I meet new people on the way,” says Junior and sprinter Tommy Ray.

If you want a good time, to make new friends, or even just to get fit, then track might be the right sport for you to look into for the spring season. Just remember one thing Coack Kinkely said while thinking about joining track: “There’s something in track for everyone. Even if you are not fast, there is a spot for you. If you only want to jump or pole vault, there is a spot for you. If you want to distance run, we can always find a spot for anyone interested.

Competing at Nationals

by Bre Luca

Friday, March 8th, 2019 

This school year has been a remarkable one for the Oakettes. From

celebrating their 60th anniversary to qualifying for nationals, the Oakettes

have been very busy this school year. You might know them from their

performances at half time shows or at pep assemblies, but you may not

know what really goes on behind the scenes.


There are 21 girls on the Oakettes this year.  They qualified for Nationals

which took place at Orlando, Florida this year. There are hundreds of teams

that go to Florida from all across the country to compete for the National

Title so it was a great honor just to qualify. There are three different

categories that the Oakettes competed in: pom, hip hop, and jazz. They performed on February 22nd at Prelims and then the next day for Finals.


With the great weather down there, they were able to find an empty spot in a park and practice before their performances on Friday. As the suspense grew, the girls took time to do hair and makeup and get prepared for Prelims. The girls are critiqued on the tiniest details, so if they do not look their best, they will have points deducted. Click here to see the official score sheet used for judging.


Overall, the girls performed very well. They placed 17th in pom, 16th in jazz, and 12th in hip hop. Many girls this year struggled with injuries while trying to learn the intense performances. It has been a long journey for the girls and their hard work shows. Congratulations ladies and good luck in following seasons!

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 1.08.37 PM.png

Oak Hills Girls Lacrosse

by Emma Supe

Thursday, March 7th, 2019 

The first Oak Hills Girls Lacrosse Team was started in the 2016-2017

school year. The program started out with just a JV team, consisting of

freshman all the way to seniors. Mike O'Connor, and his two daughters,

Shannon and Colleen O'Connor were the coaches. The girls ended the

season with a 1-9 record and played 4 varsity teams. The following year,

a varsity team was added, along with having the JV team. With a lot of

hard work and dedication, the girls got more wins and started getting the

hang of things. Varsity ended the season with a 5-11 record. Varsity lost to

Mt. Notre Dame in the first tournament game. MND was the number 1

team in the city and they were undefeated in the first round of the State

Playoffs. JV ended the season 5-10-1.


This year, the girls lacrosse program started their 3rd year at Oak Hills. They are now a sanctioned sport, and in the GMC, as of this season. The girls started practice on February 18th and will go through the middle of May, maybe further if they advance in the tournament games. This year they made cuts with 23 girls on JV and 21 girls on varsity. They played their first scrimmage against Mercy Mcauley at Oak Hills on February 23rd and did extremely well. The team is being led by some of the best student-athletes we have at Oak Hills. Senior Athena Caneris, one of the founders of this program, and the other seniors are doing their best to push their teammates and make this season the best one yet. This season the girls are in a tough league, but with the hard work and dedication of the coaches and players, they will further the program and leave a lasting legacy for future players to come!



by Emma Supe

Friday, February 28th, 2019 

On January 22nd, 2019, Oak Hills lost to the purple team. It was a sad day in Highlander country suffering a tough loss, 45-31, the 3-year winning streak had come to an end, and it was devastating for this year's seniors.

Now they are getting a second chance to take down Elder. In this year's sectional game at Hamilton, Oak Hills and Elder will rehash the rivalry, and hopefully, our boys will redeem themselves. The game starts at 6 o'clock sharp on Thursday, February 28th at Hamilton High School. Elder is currently 12-10 and has a league record of 4-2. Oak Hills is 16-6 in their regular season and has a 13-3 league record.  I talked to Senior Balor Appiarius about his thoughts on the game. He said, “It’s not just another game, in the back of our minds it's a revenge tour.” Let’s hope that the Highlanders come out and play their hardest and can advance to the district qualifier game.

The theme for Thursday's game is jersey night, and Elder will be having a purple out. Come out and support the boys on their road to victory. You won’t regret watching Oak Hills take their rightful place as champions over the Panthers!



by Jackie Finke

Friday, February 15th, 2019 

Connor O’Dell is a junior at Oak Hills High School with a big future ahead of him. He has

participated in wrestling since his freshman year and he also does throwing in the spring. Recently

the wrestling season kicked off, which he is super excited about. Ever since he was a freshman he’s

dreamt of being on varsity and this year it actually happened. He wants to get picked up from

colleges and have a scholarship for wrestling.  O’Dell has always said “I think the only thing that it

takes to be a wrestler is heart” and he has believed this ever since he heard about his grandpa

wrestling for Elder when he was in High School. O’Dell first started wrestling because he wanted to

follow in the footsteps of the man he inspires to be. He’s always had a reason and that reason was

that “I always want to make my grandpa proud” O’Dell says. His family goes to almost every one of

his matches and cheers him on and they are very proud of him, he has advanced in many ways because of all the hard work he puts forth.


O’Dell is an amazing person to be around and he has goals he has never failed to accomplish. He also wants to go to college for design, as he has always been fascinated by the arts. His mind and character can make him go places and he is very intelligent. He has always had a bright future ahead of him and everyone around him seems to think so too. His Sophomore year, O’Dell took Art Foundation, which he did phenomenal in. He has a very special artistic hand and if he ever gets a challenge or a taste he makes sure he does everything to complete it.


He has always been very family oriented and he would do anything for the ones that he loves. In his free time, when he isn’t at practice or working during the summer, he spends his time with his loved ones, watching youtube, or playing a game with his friends online. O’Dell is very friendly and his smile could light up the room. He always has something to talk about and he is the person you could always go to with anything. He never fails to bring his loved ones joy and never-ending conversations.


O’Dell plans to be very successful while focusing on wrestling and the arts. He truly has a bright future ahead of him, and no matter what obstacles are in front of him, he will overcome it. He is very strong and independent and always working on himself and making himself better every day. O’Dell says “I push myself to really know my limit and so far I haven’t found it.” He has always given 110% on everything that he has ever done, and he will continue to do so because that is the type of person he has always been. O’Dell inspires not only me every single day but everyone around him. He is an amazing person inside and out and he will always remain that way, He is not only an amazing wrestler he’s an amazing friend, uncle, brother, boyfriend and many other things, but he’s also always been O’Dell.

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 1.05.28 PM.png

The Girls Behind the Stats

by Emma Supe

Friday, February 22nd, 2019 

Our boys wrestling program has one of the best support teams our school has to offer. The Matscots

are the wrestling teams backbone. They keep the scores and cheer the boys on at meets. These girls

have put in hours of hard work to help their peers succeed, with not much in return. These girls are

the best at what they do, and they deserve a shoutout! Sierra Dance is one of these dedicated

individuals. She has been senior and has been a Matscot for the past 4 years. Her sophomore

year, she was the spirit chair,  junior year she was co-captain and her senior year, she was named

the captain. I asked Sierra what her job entails. She told me the responsibilities include going to the

wrestling events with the team, take written stats, work the clock, and work the scoreboards. The

meets usually last 2-3 hours or tournaments can last all day. It just depends on how the wrestlers

are doing that day.


I asked her a few questions about her experiences while being a mascot. I asked Sierra what the

best part about being a mascot was. She said “The best part of being a Matscot is all the time you

get to spend with a new group of people. The girls and guys you get to know, you would have

never met [them] outside of it.” I asked her about her best memory and she said she didn’t have one.

She said, “All of the parties, all of the long days, and all of the jokes with the coaches; there isn't one

I can choose.” being apart of such a diverse and small group can create some really good memories that can last a lifetime. I asked Sierra how hard it was to learn the wrestling rules. She said,” Keeping score is very easy to learn. You watch the ref and depending on the number of fingers he holds up and where he has it on his body and the move he does after.” It does take concentration and dedication. After a couple meets, it’s easy to catch on. With it being Sierra’s senior year, I asked her what she will miss the most about being a Matscot. She said,” I'm going to miss getting to know the girls and being close with the coaches.” After being with the same group for 4 years, it’s hard to leave that behind. Lastly, I asked her about what her relationship with the wrestlers is like. Sierra said, “The relationship with the boys is very close. You are with them all the time during most of the weekends. You make lots of memories with them.” Being close to these guys made the mascots experience so much better because they made friendships that will last a lifetime.


I want to thank the Matscots for all of the hard work they do that goes unnoticed! Congrats on a great season to the wrestlers and the girls.


Update On Winter Sports - Cheer & Basketball

by Emma Supe

Friday, January 18th, 2019 

Boys Varsity Basketball

The Oak Hills boys varsity basketball team is having a great 2018-2019 season. They have an overall 9-2 record, and a GMC record of 6-1, led by coach Mike Price. Their starting players include seniors Jacob Berkemeier, Deandre Hayes, and Zach Moeller. They have 2 juniors starting: Camden Brandt and Kelen Dietrich.  At their game this past Friday, they played Princeton, and they took a great win over the Tigers and beat them 69-54. The Friday before last, junior point guard and shooting guard Kelen Dietrich, scored an impressive 22 points against Mason for a 53-49 win. They have the Oak Hills v. Elder rivalry coming up, and the team has a lot riding on their shoulders since they’ve beaten Elder the past couple of years. The Oak Hills cheering section has been overwhelmingly supportive and they continue to cheer on the Highlanders, both at home and away. Oak Hills basketball is having a great season so far, and all of the players are putting in the utmost effort to make this season great. Come out and watch the boys take another win this Friday, January 18th, 2019, at Colerain High school against the Cardinals at 7:30 pm!


Oak Hills Competition Cheer Team

The Oak Hills cheerleading team just had an amazing start to the

new year when they took the first place trophy at the 2019 OAC

State Cheerleading Championship. The team is led by seniors

Karlee Shay, Tiffany Miller, Margaret Grote, and Danielle Engel.

They performed an almost perfect routine which included tumbling,

stunts, tosses, pyramids, dancing, and of course cheerleading!

They brought spirit and enthusiasm and represented our school

perfectly. This is their second state championship in the past 4

years. Along with competing in cheer competitions, most of these

girls also cheer for the boys' basketball team, and they do an

incredible job getting the crowd fired up. This team has worked

incredibly hard to earn the title of state champs, and they practice

until they get things perfect. All that work paid off! Nice job ladies.

Congratulations to the coaches who made all of this possible, Kirt

and Mindi Shay, Margo Turman, and Molly Mueller.


Track and Field is a sport here at Oak Hills High School where athletes

compete on the track, whether it be running or participating in different

events. Track and Field are very popular within the school and is known for

having very large student participation. The coaches who run the sport

include Coach Kinkley, Coach Ostendorf, Coach Dean, and former coach,

Mr. Hageman. Track runner Mackenzie Mueller participates in the

300-meter hurdles and as well as the 100-meter hurdles. Mueller is an

honor student and as well takes college classes here at Oak Hills High School.


Mueller started running track her sophomore year and plans on participating in Track and Field her junior year as well. From the beginning of the sport, she has gotten better every day from practicing as hard as she does. She was a junior varsity track runner her sophomore year and is determined to be on Varsity her junior year. Mueller started to love track from the beginning and enjoys it every practice no matter how hard the workout is. Some days, the sport can be overwhelming but she always holds her head high because of her love for the sport. Mueller states “ The best memory I have from sophomore year of track and field would be volunteering at Best of the West meet for the Varsity runners. I had work to the box and gave out the winners t-shirts. During that time, I felt very trusted and very official since the coaches trusted me with the job.” Mueller worked the box above the field at Oak Hills High School and communicated with other teams that came to compete. The coaches gave her a sense of trust and she felt as if she created more of a relationship with them because of it.


As said before, Mueller is a very hard working student who always juggles between school work and track practice, and or meets. Sometimes, meets can go from 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon to 10:00 o'clock at night. Mueller states “It depends on the day, sometimes if I had a track meet away, I could talk to the teacher and ask if I could have extra time to finish any assignments that were due. I could also do my homework at the meets, but sometimes I would have to stay up late to get homework done. Academics always come first no matter what.” Teachers at Oak Hills High School are familiar with the life of a student-athlete, which benefits the students because it offers less stress. Mueller has always put her academics first, which shows the kind of person she is—dedicated.


Mueller has learned so much about the sport, but as well as how to be a better person. Track and Field have benefited Mueller both physically and mentally. She has gotten stronger from the start and will keep striving to get stronger every day. She has set goals for herself including getting faster at her races, but also to learn to love who she is. She has gained many relationships and friendships from participating in track. Those special bonds taught her many lessons for life outside of track… “Track has taught me to be a leader. It may sound silly but I am a junior and now I have the role of a leader for the underclassmen. I have to communicate with people a lot more which creates more friendships with my teammates”. Track is not just a physical sport but is also a mental sport. It teaches you how to become a better person for yourself, and as well as other people around you. In Mueller’s eyes, track is not just a sport with teammates, but it is a sport with family.


by Gabrielle Dreyer

Friday, December 21st, 2018

The Life of a Track Runner

Screenshot 2018-12-07 at 12.17.40 PM.png

Oak Hills is filled with many talented student-athletes that are leaders and role models for our school.

We have many students that play two or more sports in a school year, while also maintaining good

grades with AP and honors classes. Senior, Jacob Berkemeier, does all of these things and more.


Berkemeier is enrolled in three AP and two honors classes this year, along with competing in football,

basketball, and track throughout the year. He is apart of Oak Hills National Honor Society and is very

involved in our school. I asked him a few questions about what it’s like to be a student-athlete and how

he does it. I asked what the hardest part about it is, and he said, “Coming home after practice when

you don't want to do homework and having to make the decision to sleep or stay up and do work.”

He did admit to getting behind in homework, but he pushes himself to get it done. Having to juggle

three sports with homework is a challenge, and it takes dedication to stick with it and get everything done.


I asked Berkemeier some questions about his athletics, and how he feels on certain topics. I asked him

what his favorite sport is and why. He said,” Basketball because of how close everyone is on the team.”

I asked what his least favorite part of a sport he plays is and Berkemeier responded,” Track conditioning because it’s different from basketball or football training.” Going from football to basketball to track is probably very hard to adjust to, but Berkemeier does it with ease, and he feels that it transitions very easily throughout the year. I asked him if it gets exhausting playing a sport all year long. He said,” No because it’s a different sport each season.” That’s the best mindset to have, and it’s easy to tell by the way he handles himself on the court, and the field.


I then asked Berkemeier some questions about his experiences with these teams. I asked him if he feels like he missed out on social aspects of high school because of sports. Bekemeier's response was very well stated. He said, “ Not really because it’s something I love to do and it’s apart of my high school experience.” Being able to participate in all of these sports have led him to make new friends, and make memories that will last a lot longer than high school. I also asked Berkemeier why he decided to join so many sports. He said, “I've played football and basketball since first grade. Sophomore year the track coaches came to me and asked if I wanted to high jump and I’ve stuck with it ever since.” Being a multisport athlete is extremely hard to do while maintaining good grades. Being a senior doesn’t help because most people have given up by now. But Berkemeier hasn’t given up. He is an outstanding athlete and a great role model for our school and he continues to show us all what  Oak Hills student-athletes are supposed to carry themselves like.

by Emma Supe 

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Student-Athlete Highlight

What Makes A Highlander?

by Emma Supe 

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Our school is full of pride. We love our athletes and their dedication to our sports teams here at Oak Hills. Our students are die hard Highlanders who will endure the extreme cold, the blazing heat, allergy season, and the falling leaves to watch our teams win. Now let’s see what a true Highlander looks like.


Hair: Bright, Scottish red that flows in the wind. A real Highlander will also wear the plaid bonnet hat that just tops off the look.


Clothes: A Highlander wears as much Oak Hills colored plaid as they can, and they wear the traditional Highlander kilt that has been passed down generations to the lucky few who deserve to wear it.


What does a Highlander eat for breakfast? A Highlander drinks straight black coffee to get their energy going for the day, and they then eat some donuts and drink iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts; which is the staple place to go around B-Town and Delhi.


What color blood does a Highlander have? WE BLEED RED AND BLACK. A true fan has Oak Hills colors running through their veins and helping them cheer on our great sports teams.


What is a Highlanders favorite song? Obviously the Oak Hills famous fight song. Think of Mo Bamba but 10 times as hype. This song is the backbone of being a real Highlander. It gets everyone excited. When you hear it, then you know our teams have kicked some butt and dominated over another team.


What is one color a Highlander will not wear? The school colors of that Eastside team. The ugliest purple ever known to man. It is a disgrace to even wear something close to that vial color. You will never catch a real Highlander sporting that ugly purple.


What is a Highlanders Favorite Musical Instrument? The sweet sound of the Scottish Bagpipe. This sound will forever be an embodiment of the Oak Hills logo, and it’s played at almost every oak Hills event; as it should be.  It’s a one of a kind sound that is music to any true Highlanders ear.


What makes someone a true Highlander? Being a dedicated fan of Oak Hills, and having school spirit. You’re in high school for 4 years, but you’ll only ever be a Highlander once, so make it count.

Is It All Physical?

by Jackie Finke 

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

When you think of sports, what pops in your mind? Running, Throwing or basically anything physical right? Usually, sports are  about physically doing something like running, throwing a ball, making that field goal or getting all the bases loaded and your teammate is about to hit a homer to take everyone home, yes that is physical and a big part of playing any type of sport is physical but it is just as well mental.


When you’re about to throw a ball, or up at base or about to serve the tennis ball, you think about it. You think about where to throw that ball; who’s open? Can they get a first down at least? Or when you serve can you actually serve it in the spot needed? Or when you’re up at base can you hit a homer? And then you do it, you throw that ball, you serve it or you hit it. Thinking is a very important part of playing a sport because your thoughts can influence your actions.  You have to mentally train and prepare yourself; which can sometimes be more difficult than physical training or physically playing the sport. You have to get into the constant state of mind of training and getting in the same routine.


You have to maintain a positive attitude, maintain a high level of self-motivation, set high and realistic goals and you have to be optimistic. With all of those mental skills turn into success and you can not succeed without doing so.


You have to think about everything in life and mentally prepare yourself for every obstacle, without that you couldn’t possibly get far in any sport. Yes, physicality is a big part but don’t forget about mental, it makes a big difference You couldn’t accomplish it without physically, just as well as mentally, training yourself. It all balances out in the end.

Why Football?

by Emma Supe 

Friday, November 9th, 2018

Football. Football. Football. That is the defining word of Oak Hills athletics. Why though? During the fall season, every other sport gets swept under the rug and made a second priority. There must be a good reason why football is the most watched high school sport. Everyone has their own thoughts about football, so I asked a few of our own about their thoughts football and why they go. I asked a football player, a student, and a teacher about their thoughts, and got a better insight into why football is the best sport to watch on a Friday night.


First, I asked Joey Weikel, a 3-year varsity senior, who played on the team. I thought his answers would be extremely biased and make football seem like the almighty sport of the gods. But, I was taken back because he was incredibly humble. I asked him why he thought football is the most attended sport at Oak Hills and he said, ”I believe that it’s the most watched sport because it can become exciting at any moment in the game and keeps your heart racing.” This is the thought of many of the fans and spectators who spend countless hours watching football. I also asked the golden question: why is football so special compared to every other sport? Weikel responded, “This sport doesn't just make you a better athlete, it helps you with life lessons and makes you feel adversity in your life that you could face someday.” Having a sport that teaches life lessons is a sport that is life-changing for some. It makes these students overall better people. Weikel is a football player, and he has all good opinions about the sport, which is fine because he’s a dedicated athlete that has put countless hours into the sport. But, he still does have a bias. Now, let’s see what a fan has to say.


Christian Vanover is a senior on Scot Squad. He plays lacrosse here at Oak Hills and is a leader on the team. He’s a dedicated fan of football; you would know that because he went to every cold, wet, and rainy game no matter the score. He stayed through it all as well. I asked him what his favorite part about football games are and he said, ”One of my favorite things about going to football games has to be the atmosphere. Driving into Oak Hills seeing parents tailgating, hearing the band, there's nothing like it. During the game the hype is something special, I love how our students come out and get just as excited as I do.” That’s the thing about football. It makes fans get that feeling that you just can’t describe. It’s one of the best parts about high school. I also asked Vanover if he would rather watch our football team or watch a different fall sport the school offers and  He replied,” There's nothing better than Friday night lights. When you think of fall, you think of football. I would choose watching football over anything else here at Oak Hills. I love watching all of my classmates compete in other sports as well, but there's nothing like Friday night lights.” The opinion of a true fan. Almost everyone in that cheering section probably has that same thought. There’s nothing quite like it.

Lastly, I asked a long time fan and teacher of Oak Hills, Mr. Martin. He is the advisor of our student council and has spent countless hours at sports events. He never disappoints when it comes to football games. He wore the same shirt for a lot of the games because the first game he wore it, we won. He‘s always on the sidelines cheering on the team. I asked Martin if he goes for the game or to be around people he knows. He said,” I go to watch the game and hopefully, see our team win each Friday night.” So there you have it, he goes for the game and to watch our Highlanders win, not just to see some friends. I also asked Martin if he feels obligated to go watch our football games every Friday. He answered in all honesty and replied, “I do not feel obligated to attend as I enjoy going to our football games as I do with any other school event.  I especially enjoy seeing our students and faculty/staff members at games and events as I believe that it is extremely important to support our school and school community.” I feel as if this is the mindset of most of our faculty and staff, along with our students. Everyone loves a good Friday night football game.

Overall, football has a special place in most people's hearts. It’s a teeth clenching, heart-racing event that keeps all of us on our toes. Football is the basis of our aesthetics because it makes the most money, and it’s the place to be on a Friday night. This is what students live for, the excitement and the thrill of people with their friends for the best night of the weekend. The players, fans, and teachers have spoken; and we can all agree that football is a great way to see friends and support our Highlanders.

True Colors - Competition Overview

by Jaden Thompson 

Tuesday, October 29th, 2018

With the end of marching season, the Colerain competition was the last time the marching band would perform their show entitled True Colors. For the majority of the football games, only half of the show could be performed due to rain and other events. In fact, the closer hadn’t even made its way to any of the halftime performances. The Colerain competition would be the first and last time the entire thing was showcased to a crowd. Not to mention the environment at a football game as opposed to a marching competition is very different. At those competitions, people are there specifically for the marching band and so it is much more intense. And now a new rivalry is beginning to brew...


Forest Hills, a high school that competed with the marching Highlanders at the previous competition, was set on beating Oak Hills after losing the first time. When the results came in, Oak Hills won third in their division and third overall out of 22 bands, and their overall score astoundingly higher than the very first competition that they competed in last year by a little over 15 points. Second place went to Forest Hills, edging Oak Hills out of Reserved Grand Champion by just 1.3 points. Points are scored by categories such as music, visual, and percussion to name a few and Oak Hills did beat Forest Hills in the music category.

Even though those 1.3 missed points haunt some members of the band as to how close they came, it is also something that brings pride to them. To know that just in their second year of competing they are that close to winning Reserved Grand Champion twice. The Marching Highlanders have shown their “True Colors” this year with an amazing season and are certain to dominate the field in the next.

A Look At A Wrestler's Perspective

by Jackie Finke

Friday, October 26th, 2018 

Oak Hills wrestling season is starting up and coming quick. In the spirit of this season approaching, I interviewed Connor O’Dell, a Junior at Oak Hills, that has been wrestling ever since his Freshman year. I decided to write an article for people who were interested in the little that is talked about sport. So, here is what O’Dell had to say about wrestling and the upcoming season.  


Q: What is the most challenging thing about wrestling?


A: “One of the most challenging things about wrestling are the practices. We do a lot of conditioning and working out, although if you can get through the practices you can get through anything else the sport can throw at you.”


Q: What inspired you to want to wrestle?


A: “A few things inspired me to be a wrestler, one being my grandpa wrestled during his time at high school. Another thing was that I had been really out of shape and wanted to start being more active to lose the weight.”

Q: How does wrestling benefit you?

A: “Wrestling benefits me in a lot of things. I’ve learned to give others respect, as well as discipline. I think the sport does a lot for my health too. It’s easy to get caught up in things as a teenager and wrestling is a way to focus in and get clarity for a while.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about wrestling?

A: “I enjoy the bonds I gain throughout the season, whether that be kids from our team or people throughout other schools. Wrestling brings people together better than any other way I’ve seen. I also enjoy the self-challenges, you’re not just striving to beat the other person or the next match, but to beat your own goals and keep moving along.”

Q: What do you do offseason to prepare for wrestling?

A: “I usually tend to work out on my own, although I do throw discus and shot put for Track & Field. Track helps me a lot with keeping in shape, they also keep me stronger. If I take it to extremes for a week or two I’ll go for morning jogs and run for about an hour give or take.”

Q: Do you have any tips for anyone who is interested in wrestling?

A: “If you’re interested in the sport, I’d first off talk with a coach or a player. See what they think about the sport and what they can tell you. Second off is don’t be scared. The wrestling team is like a brotherhood. We all have each others backs at the end of the day and if you feel like you can’t make it through a practice you’ll find someone to help push you. The last tip I’d give you is don’t be run off by the first hard practice for you. Keep wrestling and continue to make yourself better.”

Q: What does it take to become a wrestler?


A: “I think the only thing that it takes to be a wrestler is heart. You have to have a special love for the sport to come in and stay. Everything else is learned. The shots, the hand fighting, and the positions all are gained over time, along with self-discipline and strength.”


If you are interested in wrestling or have any questions, talk to a coach or one of the wrestlers for more information.  As for myself, O’Dell, and the other Oak Hills wrestlers, we are excited to see what this next season has to bring, and we hope you are too.

Is Tennis A Sport?

by Morgan Butts

Friday, October 26th, 2018 

Is tennis considered a sport? Many people would say no. There isn’t a lot of moving, it’s a small court area for playing, and you don’t necessarily need to be athletic to play. These people would be wrong, though. Most people who consider tennis a hobby rather than a sport have never participated in it in the first place. There are a small number of people that play tennis and actually continue with it through life. Those are the people who appreciate the difficulty of playing tennis and playing it right.


In the United States, tennis is one of the least popular sports that people participate in. Most people see it as boring or too easy, but it’s quite the opposite. In Australia, tennis is a more common sport. According to Top End Sports, it’s higher in popularity on the list of sports than it is in the US. While this could be due to several different rationales, the most used one is that it’s not considered a sport.


A sport is, by definition, an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. In order to play tennis well, you need to be mentally prepared and athletically able. Contrary to what most people say, tennis does use a lot of running and strength just to hit the ball over the net. Once you learn to hit the ball over, you need to decide where you will stand for the best chance of returning the ball once more. You may need to run up to the net, risking the ball going right over your head, or you’ll need to stay back and possibly miss a drop shot, right up by the net. It may not look like it, but you need to be able to move your feet to get the right position for hitting the ball.


Tennis also requires the right mentality because it affects how the ball is hit. If you believe that you won’t hit the ball, then you won’t. You need to focus on where you will hit the ball in order to make it hard for the other player to return it. You also need to determine how much force to put into the hit so it doesn’t go outside of the court or hit the net. It takes a lot of focus and determination to successfully play tennis. It’s a great way to keep in shape, but it also stimulates your mind in more ways than most sports do.


While most people still may believe that tennis is not a sport, it really is. Tennis has all of the qualifications to be considered a sport: requiring sprinting, strength, and mental ability. Each person who believes tennis is not a sport should try it out themselves and see how hard it is. It doesn’t take long to figure out that it’s not as easy as it looks. In the end, everyone should know that tennis is a sport and it deserves to be recognized as such.

Undercover Blackbelt?

by Emma Supe

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 

Grace Dillman may seem like every other junior here. She is actively involved at Oak Hills. She is a part of the symphony orchestra, lacrosse, and she’s a class officer. Dillman is a very well rounded student, which is obvious by her co-curriculars. If you know her, you know that she is one of the sweetest, and most kind people you’ll ever meet. So it’s quite surprising to find out that she has a black belt in karate. Who would have thought, right?

Dillman started karate when she was just 5 years old and has stuck with it ever since. Her martial arts career started when her mom made her join karate once she realized Grace was less social compared to her peers. There were a few people in her class that started karate during that time and because Grace had really bad social skills, her mom decided it would be best to get her into it. She started at Cincinnati Martial Arts Club, taking two 45-minute classes a week. What she didn’t know that a few years later, she would have mastered the sport.

I interviewed Dillman and asked her some questions about karate. I asked her why she stayed with the sport, to which she responded, ”I ended up really liking the environment is created and the people. I started having a lot of fun with what we did.” At first, she wanted to quit and never thought she was going to be a blackbelt. But, after 10 years of hard work and dedication, she has mastered the art of karate. I then asked about her skills she’s learned and what the best part is of knowing those skills. She said, ”Before I started I wouldn’t talk to people and I couldn’t make eye contact. Now I enjoy talking and interacting with other people, and it’s really boosted my confidence. Knowing the skills I do, I have more freedom than most people and everyone around me knows I can defend myself which is a good feeling.” Grace is an overall great student, and more than that, she's a great person, who can also take someone out. So don’t get on her bad side. 


Megan John: Number One On And Off The Course

by Jessica Johnson

Friday, October 19th, 2018 

Cross Country is one of the most underappreciated sports in this school, if not, all around the nation. These athletes have practice 6 days a week for many months. The workouts can range from an easy 8-mile run, or running multiple mile repeats, 800s, or 400s on the track. I might be a little biased, considering I am a cross country athlete myself; but watching the sacrifices people make physically and mentally just to cross the 5k finish line every Saturday is insane. Every single one of the cross country athletes at Oak Hills High School is a hard worker, and they should all be acknowledged. But for this piece, I decided to get a little insight from the Oak Hills #1 female runner, Megan John.


Megan John has been the #1 runner on the team since she joined her freshman year. She has won countless races and has won GMC Athlete of the Week six times since her high school running career began. At the moment, Megan is ranked #2 in the GMC with her personal best of 18 minutes and 53 seconds. To put that into perspective, that is running approximately a 6 minute and 5-second mile for 3.1 miles. She also places #3 on the Oak Hills Girls XC Record Board, dating back to 1982. She has accomplished a lot and has a lot more to come in her high school career, considering she is only a sophomore.

With my experience with Megan on my team, she is one of the most humble people I have ever met. Being a sophomore on the team, she shows great leadership, and her work ethic is impeccable. She has such a bubbly and fun personality as well, and everyone on the team enjoys her being around. Megan John has lots of potential in running and academics, and she represents our school well. Once track season rolls around, her name will be all around Oak Hills High School, and hopefully one day, on ESPN.

Megan John: Number One On And Off The Course

by Jessica Johnson

Friday, October 19th, 2018 

Cross Country is one of the most underappreciated sports in this school, if not, all around the nation. These athletes have practice 6 days a week for many months. The workouts can range from an easy 8-mile run, or running multiple mile repeats, 800s, or 400s on the track. I might be a little biased, considering I am a cross country athlete myself; but watching the sacrifices people make physically and mentally just to cross the 5k finish line every Saturday is insane. Every single one of the cross country athletes at Oak Hills High School is a hard worker, and they should all be acknowledged. But for this piece, I decided to get a little insight from the Oak Hills #1 female runner, Megan John.


Megan John has been the #1 runner on the team since she joined her freshman year. She has won countless races and has won GMC Athlete of the Week six times since her high school running career began. At the moment, Megan is ranked #2 in the GMC with her personal best of 18 minutes and 53 seconds. To put that into perspective, that is running approximately a 6 minute and 5-second mile for 3.1 miles. She also places #3 on the Oak Hills Girls XC Record Board, dating back to 1982. She has accomplished a lot and has a lot more to come in her high school career, considering she is only a sophomore.

With my experience with Megan on my team, she is one of the most humble people I have ever met. Being a sophomore on the team, she shows great leadership, and her work ethic is impeccable. She has such a bubbly and fun personality as well, and everyone on the team enjoys her being around. Megan John has lots of potential in running and academics, and she represents our school well. Once track season rolls around, her name will be all around Oak Hills High School, and hopefully one day, on ESPN.

Football Concussions

by Gabrielle Dreyer

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 

Football in America is one of the most played sports by people of all age groups. The National Football League started in the 1920s and has paved its way into most of our daily households, creating traditions such as football Sunday. As someone who lives in the great old Cincinnati, football is very popular among my family. We all join together on those football days, make a ton of food, and enjoy the Cincinnati Bengals “win” their game. Football is a sport played between two teams who hold 11 members on a rectangular field. Football is an enjoyable sport with a lot of chaos and exciting things happening at once. Yes, the sport is attractive, but there is always something hiding under the layer of appeal; concussions. According to the American Association of  Neurological Surgeons, concussions can be defined as “ an injury to the brain that results in temporary loss of normal brain function. It usually is caused by a blow to the head. In many cases, there are no external signs of head trauma.” Football is a very contact to contact sport, in which you are either hitting/ tackling the other person, or they are doing the same to you. Concussions are very likely to happen because of this, which makes the sport a lot more dangerous and controversial. Many parents will not let their child play football because of this, even, some parents will take their child out of the game if the opponent is too big due to the risk of a concussion. The United States has the record for the most played football around the country, which means an increase in the percentage of the concussion rate; “More than 62,000 concussions are sustained each year in high school...Estimates show that between four and 20 percent of college and high school football players will sustain a brain injury over the course of one season” (University of Pittsburgh's Brain Trauma Research Center). Concussions are going to occur more and more as long as football continues.

Gabriel Byrne, a student and football player at Oak Hills High school, has recently undergone a concussion while playing football. This resulted in vast problems creating conflict with everyday situations. Byrne states “I can’t remember anything from Saturday or Sunday which was the hit, so that was big, I have had headaches ever since and it’s my third so I’m not supposed to play anymore, but I’m going to so it also has given me a lot of stress cause it scares me that if I play again, there is a chance the next hit will kill me. It happened because I was a lead blocker and we were running full speed and our heads were down we smacked. The coaches said it sounded like a gunshot. It impacts school a lot because I have not been able to keep up with work causing many days to be amiss, it’s hard to stay in school with the headaches.”

Football is an exciting sport, but it also comes with risks. It is important for the players to know what they are getting into when joining the sport. Concussions are very common and can impact your life in a negative way. For some, football is your way of life, but are you willing to take those risks?

Tennis Update

by Morgan Butts

Thursday, October 11th, 2018 

Tennis is a sport at Oak Hills that is often overlooked. Not many students know how the team is doing or when they have games, and some don’t even know there is a team. Both teams, Varsity, and Junior Varsity have had great seasons. The teams have been competitive, but the girls pulled through, accomplishing great things this past summer/ fall season.

The Varsity team picked up two specific wins, Fairfield and Seton, the scores being 3-2 for both games. These wins were crucial in order for the girls to make their way to the top half of the GMC’s, accomplishing their annual goal. Two losses the team had were Lakota East and Kings, who were high in the ranks. They were very close and ended in a 2-3 score. Even though the team lost, they played a hard game and their effort was at 100%. The team is currently 10-8 overall, picking up more wins than losses. The GMC’s and Sectionals have yet to be finished, but it is expected that the girls will play their best and place well in the bracket. The team's spirit and confidence when competing are evident, which is the main key to their success.

The Junior Varsity team pulled over a win against Sycamore, a team that has been very hard to beat over the years. The girls also gained a new coach, Emily Gramke, this year. She has guided and followed her team through their season, excited to continue on next year. Their season has had its ups and downs but had a great year overall, each girl looking forward to the next year.

In the end, the team put in all of their effort and ability in order to try and have the best season yet. Many of the Varsity players, including Sydney Jones, Mackenzie Hoy, Julia Galloway, have been named the Enquirer Athlete of the Week. This year, the team says bye to seniors Sydney Jones, Erin Kallmeyer, Julia Galloway, Elizabeth Donges, Margaret Grote, and Morgan Butts. Most of the seniors have been playing for Oak Hills since seventh grade and will be missed by the rest of the team.

Games For The Cause

By: Kyra Lough

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Thank you to everyone who supported the Oak Hills Games for the Cause Football Game on Friday, September 14th! Not only did the Highlanders beat Hamilton 20-13, but we were able to raise money for The Pink Ribbon Girls!


Here are the rest of the games for the week! Come to support our Highlanders and Games for the Cause!

September 22nd 

Boys' Soccer v Milford  JVB 9a RRMS  JV 1p OHHS  Varsity 3p OHHS


September 22nd 

Girls' Soccer v Milford  JVB 10:30a RRMS  JV 5p OHHS  Varsity 7p OHHS


October 13th        

Girls VB v Loveland  Freshman/JV 10a  Varsity 11a

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