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Featuring Highlanders, Just Like You!


By: Nick Flanigan

I’ve been down here I dont even know how long. 
All I know is how much this hurts.
    Fish gnawing at my skin, then gnawing at my bone 
until my skin just grows over them.
    The pressure from the water is so great I can feel it pressing down on me, 
yet I can't be crushed no matter how hard it tries.
    Nor how much I want it to.
The crabs have abandoned their normal feeding spots and begun devouring whatever they can reach.
    Off me that is.
    The cold is unbearable, I can't get used to it.
    My blood freezes every second it's exposed, and my skin every moment.
    I can only stay unfrozen, by the heat my movements cause
    I haven't seen light since that day long ago,
    I don't even remember what it looked like.
    All I see, even after eternity down here,
    Is nothing.
    I don't know where I am.
    I don’t know when it is.
    I don’t even remember who I am.
    All I know
    Is that God exists,
    I know this because of the hell I live in.
    But I also know his mercy does not,
    I know this because of the hell he put us in.


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